Why is your Leo Man Jealous?

In this article, we’re going to talk about the signs that your Leo man is jealous of someone while you’re in a relationship with him! Also in this article were going to show you some ways how you can properly deal with his jealousy and make sure that the relationship turns long-lasting

Let’s jump right in!

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac represented by the fierce and proud Lion, he is a true leader of the pack and can be incredibly magnetic and charismatic. His appearance and voice can be a beacon of light and hope. A true representation of fire energy!

Your Leo man is a fixed fire sign meaning that he will be persistent and knows how to get what he wants, he is powerful and he knows how to use his energy to full capacity! In a romantic relationship, he is incredibly generous and showy.

He is the kind of partner who would go to lengths just to show everyone how much he loves you and how much he is proud to have you!

However, all relationships are not perfect and there can be times when your Leo man would get jealous of someone who he might deem to be untrustworthy! Whether it is your long-time friend, someone you know, or your officemate it can be deeply problematic when he lets his jealousy get in his way.

Let’s tackle the signs that your Leo man is jealous but first let’s see how jealous your Leo man could be?

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How Jealous Can Your Leo Man Be?

Jealousy level: 8-8.5/10

Your Leo Man is extremely jealous and he will show it in a theatrical way possible! It will be explosive and be known to the world pretty instantly!

The anger or rage that your Leo man shows through is very expressive he will make it known to everyone what he feels about the situation and there’s no turning back the person he is jealous of is making an enemy for life!

His jealousy can turn into anger pretty easily, there will be plenty of fights and explosive arguments, and he will express himself in a way where you feel like he’s shouting at you. This is because your Leo man is naturally loud and fierce. When he’s angry it’s his way or the highway mentality.

With that said, he needs to express his rage because he is not the type of person who represses her feelings for the sake of other people. Sometimes he overtly expresses his feelings in magnanimous ways because he simply desires attention.

In many ways your Leo man can show his jealousy through creative outlets this is why your Leo man can be some sort of “actor” of some sort. He is good at showing the world his pain and in time he gets the attention he undoubtedly needs.

Signs Your Leo Man Is Jealous! (7 ways to look out for!)

1. He will make you jealous

The First and foremost sign that your Leo man is jealous is that he will make you jealous! He will sure you’ll see many women hanging out with him or showing interest in him, this is a pretty good sign that he is hiding his insecurities and making himself superior to the person he’s jealous of.

He’s showing his power, he shows you that you have options and he does this in a shallow way because he is deeply hurt inside. Deeply hurt that he feels inadequacy and he feels he’s a sore loser for feeling those emotions.

2. He posts it on social media

Another bad habit of your Leo man is that he will overshare his experiences on his social media platforms, more often he will show hints that make fun of the person or he will share posts about relationship problems about jealousy. This is a highly indicative sign that he is jealous of someone!

3. He tells his friends who he is jealous of

More often you’ll get pretty solid answers from his close-knit friends, similar to the one above, your Leo man often expresses his feelings openly and freely and he is not afraid to banter his problems to his close friends and family.

When he tells his friends who he’s jealous of be sure to pay attention to the details of what they say, more often than not there will be this certain situation that made him think that way and there will always be things you wouldn’t know that he knows. This just means that he simply truly cares about you!

4. He becomes makes sure he looks good 24/7

After everything that’s happening, you’ll never see him sweat or break a tear, he’ll make sure he looks good 24/7 and he knows how to do it! He will pay more attention to his face and grooming! He will go to the gym more often and will certainly post post-gym pictures showing his pump!

Whatever he does to make himself more presentable than usual is a sign that he is insecure ad is trying to appear calm and confident because he dislikes feeling vulnerable no matter how expressive he is of his frustrations or emotions!

5. He becomes over-dramatic

The fifth sign that your Leo man is jealous is that he becomes overdramatic! Fights and arguments will turn explosive to the point that there will be shouting, throwing of objects, and a lot of mean remarks! Remember to always stand your ground and do not stoop to his level of pettiness.

6. He will tell you directly he is jealous!

The sixth sign that your Leo man is jealous is that he will make sure and he will let you know personally who the person he is jealous of is! He will be the main topic of your arguments and he will always be suspicious of that person.

Often he will try to make fun of or intimidate the person and he might even tell you to cut the person he is jealous of!

7. He fights the person he is jealous of!

Last but not least, the last obvious sign that your Leo man is jealous is that he will fight the person he is jealous of! Either he will have a confrontation with the person he hates and it is possible that it will turn physical as your Leo man can get aggressive whenever he sees someone he dislikes!

The fight will be dramatic and seem theatrical, spectators and onlookers will see it and he will show who the man is, your Leo man will show to you that he is serious by exerting his power on anyone he deems as untrustworthy!

How to stop your Leo Man from being Jealous!

To stop your Leo man from being jealous you must be able to show him that there is nothing to worry about! Be a truthful partner who is an open book for him to read! Tell him the truth and be honest about your relationship with the person he is jealous of! 

Be transparent! Tell him the things that are bothering you too, and be a calm and understanding partner instead of a partner who tries to fight fire with fire. Have an open flow of communication with your Leo man he will love it when he knows you’re telling the truth!

While doing these things you must also try to be a little more extra romantic and attached to him, try to be more passionate when making love to him, or do things that will make his heart warm and fuzzy! 

Try to show him off to your friends and family!

Post a more beautiful couple of pictures on your social media! Show him more off! Only then he will know that you are truly genuinely in love with him! Invite him more on exciting trips and make him feel like you are the luckiest person on this planet because you have him!

Overall, be more caring and understanding while at the same time giving him enough passion in the relationship, always remember that honesty will be the best policy in the relationship! Do these things and you’ll surely cure your Leo man’s jealousy and irrational thoughts in no time!

Leo Man and Jealousy: Final Thoughts

The Leo man who is jealous is a man who truly shows that he is genuinely afraid to lose you. Cherish him and you’ll be cherished more! Many people often overlook the fact that the Leo man is the most bighearted sign of the zodiac!

He is ruled by the Sun! He loves his live shows in the most powerful of ways!

Remember no sign is perfect in the zodiac wheel and every sign will feel jealousy because it is a natural human reaction, with that said try to be more understanding when you see that he is being more jealous than usual and cure him with the solutions given above!

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