Why is your Gemini Woman Jealous?

In this article, we’re going to show you how a Gemini woman gets jealous! We’re also giving you ways on how you can properly deal with her jealousy issues and fix the relationship the right way with no fight or turmoil!

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The Gemini Woman is the third sign of the zodiac wheel, an air-mutable sign that is ruled by Mercury, the planet of ideas and communication. The Gemini woman is extremely fast in terms of thinking and is incredibly resourceful and charismatic. Because of this, she is well-liked in the social scene.

In a romantic relationship,p she is wildly spontaneous and adaptable, often going to lengths just to make sure that her partner is having the time of his life. She is a dynamic lover who is keen on surprises, actions, and spontaneity.

However, when she gets jealous she usually retreats to her chaotic world full of jarred surprises.

Let’s tackle more on how jealous your Gemini woman is and what are the key giveaways to look out for in the relationship!

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How Jealous Can Your Gemini Woman Be?

Jealousy level: 5.5/10

Your Gemini woman seldomly feels any jealousy because she is frequently a detached person, however, if she is in a committed relationship with you and she feels threatened, jealousy will arise. It is a pretty good sign that she’s serious about you because Gemini women in general are fickle lovers.

She doesn’t usually cling or have any emotional repercussions, she’s carefree every time a romantic relationship comes in and this means she can move on pretty easily. However, if you see signs of jealousy, it is a pretty good sign that she’s really into you and that you mean so much to her.

She can show obvious signs of jealousy but her jealous level will not match those fiery and immensely passionate and emotionally driven signs such as Aries, Scorpio, Cancer, or Taurus. In general, when your Gemini woman is jealous she’ll try to 

Signs Your Gemini Woman Is Jealous! (7 ways to look out for!)

1. She frequently gossips about that person

The first sign that your Gemini woman is jealous is that she frequently bad-mouths the person. This is a frequent sign of dislike or distrust of the person. Gemini women are known for gossiping a negative trait that stems from the Mercurial aspect of the sign – fast, talkative, and always on the loose.

2. She asks you plenty of questions

Where does she live? Where does she shop? Why is she so close to you? Is she your friend? How long have you been friends with her?

Why is she doing that or these? When you notice that your Gemini lady is frequently asking you questions about that person and is often asking questions in a negative light it is a pretty good sign she’s jealous.

3. She can become mean and spiteful

She becomes mean and spiteful instantly. One of the meanest zodiac signs out there due to her ability to use words as her weapon. She starts taking her rage to the next level when she becomes hurtful in terms of how she speaks to the person she’s jealous of.

4. She stops being fun around you

This rage that stems from jealousy can aim fire against you and the relationship, you may have noticed that this once bubbly and cheery person you now would be hesitant to do things around you.

This is a pretty bad sign that she’s uncomfortable around her thoughts and she’s trying to drift away by making it known to you that she is jealous.

5. She becomes distant

She turns distant, she’s keen on hanging out with you and doing things that will make you happy, now she becomes aloof or distant and she’s trying to say she’s busy. She may or may not be busy but for certain, she is dealing with plenty of irrational and chaotic thoughts due to her jealousy.

6. She will deny that she is jealous

She’ll deny it! Your Gemini woman does not accept defeat and for her feeling, such things are deemed to be for the week which may mean she would have trouble expressing her innermost emotions. As such she will deny or will try to be more closed-off about the situation or topic.

7. She will have her army of friends gather around that person she’s jealous of!

This is a flat-out obvious sign that your Gemini woman is not on good terms with someone you might know who she thinks is devious and is doing something to ruin your relationship.

Everyone close to her will dislike the person and everyone whose friends or acquaintances with her will give you subtle hints that your Gemini woman is jealous!

Her friends will be like an army of followers who will continuously judge, criticize and make fun of the person because they know that their Gemini woman is deeply insecure about her jealousy and she’s trying to act put together, when you notice these things it is best to properly communicate with her and let her speak up her mind!

How to stop your Gemini Woman from being Jealous!

To stop your Gemini woman from being jealous you must talk, talk and talk! You must show t her that she can communicate openly and freely without any hesitation or judgment, and show her that you have nothing to hide about. Be transparent, be truthful, and be as communicative as possible

Tell her directly that she has nothing to worry about because there shouldn’t be a need to be jealous in the first place! Tell her everything you know about the person she’s jealous of even make fun of the person at least. Tell her you don’t even like the person she’s jealous of!

This is the best way to truly make sure she puts aside those irrational thoughts and emotions of hers.

While also communicating you must tell her how much you deeply desire her and romanticize her not in a clingy or cheesy way like how couples would do in chick flicks.

Instead show her that you are different, that you live too long for her without being emotional, and tell her how much fun and passionate the relationship is.

When openly communicating with your Gemini woman you are telling her that you can be trusted and that you are truly there for her.

Also while having proper communication you must give quality time to her whether it’s a jam-packed trip, spontaneous drive, or surprise party, the most important thing is to make her feel loved by making sure you both have fun and excitement in the relationship!

Gemini Woman and Jealousy: Final Thoughts

The Gemini woman is magical! Deeply intelligent and charismatic. This mercurial lady is not for the faint of heart! She’s communicative but detached, sociable but capable of deep meaningful conversations, and she can love but she might not show it in typical romantic ways…

Always remember that it is a pretty good sign that your Gemini woman is jealous because that means that she is really into you and she is afraid of losing you! Although it is bad to let her feel jealous. Instead do those things above that will make her feel comfortable around the relationship.

Having an open flow of communication and quality time together is a must. You must show through your own meaningful words and actions that you truly love her because loving her hard would be the only solution to making sure she feels relieved of her jealousy.

By doing the things mentioned above you are ensuring that your Gemini woman will be comforted and will set aside those feelings of rage or jealousy. These things will ensure that you are keeping the relationship long-term, healthy and fruitful! In no time she will love you hard again!

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