Why is your Gemini Man Jealous?

In this article, we’re going to tackle the possible signs that your flighty Gemini man is jealous of someone while you’re in a relationship with him! We’re also going to tackle some ways how to resolve your problems with him without fighting!

Let’s get started!

The Gemini Man is the third sign of the zodiac, represented by the Twins, he represents the duality of the human mind, the flakiness of our thoughts and thinking as well as the creative and logical point of view of things.

Your Gemini man is a fun, well-liked, popular, and sociable person because of all those Mercurian energies giving him life!

In a romantic relationship, your Gemini man is the one who tries to make his partner as fun and as happy as possible.

He is a fun and spontaneous lover often talkative to the point of being chaotic. If he shows signs of jealousy it is a good sign that he does love you because this man is known for being detached and flighty…

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How Jealous Can Your Gemini Man Be?

Jealousy level: 4-5/10

Your Gemini Man rarely involves himself in deep and emotional affairs. This man is often described as detached and hard to reach because of his cool and airy nature. Often this man is into flings and doesn’t treat romantic relationships too seriously.

That means if he is in a serious relationship with you, he fell hard for you!

With that said, it is still possible that your Gemini man fell hard for you and genuinely likes and is attracted to you, therefore it will be a normal human reaction that he will get jealous if someone’s making a move on you!

If he becomes jealous it will not be as apparent and he’ll try to detach from that emotion itself.

Like other Air signs, the first step in his jealousy tendencies is his denial, he’ll play it cool, act funny, and might use humor to disengage himself from the idea of him being scared to lose his partner, he will then act cold and might try to ghost you on sometime.

You will not get any direct answer from him but he’ll drop hints as to why he’s upset or jealous. 

Signs Your Gemini Man Is Jealous! (7 ways to look out for!)

1. He masks his emotions with you

The first sign that your Gemini man is jealous is that he tries to mask his emotions as much as possible, it is incredibly frustrating not to know what your Gemini man is feeling. You might ask him but he’ll respond with seemingly fake optimism or happiness.

You know deep in your guts that he is not feeling something good and you can feel it through his energy, you’ll never see genuine happiness in him because he is trying to mask or hide his negative emotions that are accompanied by his jealousy.

2. He asks questions about the person he’s jealous of

Is he your officemate? Is he your friend? If so how long have you guys been friends? Why is he always so close to you? Those are some of the things that you’ll often hear from your Gemini man when he’s jealous of someone.

Because your Gemini man is a talkative and naturally inquisitive sign, he’ll try to hide his jealousy with those questions that are seemingly harmless, you might notice this as he is suddenly having an interest in your relationship with the person he is jealous with.

When he asks you questions like those it is a sign that he is jealous!

3. He is hiding his inner thoughts through his humor

Jealousy can be a stressful emotion, and as such certain emotions can be conflicting with the already chaotic mind the Gemini man has as such he will retreat through his humor.

Whether it is light humor making fun of the person he is jealous of or kind of dark or dry sarcasm, you’ll know he is jealous when he makes fun of that person specifically.

4. He ghosts you

The negative aspect of Mercurial energy is the unpredictability and being “too fast”. In this case, when your Gemini man is in a long-term committed relationship with you and he suddenly wants time off from you to retreat from his inner world he’ll often “ghost” you.

He might not completely ghost you but he’ll often show signs of disinterest, inability to respond properly, and overall lack of romance, this is usually because of the fact that he is secretly jealous and he wants you to figure him out fast!

5. He will turn aloof

He turns cold as ice, this is a dead giveaway sign that he is jealous, he might turn cold to you or his friends or maybe his close family or workmates but one thing is for sure. He becomes icy because he is trying to control his unpredictability. 

In this case. He doesn’t want to snap out of it and turn into rage, he is currently dealing with plenty of emotions that are certainly induced by this jealousy, we’ll further discuss in the next section how you can be able to properly communicate with him.

6. He will stop having fun with you

Closed-off body language, less talking, and little to no romance; would be a dead giveaway sign that something is bugging him off. Usually, this is a sign that he is in a depressed mood and he doesn’t want to show it directly by showing his innermost emotions.

7. He is gonna be mean and spiteful to the person he’s jealous of!

This is a flat-out obvious sign that your Gemini man is not on good terms with someone you might know who he thinks is devious and is doing something to ruin your relationship. He will be mean and spiteful to the person.

Often he’ll do things to specifically humiliate the person, remember that your Gemini man’s main weapon is his words and his words cut sharp like a knife. If he gets to the breaking point where he turns seemingly a  rage about that person he will use this tactic to gain control of the situation.

How to stop your Gemini Man from being Jealous!

To stop your Gemini man from being jealous you must talk, talk and talk!

Openly communicate and express your feelings to him and let him know that you are a safe space where he can also openly communicate and express his feelings to you! Always remember that this sign is ruled by Mercury! Communication is the key!

Tell him what you feel about the situation and tell him that he shouldn’t be worried about anything, tell the truth about the situation, and always reassure him that he is the only one you truly love and genuinely care for!

By doing these things you are building rapport in the relationship!

While doing that, try to reassure him by being a transparent lover, tell him stories about the guy he is jealous of, and tell him that you are not interested in him whatsoever.

When you’re openly communicating these certain things to your Gemini man you are showing to him that you can be trusted and that he can set down his defenses easily.

While also properly communicating with him, try as much as possible to match his energy! Be a fun and spontaneous lover! Give him the time and affection he needs! He might not be clingy or overly emotional but he certainly needs more time from you. As such try being as random and as chaotic as him.

Do things just for the fun of it! Go on these late-night trips, the social scenes, and parties, be as fun and as outgoing as possible and he will realize that you are doing all those things for him, he will be thrilled, and in no time he will resolve his jealousy issues with you…

Gemini Man and Jealousy: Final Thoughts

Your Gemini man is one happy ray of sunshine! He is bright, sociable, extroverted, open-minded, understanding, and can assess his emotions without being swayed by them. Your Gemini man is logical and Mercurial, even when he is jealous he doesn’t let it get the best out of him.

Instead, he becomes dismissive of the fact that he is jealous of someone who might take you away from his life, and for the first time, he becomes aware of his own emotions.

He might treat you like an alien hovering around the planet but one thing is for sure — if he is jealous, that means you are truly something magical in his life!

By doing the things mentioned above you are ensuring that your Gemini man will be comforted and will let his guard down piece by piece. These things will ensure that you are properly handling your affairs with your Gemini man to secure a long-lasting and fruitful relationship with him!

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