Why is your Capricorn Woman Jealous?

In this article were going to talk about why is your Capricorn woman jealous! We will also talk about the signs that your Capricorn woman is jealous and what are some of how you can help relieve the jealousy she’s feeling!

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The Capricorn woman is the 10th sign of the zodiac wheel, represented by the Sea-goat, and is ruled by the grim and gritty Saturn.

Because of this, your Capricorn woman will be utmost responsible, independent, strategic, career-oriented, and stable-seeking. She will want to be ahead of the game and she’ll be extremely forward about it!

Being cardinal earth can be a challenge as it can make her the leader-type in the relationship, in more ways than not you’ll often feel her dominating or leading-like presence in the relationship. Alongside that, she’ll be incredibly helpful and practical in the relationship.

In a relationship, she can be romantic by showing acts of love and service and by providing quality to you, whether it is a simple fix to your problem or her cooking you a nicely made meal you’ll always feel her presence and her love in the most unimaginable of ways…

However, whenever she gets jealous her feelings can get clogged up and make her repress her feelings to the point that she gets cold and her rage is seething. Let’s tackle more on the reason why your Capricorn woman is jealous and how jealous can she be.

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How Jealous Can Your Capricorn Woman Be?

Jealousy level: 7/10

Your Capricorn woman will only be jealous if she’s given enough logic that points out to the conclusion that the person she is jealous of is trying to do something sneaky to ruin the relationship or that you are entertaining this person to do deeds with you.

Your Capricorn woman is smart and knows that jealousy is petty.

She knows her worth and whenever you start acting childish or toxic she knows she can cut you off directly without remorse. As much as she loves you she is independent and she will not end her life for a man who will ruin her.

Due to that either she really has reasons to be jealous or you are doing things behind her back, also remember that her jealousy is just the same as Taurus or Scorpio but her rage is more seething and subtle.

She’ll be subtle about it but you’ll notice it through her body language and tone of voice. She’ll be more aloof and distant and will try as much as possible to stay away or have any contact with you. Either she’ll say she’s busy with work or that she’s figuring things out.

Let’s tackle more on the signs that your Capricorn woman is jealous…

Signs Your Capricorn Woman Jealous! (7 ways to look out for!)

1. She’ll be cold and distant

The first and foremost sign that your Capricorn woman is jealous is that she will act cold and distant towards you, either she will do that purposefully or she’s doing it subconsciously to avoid getting hurt.

When you notice that her attitude, tone of voice, and body language are getting less romantic then she’s probably dealing with something in the relationship like jealousy.

2. She’ll be extremely critical of you and your wrongdoings

The second sign that your Capricorn woman is jealous is that she’ll be extremely critical of your wrongdoings she will do this in a harsh way that you’ll often feel belittled and small.

Whenever she’s doing this it is her irrational anger acting up on the situation and she’s trying to appear confident and strong towards you.

3. She will be more focused on her work and finances

As a part of her coping mechanism, the third sign that she is jealous is that she will be more focused on being ahead of the “game” In a way she’ll be more focused on her career and work and you’ll see it in her dedication, time and focus while doing it.

When you’re noticing that she’s becoming a work-no-play person it could indicate that she is dealing with something that is repressed.

4. She will try to show that she’s better than the person

She’ll dress up better and she’ll show the whole world that she is the woman everyone aspires to be either she will show her classy looks, her elegance, or her power through her achievements or wealth. She will use this to subtly tell that she is way better than the person she is jealous of!

5. She will be less romantic and intimate toward you

The next sign that your Capricorn woman is jealous is that she will be less romantic and intimate with you.

She will refrain from being near or intimate with you and might even try to be less talkative toward you. When you’re noticing this it is best to properly talk to her and we will help you with how to do it without ruining the relationship.

6. She will use humor to subtly make fun of the person

The sixth sign that your Capricorn woman is jealous is that she will be extremely keen on making fun of the person she hates but she’ll do it in a way that is considered classy or demure by others. She’ll either subtly make fun of the person through gritty or sarcastic humor.

When you’re noticing that she’s becoming more toxic in her way of making fun of the person then she is jealous!

7. She will tell you directly

The last sign that your Capricorn woman is jealous is that she will be straightforward about it! The only good sign on this list because then you can hear her side and you’ll know the reason why she feels that way. Your Capricorn woman will be insanely jealous and she will tell you about it bluntly!

How to stop your Capricorn Woman from Being Jealous!

To stop your Capricorn woman from being jealous you must show to her that you are outright truthful in your words and actions, forgiveness and sweet words do not mean much to her when she sees that you are not doing the necessary actions to make her feel outright loved and appreciated.

With that said, you must have open communication with her where you can both express your feelings usually without any repercussions do this by allowing yourself to be more expressive and vulnerable. This way you are encouraging her to do the same.

Tell her the truth and tell her you’ll do the necessary things to block that person she is jealous of from your life.

Alongside that, you must show her that you are capable of showing true love by being more open in expressing yourself and by doing acts of service. Whether it is bringing her coffee or reminding her of the stuff she needs at work or fixing some problems or delays in her life.

Always be there to catch her and help her even if it’s just moral support.

By doing this thing you are surely curing your Capricorn woman’s jealousy!

Capricorn Woman and Jealousy: Final Thoughts

Your Capricorn woman is strong, strategic, and independent this makes her incredibly successful career-wise and you can see this in her way and approach to you.

Her relationship with you is what she deems as a long-term investment so prove to her that you truly are a worthwhile investment and you’ll see the relationship blossom!

Do the things aforementioned above and you’ll surely cure your Capricorn woman’s heart in no time and not only that you’ll secure a fun, loving, and fruitful relationship with her!

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