Where does your Libra Woman like to be touched?

Do you wish to know where your Libra woman’s pleasure spots are? Do you want to turn her on and make her feel relaxed and more in tune with her body? Do you wish to know how to utilize these erogenous zones?

How do you touch, caress or massage this area of sensitivity and pleasure? What should your preparations be in massaging these particular areas of sensation?

Do not worry! We are here to help and guide you as we spill all information regarding your Libra woman and where your Libra woman likes to be touched! Alongside that, we will also give you general information about your Libra woman and what makes her personality!

Alongside that, we will give you insider tips on how to properly turn her on by touching and where to touch her! We will also give you tips on how to massage these areas properly to give her an immense amount of pleasure! 

Let’s jump right in!

Your Libra woman is particularly sensitive around the lower back, the abdomen, the buttocks, and not only that! Her skin is particularly sensitive as Libra rules this body part!

With that in mind you can touch and caress her skin as you wish but make sure to be gentle and seductive when doing it. When massaging you can emphasize the lower back, the buttocks, and the abdomen.

Let her lie in the bedroom as you work your way through her body.

Libra women are the gorgeous women of the zodiac! The seventh sign on the zodiac wheel is a cardinal air sign ruled by the planet of beauty and love — Venus! Libra women are known to be incredibly sophisticated, classy, fashionable, popular, well-liked, charming, artistic, and have a knack for aesthetics.

They seem to have their lives perfectly balanced with good work schedules, good healthy habits to make them youthful and beautiful, and wonderful social entries that make them popular and well-known.

Libra women are also known for being fair-minded, balanced, calm, collected, diplomatic, rational, cooperative, refined, and calculating.

They are the types of women who are prim and proper but sassy in their own right! They love the idea of leading people but in a subtle and friendly manner. They don’t like bossing over other people but instead use persuasion tactics to make people like them.

In Astrology, Libra women are represented by the Scales or sometimes a man holding scales. This is symbolic as most air signs are represented by a human figure. With Gemini representing twins and Aquarius representing a man holding a water-bearer.

This symbolizes rationality, logic, and intelligence that humans have and is deeply manifested in the energy of these signs.

Alongside that, the scales represent what Libra Women mostly strive for — Balance. In a world full of chaos they are the ones that seek order and peace. Their energy is bright, wonderful and a breath of fresh air. The Venusian energy of Libra also makes her pleasant around other people.

Libra is a wonderful sign. Libra is a cardinal sign and is an air element. Libra is soft and calm in approach and likes to fix things diplomatically. With that said they can be perfectly dynamic in their approach to people. Libra dates start from September 22 to about October 23. 

Libra women are sensible and diplomatic. There is an air of sophistication and kindness to her regardless of her overall personality and placement.

Having Sun in Libra makes one motivated by a need to take action against the injustices of the world, be fair to others, help other people in need, and create peace and order.

Libra women are good people. kind, sophisticated, classy, and extremely knowledgeable about the world they live in. Being an air sign makes your Libra woman extremely intelligent! She is not only handsome she is smart too!

This gives her an advantage as many people like and admire this. Whether we like admitting it or not being beautiful in this society matters and this means Libra women are extra accepted in the society!

Your Libra woman is quite popular in the dating scene! Whether everyone knows she’s your girl there will always be men who want her. It is good that you stop being possessive or jealous and get used to it that you have a beautiful woman around your arms.

You must get used to the fact that having a pretty partner could also mean a lot of men will circle her. Whether it’s her face, her body, her hair, or her fashion style she will somehow stand out in terms of visual appeal. This is the gift Venus has beauty inside and out.

In romantic relationships, your Libra woman is quite affectionate and loving in relationships. She is also dedicated to her partner and extremely touchy and loving. Your Libra woman is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet.

Once in love, she becomes infatuated with the idea of making her relationship like a romantic chick flick. She is warm, fulfilling, and never judges especially if things get a little difficult.

Now that we’ve scratched the surface of what your Libra man is like let’s now dig deep into how does your Libra man like to be touched? Where does your Libra woman like to be touched during foreplay? Where does she like to be massaged for maximum relaxation? Let’s find out!

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Where does a Libra Woman want to be touched during foreplay?

Your Libra woman’s personality and energy are sweet, warm, and affectionate. She is like the warm summer air that is cooling enough for the hot summer day. She is sensitive yet she knows that all too well to herself.

Because of this particular sensitivity, she will also be extra sensitive when touched or caressed. When you touch or caress her feelings of excitement or arousal may arise and can be uncontrollable.

You also have to remember that your Libra woman’s pleasure spots or what they commonly term erogenous zones are byproducts of heavy energy centers which reside in their body.

Your Libra woman’s pleasure spots are also the spots where she can feel tightness and soreness especially if he feels stressed or tensed.

These pleasure spots are the areas where a heavy flow of energy resides in her body. This is extremely important in realizing that touching and massaging this area can give a significant amount of relaxation and arousal.

Libra rules the kidneys, the abdomen, the buttocks, and the skin. This is significant as you can only emphasize touching, massaging, and caressing the touchable parts of her body namely the abdomen, the butt, and the skin.

When you are touching or caressing her you can begin with the most available namely her skin.

Start by kissing her and by being affectionate to her then you can begin to sink your fingertips into her skin as you run through it smoothly. Compliment how much you truly love and care for her! You can also compliment how soft and luscious her skin is as you gently touch her.

When you are fondling her you must remember to keep touching as soft as possible. Be smooth with the touching you can try putting a little bit of oil into your hands to avoid excessive friction.

Also, it is important that whenever you are caressing her skin you should maintain seductive and flirtatious eye contact with your Libra woman as these helps with the foreplay process.

A seductive gaze that translates into: “I own you and I will pleasure you in the best way possible” kind of gaze. You can also “smize” which is the facial expression you do when you are trying to seduce her. 

Remember when you are trying to seduce your Libra woman you must properly create a seductive tension between the both of you.

If you are touching or caressing her with the intent of arousing her in the bedroom touching her gently and softly yet with intent and passion is necessary in making sure your Libra woman becomes highly aroused.

This is the best possible combination you can do to make her feel better – eye contact and loads of heavy touching.

Alongside the skin, you can also touch her waist area and abdomen. When you are behind her you can begin grabbing her waist as you grab tightly onto her waist or abdomen.

This feeling of dominance is also extremely arousing as she can let her inner feminine express herself easily as you are bringing in the masculine energy she needs.

You can also start touching this area gently while provocatively smiling and teasing her you can use words of affirmation that compliment her and makes her feel good about her body.

Whenever you are trying to initiate romantic experiences you must always use the power of your eyes to get what you desire. Whether it’s your Libra woman’s desire or lust that you want towards you. Eye contact holds power as it conveys power, seduction, and romance through your eyes.

It is a powerful body language that you should master if you want to get your Libra woman aroused and ready for foreplay. 

You can also try putting effort into touching her buttocks. If you are behind her you can begin grabbing hardly her butt or you can even spank her! This dominant act that you’re doing can be extremely arousing for your Libra woman. You can also grab her butt as you whisper some dirty words to her.

This will ensure that she is highly aroused and ready for the next thing!

These are the most powerful ways to seduce your Libra woman aroused and pleasured! However, if you are going for the relaxation route then massaging her will be the best thing to do to stimulate blood flow into her pleasure spots.

You can deeply massage her abdomen, lower back, and her buttocks to stimulate relaxation and release any tension from the area!

Begin to let her lie down with her face towards the pillow. Begin working your way through the lower back and put light to moderate pressure on her then you can put gentle circular motions on the muscles of the lower back as you move down to her buttocks.

Put hard pressure on her buttocks by sinking the palm of your hands into her bums.

Ask her if the massage feels good or whether you should adjust the pressure you’re putting into her butt and lower back. Your Libra woman can be a bit indecisive and may like soft or hard massage depending on her mood, level of pressure tolerance, and the level of stiffness in the area you are massaging.

You can also try doing gentle massage which includes gentle circular rubs on the area of your choosing.

Overall! Your Libra woman likes to be touched and caressed smoothly and gently as these help her relax and in turn become aroused. Do not forget the power of sweet and flirtatious words accompanied by eye contact. When touching her skin be gentle with it.

You can also massage her lower back and buttocks using light to moderate pressure.

Quick Overview: Libra Woman’s Erogenous zones!

1. Get the room and bed ready!

Your Libra woman is an air sign this means that her mind must first be stimulated before going to any pleasure spots in her body. Air rules the mind and the mind rules logic beforehand. One must understand that whenever you are making her feel pleasured and relaxed her senses and her mind must first be calm.

With that said, her senses must first be taken care of beforehand whether you are massaging or touching her to stimulate her pleasure spots for relaxation or arousal. A clean, well-balanced, beautiful, tidy room will greatly help you in setting up the mood for your Libra woman!

With that said you can try setting up the mood by putting extra effort into freshening up the sheets and by cleaning the room!

Burn some relaxing incense or light up some scented candles, and make sure the room is well-dimmed as too much light can be harsh and unrelaxing to the eyes. A warm steadfast light that has an orange color similar to how orange the sunset is can be visually calming.

Also, cool and clean sheets can bring extra comfort and fuzziness to your Libra woman.

Remember that your Libra woman is into cleanliness and sophistication. A visually appealing room can make things more relaxing for her instead of a dirty and untidy room.

Alongside that, you must also show signs of passion and excitement as you approach her. Compliment her or cook for her beforehand this is to ensure that she is free from stress and any worries.

2. Caress her abdominal area

When you are touching and caressing her abdomen you must make it seem like you are just gently rubbing her. The button or umbilical is located in the centermost part of her abdomen. When you touch her be sure to steer clear of this area.

Instead, touch the areas surrounding it. The abs particularly can be a great part to continually touch and caress until she feels relaxed and aroused.

Lightly stroke it back and forth then let her lie down in peace. When you caress her abdominal area you must also remember to not get hard as this part can be delicate. The abdomen holds many essential important organs and you must be very light when you’re touching his area.

3. Massage her lower back

Another great way to make her feel relaxed is by deeply massaging her lower back! This erogenous zone is tightly connected to her buttocks and abdomen. To massage this part let her lay her down on the bed with her face leaning towards the bed.

Let her feel relaxed as you gently put pressure on her lower back. While massaging it you can use scented oil to create less friction whenever you rub the skin of her lower back. Begin to put circular motions into the muscles. Rub and sink your hands into her muscles as you feel the tension in his lower back.

4. Massage his buttocks

When you are massaging her lower back you can also go ahead and massage her buttocks which are located below her lower back. To massage her butt you must press the palm of your hands to create center pressure on both of her buttocks. 

When massaging your Libra woman’s butt area it isn’t necessary to have her all-around naked, a light fabric of underwear or shorts will do to cover the buttocks area. Alongside the heavy pressure from the palm hand massage, you can also put enough amount of pressure through the circular motions of your palms into his buttocks.

5. Light massage her abdomen

When massaging her abdomen try as much as possible to be gentle when putting pressure on her abdomen. Light massages on her abdomen will surely give her enough relaxation and pleasure.

Put gentle strokes using your fingertips then use finger point pressure, especially on the center of her abs while steering clear away near her umbilical.

Touching a Libra Woman…Final Thoughts

Your Libra woman is beautiful! Inside and out! Graceful and incredibly alluring it is no surprise you want to assert yourself in the relationship and want to make her feel like she’s a Queen! She is a wonderful and romantic partner and surely everything you do will be reciprocated with so much more!

Being ruled by Venus, your Libra woman craves physical touch as a form of love language so it is incredibly important that you incorporate a lot of touching, caressing, and massaging especially if you want to initiate more intimate moments with her.

Overall, the most sensitive areas of your Libra woman that you can utilize to make her feel relaxed and aroused are:

  • Her abdominal area
  • Her buttocks
  • Her lower back

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