Where does a Cancer Man like to be touched?

Do you want to pleasure your Cancer Man like no other woman could? Do desire to know where his erogenous zones lie? Do you wish to become a more desirable partner by knowing how to push his buttons? Are you up for more fun and kinky experiences in the bedroom with him?

Do not fret! Today we are going to talk about where does your Cancer Man like to be touched? Is it by massaging, pressuring, caressing, or fondling?

What are a Cancer man’s ruling spots and what are the tips and tricks you can do to make your Cancer man pleasured, relaxed, and instantly comfortable in the bedroom?

Let’s jump right in!

Your Cancer man is delicate and sensitive. Emotional even! Cancer rules the pectoral area of the body which means a Cancer man will be extra sensitive around these areas.

Touch and caress him in his chest and you can even do playful massages where you tease and seduce him. When massaging him on his chest you can try using scented and soothing oils this will immensely turn him on and get his blood going down there!

Cancer Men are the protective, intuitive, loyal, security-seeking, stable-seeking, powerhouse men of the zodiac born between the peak of the summer season from June 21 to July 22.

If your boyfriend or husband’s birthday falls on under those dates then he is a certified Cancer man! Cancer men are the first water sign of the zodiac list! He is of Cardinal nature and is ruled by the Moon!

Cancer Men are intuitive and emotional although they may have a reserved nature that represents the hard shell that protects the delicate and inner vulnerability of the crab.

They are responsible, ambitious, loyal, and devoted they seek to create a wonderful life of their own and are known to be good providers! Moon rules mothers and parenthood so expect your Cancer man to be an exceptional caring partner who seeks to provide and give comfort! 

Cancer men are driven and can be good leaders! It is in their cardinal nature after all to lead and persevere although they may lead with good heart and grace. It is in their nature to love what they’re doing and do everything with heart.

With that said they can be successful entrepreneurs or business owners if they nourish their ability to put their hearts into the passion they undertake.

You might think that you know your Cancer man very well but that is far from the truth! We have just barely scratched the surface of who truly is your Cancer Man is and how to turn him on by touching!

Nevertheless, We already have given you beginner knowledge of your Cancer man’s personality! In the next section, we’ll discuss more particularly the pleasure spots of your Cancer Man! 

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Where does a Cancer Man want to be touched during foreplay?

Cancer rules the stomach and particularly the breasts or chest. For Cancer men, their pectoral muscles can be an incredibly sensitive and arousing area to touch and explore their partner. We wouldn’t even be surprised if your Cancer man likes touching his nipples while doing the lovemaking part!

Cancer men may be emotionally charged but that doesn’t stop them from making passionate scenes with their partners!

His chest is the most erogenous zone in his body followed by his stomach. When you are touching or caressing this area you can try to playfully turn him on by assuming an innocent and dainty lover who playfully touches him while in the process creating an emotional and arousing bond with his partner.

Cancer rules the breasts/chest so it is innate for them to particularly be gifted in that area. Whether or not your Cancer man goes to the gym he will have a fully rounded and developed gorgeous-looking chest. You can use this to your advantage and particularly emphasize fondling in this area. 

You can use this sensitivity by sinking your palms, hands, or fingertips into his chest and rubbing your skin against the skin of his chest. If he has a hairy chest you can try fondling it by pulling or caressing the little hairs in his chest.

You can also use oils to sensually rub the skin of his chest. It is tender, and soft and can stimulate his senses.

You can also try fondling his arms which are also extra sensitive since it is near his chest area. Try massaging it with gentle pressure or by using your knuckles to create deep pressure into its bones and muscles.

When you do a power massage go as deep as possible and make sure to massage the stiff areas that you encounter in his area.

Alongside that whenever you are massaging his chest area you must be highly aware of the form of massage called “kneading”. When kneading you use your thumb and fingertips to squeeze and pull the soft tissues of the chest.

You can do this to aim to increase more blood flow into the chest area which means more pleasurable sensations for him.

Aside from the obvious arousal benefit. The massage stimulates the lymph node of your Cancer man’s body which can be extremely helpful in fighting diseases. It helps grow more of his chest muscle and it efficiently decreases metabolic wastes.

Not only do you provide him with comfort and relaxation you are also giving him a good amount of health benefits that he will surely enjoy!

Aside from the chest you can also go and try exploring his stomach area which is another sensitive zone in his body. You can’t massage his stomach as there are no viable muscles present unless his abs are well-formed.

In his stomach area it is much more efficient to caress and touch it with the intent of arousing him. This helps your Cancer man get more emotionally connected with you which is a powerful move to make him more obsessed and in love with you!

When you do this be sure that both of you lay down beside each other. Look into his eyes with intent as you gently touch his chest all the way down to his stomach. He might feel ticklish or giddy but do not stop. This intent will surely seduce him and get him to unleash his inner passionate side with you!

Overall, whenever you are seducing your Cancer man the most viable zone to touch in his body is his chest. The pectoral muscles are Cancer man’s ruling so he feels essentially relaxed and aroused when someone touches or massages him in those areas.

You can also try going for his arms or stomach. Remember to have intent when massaging or caressing your Cancer Man!

Quick Overview: Cancer Man’s Erogenous zones!

1. Massage his arms, especially the muscles connected in his chest

You can first start by massaging his arms, especially his upper arms which are connected to his pectoral muscles. Gently stroke it and caress it with clean hands and apply the kneading method. With emotions try to put as much effort as possible into the massaging part.

Friction can be a problem as it can reduce the sensuality of the massaging. With that in mind, you can use a scented oil for this as it will help reduce friction between your skin and her arm’s skin which can be uncomfortable. This will help your Cancer man be at ease with you…

2. Massage his chest

When massaging his chest you must be tender and try to use gentle pressure and sink your hands into his chest and gently rub it. You can put pressure on it or use the technique of kneading.

The main key point here is to make sure you are putting enough amount of blood flow into his pectoral area by massaging it!

Surely he will love the sensations he will experience as you gently, deeply, and soothingly massage his chest, This can be an intimate experience that can help alleviate stress from your Cancer man. It is therapeutic and highly arousing.

3. Massage his scalp

Another pleasure spot that may not be as highly sensitive as his chest area is his scalp! You can gently rub your fingertips through his hair or use a special form of comb to soothe and relax him. When you massage your Cancer man’s scalp you are helping him get rid of stress and anxiety from the day. 

For more relaxation you can try the “circling with the wave” method: use your fingertips as you gently slide across his front hair to the back of his hair. After that, you can use your fingertips preferably your middle and index fingers to use a medium to heavy pressure on the scalp.

Moving your fingertips in small circles! Do not forget to move the circles across all parts of his scalp area for maximum relaxation!

Try to do this massage as a way to both comfort and relax him. This will ensure that he gets the most physical affection from you! Remember that your Cancer man is extremely cuddly and touchy and likes physical touch as a form of love language!

So whether you are seducing him or not massaging his scalp will surely be a good way to bond with him!

4. Touch his stomach

His tummy can be an incredibly sensitive and delicate part but it can be the most pleasurable spot to touch if done properly! When both of you are laying down or if he is laying down you can seductively undress him as you work your way by touching his chest down to his stomach area.

This will be incredibly sensual ad sexy and your Cancer man will feel butterflies in his stomach after this!

Whenever you’re in the mood to do romance with him you can do this touching and caressing and we guarantee extremely effective results! Surely your Cancer man will have the urge to make love to you and not only that both of you will experience a huge surge of dopamine and serotonin in your system!

5. Hold his hand

 Your Cancer man is the most emotional sign! Being a water infant sign you’ll be sure that your Cancer man catches more feelings than you in a romantic relationship so simple holding of hands can be a beautiful yet sensual way of saying how much you love him!

Touch his hands whenever you’re in public or private and this will have an incredibly soothing effect on him! 

In spirituality, our human hands can be energy gateways of our bodies so your intuitive Cancer man will surely love the feeling that he will get every time you hold his hands. You can even go touch and caress it when it’s just the two of you. Surely your Cancer man will deeply appreciate it!

Touching a Cancer Man…Final Thoughts

Your Cancer Man is loving, emotional, touchy, powerful in his own right, tenacious, stable, intuitive, nurturing, sensitive, protective, loyal, and a true family man!

Surely you will notice that in a romantic relationship your Cancer man will deeply appreciate and love physical affection as a form of love language! So touching, caressing, fondling, and massaging are good ways you can truly bond with him!

When touching or caressing him you must make sure that you are being in tune with your emotional and sexy self beforehand especially if you are trying to seduce him by touching. You can interchangeably do massaging, caressing, and fondling to make sure he gets the most pleasure out of it.

Overall, the most sensitive areas of your Cancer man that you can utilize to make him feel relaxed and aroused are:

  • His chest specifically his pectoral muscles (Can be touched and caressed or massaged)
  • His scalp (medium to heavy massage)
  • His stomach (touching and caressing)
  • His arms (light to heavy massage)

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