When A Gemini Woman Is Ignoring You, Do This! (5 Things)

A Gemini woman may have chosen to distance herself from you for a variety of reasons. You probably don’t know why she changed her behavior or what it might indicate for your relationship going forward. To help you out, here are the things you need to do when a Gemini woman is ignoring you.

When a Gemini woman is ignoring you, you should stay calm and don’t let your emotions get the best of you. It’s preferable that you should take a step back and grant her the space she desires to avoid more disagreements.

One way to get a Gemini woman’s attention back is to keep her intrigued.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with this woman.

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That said, dealing with someone ignoring you is hard, but before we dive into what you should do, let’s first look at this woman’s dark side and some reasons why she might be ignoring you!

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The Dark Side Of A Gemini Woman

A Gemini woman has a dual personality, and because of that, she has been referred to as dishonest, erratic, undecided, and a blatant liar. When she loses control of her emotions, her dark side manifests.

Although she often represses her emotions, the way she lives her life and connects with others is undoubtedly influenced by her current moods. Anxiety or depression are frequent emotional manifestations in Gemini women.

Reasons Why A Gemini Woman Is Ignoring You

The Gemini woman is an emotional being that falls in love deeply and hardly ever ignores someone. However, if she rejects you right away, it can be a hint that she has no romantic feelings for you.

She appears to be social, yet she is not the kind to share intimate details with someone she barely knows.

If your Gemini woman takes a while to return to the topic of conversation with you, she can be either worried about you or annoyed by you. If you press her to talk about something, it can hurt her the instant she does and she will ignore you right away.

You need to be more composed and collected if you want to have a conversation with her about this. She doesn’t want people in her friendships or relationships to be overly interested in or inquiring about her personal issues.

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5 Things to Do When A Gemini Woman Is Ignoring You

Be calm

One thing you should know about a Gemini woman is that she is blatant yet subtle at the same time; you can tell by her facial expressions and demeanor that she is upset with you, but she won’t say it out loud.

To figure things out, you must be considerate of her, and you must approach her with kindness and composure if she chooses to ignore you because she is an emotional person, so try not to be too intense.

Give her some time alone to gather her thoughts; don’t worry, she’ll talk about what’s on her mind when the time is right. If you see that a Gemini woman is ignoring you, you might want to be assertive and find out why.

Although this is a normal response, she should regrettably avoid acting on it. Pay close attention to what she says during the talk because this could be a rare chance to win the Gemini woman’s forgiveness.

Intrigue her

A Gemini woman will make it apparent when she is done with you. If she has just stopped talking to you, she might have good reasons for doing so that are unrelated to a change of heart. But one thing is certain—the most fascinating aspect of a Gemini woman’s life will get her attention.

She might just focus her attention on other relationships if you don’t strike her as interesting and intriguing. Remind and show her that you are playful and enjoyable to get her attention back on you.

Send a Gemini woman a funny video or a meme. Maybe even start a game of some sort online and invite her to join you for a fun or interesting activity.

Start playing online if the distance is an issue, but this is not the greatest course of action to take when a Gemini woman is angry with you if you’re wondering what to do. She’ll need some time alone to gather her thoughts before she can rejoin you in a better mood.

Avoid being jealous

Pushy persons are a major factor in why a Gemini woman initially neglects other people. Jealousy and being told what she can and cannot do are things she detests. A Gemini woman may disregard you without giving it a second thought due to your jealousy because she doesn’t like it.

It’s something she doesn’t find at all alluring, so try to find some ways to control it if you are prone to jealousy.

When you do finally talk about what’s going on, it’s best to keep your worries to yourself. It won’t help your cause to bring up other people, and if you’re naturally jealous, try to curb your feelings now.

A Gemini woman might not return your calls, or text messages or maybe just carelessly disregard you because she may be busy, but if she is interested, she will contact you as soon as possible.

Give her space

When a Gemini woman feels anxious, overburdened, or confused, space is her best friend. It’s crucial that she’ll use this time to analyze her feelings and thoughts because she may resent you if you try to intrude on her personal space.

A Gemini woman is not the sort to neglect you, yet she still expects you to text and calls her often. She dislikes it when a man persistently bothers her every day because she also needs room to pursue her own interests.

A Gemini woman may turn down support if it appears that she is going through an emotional or personal crisis since she doesn’t want to appear weak, so give her some time to relax.

Occasionally, giving a Gemini woman some time alone is the best course of action. This will ensure that after some time, she will begin to miss you because chasing her won’t accomplish anything but only makes her want to stay away.

Step back

Acting uninterested may be effective for a little amount of time because the goal is to avoid coming out as angry with her. Act as though you aren’t as into her as you actually are, so take a step back.

Because she is feeling the pressure of desire and is afraid of commitment, she can become quiet. A Gemini woman may frequently step up to the bat if you appear less interested than you actually are because she believes the pressure is off.

The first step in getting a Gemini woman to quit ignoring you is to seem mysterious. This will get her attention right away because she is drawn to someone she is still trying to understand.

When she disappears, she might be concerned that the relationship has become too strong or serious. A Gemini woman may find comfort in taking a step back and allowing things to settle down a bit.

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When You Ignore A Gemini Woman

No matter how positive and intelligent a Gemini woman may be, she would find it very upsetting to be ignored by someone without knowing the reason why.

She will become frustrated with you once you start ignoring her because she won’t benefit at all from making assumptions or attempting to figure out why you ignored her. As a result of your and her lack of communication, it will simply generate another issue.

A Gemini woman will wonder why you ignore her constantly if you continue to neglect her without explaining what she did wrong.

You gave her the cold shoulder will cause her harm even if she makes an effort to get in touch with you to learn more, but if you choose to ignore her, she will ignore you back because pursuing someone who just ignores you won’t result in any positive outcomes.

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5 things to do when a Gemini woman is ignoring you, final thoughts…

When a Gemini woman is ignoring you:

  • Be calm
  • Intrigue her
  • Avoid being jealous
  • Give her space
  • Step back



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