When A Capricorn Man Is Ignoring You, Do This! (5 Things)

When a Capricorn man ignores you, the reasons may be quite too obvious. This can be because you have done something that annoyed him, or you’re being a distraction for him at work. If you want him to stop ignoring you, here are 5 things that you can do when a Capricorn man is ignoring you.

When a Capricorn man is ignoring you, do not do impulsive things to make him jealous. His trust in you must remain. Be his ideal partner by being the person he‘s been dreaming of ever since. Be patient and do not bombard him with calls and texts. Talk to him maturely. Lastly, give and respect his freedom.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with your Capricorn man.

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Before we dive into the details about what you should do if this man is ignoring you, we should first look at the dark side of a Capricorn man and why he might be ignoring you in the first place!

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The Dark Side Of A Capricorn Man

When it comes to work, the Capricorn man is one of the sturdiest and most trustworthy people out there. However, he can be very temperamental when it comes to his emotions.

Yes, he’s very good at work, but this does not mean that he has everything figured out and under control. He is the type to be very dedicated to his career, status, and just material things in general.

A Capricorn man can be very emotionally reduced because all his life, he only knows how to chase success and his career. Well, this is not always the case, but most Capricorn men are like this. He believes that love comes whenever the time is right.

He does not like to look for love because sometimes, to him, it’s a distraction. This is also true when it comes to most of his relationships. Being the goal-driven person that he is, he expects the same from others.

And most people are not the same as him. So, the tendency is that they never understand the Capricorn man. That’s why a Capricorn man can relate to the quote “It’s lonely at the top” so much.

Reasons Why a Capricorn Man Ignores You

As you already sensed in a Capricorn man, he is not very good at expressing and dealing with his emotions. Sometimes, he can also be coldhearted because he lacks empathy. This is all because, to him, this makes him look weak.

If a Capricorn man is ignoring you, most likely, you have irritated or angered the Capricorn man. And the thing about him is that it does not take a lot to get angry and irritated. In his mind, things should not be that complicated.

When it makes sense in his mind, he knows that he can implement it.

To most people, as I have mentioned earlier, a Capricorn man is very hard to understand. A lot of us do not comprehend what a Capricorn man is trying to say. And out of all the things that anger him, he does not like people who are stupid.

He has no time for people who cannot comprehend. He does not like inconsistent and not loyal people. He may also be ignoring you because he considers you as trouble to his work.

He may have realized that you are taking too much of his time and that he is losing focus just to cater to your needs and keep you happy.

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5 Things To Do When A Capricorn Man Is Ignoring You

Never make him jealous

If you are planning to make a Capricorn jealous by talking to other men or women or flirting with them, stop it right now.

I’m telling you – this will not work. Do not ever do anything that will make him lose his trust in you because you will not like what will happen. If you have not yet heard of this, a Capricorn man does not easily trust people.

It takes a lot for him to even trust a single word you say.

When he finds out that he can lose faith in you, he can stop talking to you. So, do not ever attempt to post on social media hinting that you are dating someone because he is ignoring you.

Do not ever make him feel that he has competition because we all know that a Capricorn man can be the most competitive person that you will ever know.

Be the ideal partner

A Capricorn man can have the highest standard when it comes to finding his lover. He does not just go out and grant everyone a relationship – or even just a date.

If you want him to stop ignoring you, you need to show him that you are the ideal partner for him. You need to do things that will make him regret his behavior.

Of course, if you have been together for a little bit of time, you know what he likes and what the doesn’t. You may have been his type, but that does not make you the ideal partner for him.

Based on the characteristics of your Capricorn man, he is a strong and independent type of person. So, it’s time to embody that and be the woman of his dreams. He will then wonder why he was ignoring you in the first place.

Be patient

This goes hand in hand with the first thing that you need to do. Do not do anything impulsive just to make him jealous.

Again, do not do anything that will ruin his trust in you. To do this, you need to be patient with him. Allow yourself to be frustrated and never bombard him with texts and calls.

However, this does not mean that you get to sit around and just wait for him. Take this time to better yourself and improve. You need to take action in order for you to do this.

Remember that one possible reason that he is ignoring you is that you are annoying him by bombarding him with text messages and calls, so as hard as this is for you to do, be patient.

Talk to him maturely

If you have been together for a while now, you probably know what your Capricorn man thinks. He likes to engage himself in mature conversations. However, this tip can only be done if he has been ignoring you for just a few days.

Sit him down and attempt to engage in a normal conversation and slowly segue and ask him what you have done wrong for him to ignore you.

Do not just bombard him with the question, “Why are you doing this to me?” This will immediately make him want to run.

Remember that a Capricorn man can easily shut down when it comes to expressing his emotions. So, you need to be smart about asking him.

Give him freedom

A Capricorn man is an intelligent man, and he definitely knows what he is doing and how he should be doing things. Sometimes, he needs a little bit of time and space to think things through.

And honestly, there really is nothing you can do other than give him his freedom and respect what he wants. As I have said earlier, use this time to do whatever you want. Do not wait around for him because it’s like you’re wasting your time on him.

You have to do things for yourself. Allow yourself to heal and improve.

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When You Ignore A Capricorn Man

We all know how a Capricorn man is when it comes to love. It’s the last thing on his list of priorities, and when he feels like you are ignoring him, he might think that the whole relationship can be a waste of time.

So, as a response, he might ignore you back, or worse – leave you. At first, he can get a little moody and get a little defensive, but in time, this will definitely make him want to leave.

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5 things to do when a Capricorn man is ignoring you, final thoughts…

When a Capricorn man is ignoring you:

  • Never make him jealous
  • Be the ideal partner
  • Be patient
  • Talk to him maturely
  • Give him freedom



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