What Zodiac Signs Work Well Together?

what zodiac signs are compatible

Astrology is a big topic and compatibility of zodiac signs is something I often hear about. Astrology covers divine information about human affairs, life cycles, and human emotions en masse. But the most well-known application of astrology is answering the million-dollar question:

What Zodiac signs work well together?” and sometimes this leads to the question… Who is my soulmate?

When it comes to compatibility and working well together, you can divide the signs into two major groups. Earth + Water are compatible and Fire + Air signs are compatible. To easily remember this metaphor: Rain helps the trees grow, air feeds the flame.

In case you aren’t sure which signs fall into what category, here’s a summary that tells you which sign you fall under:

Earth signs: Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn + Water signs: Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer

Air signs: Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius + Fire signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

I’ve also written a few related articles to this topic; you will find those related articles listed at the bottom of this page.

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Why are Earth and Water signs work so well together?

Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn are well known for being loyal, dependable, and kind partners that will never give up on you or let you down. They pride themselves in being down-to-earth, practical partners who are always willing to lend a helping hand.

Their focus is always on the physical plain: They focus on abundance, wealth, employment, and material comforts.

The water signs, Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces balance the Earth sign’s needs and wants. While Earth takes care of the material world, water takes care of the emotional. Water signs are intuitive and empathetic signs that just know when something is off.

This gives the otherwise unemotional earth signs a sense of belonging and helps them to calm down when their lives can become overwhelming.

Likewise, the rationality and logic of the Earth signs can help Water signs overcome their intense and unpredictable emotions. Water signs are highly sensitive, and often feel excluded or unwanted even if that’s not the case.

Having a dedicated partner for giving emotional support helps to balance out their relationship.

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Their personalities mesh really well since they’re different, but not too different. Earth signs are grounded in reality, whereas water signs frequently daydream and have vivid imaginations. Water injects some life and variety into the life of their partner, and earth gives them some groundedness.

They have shared goals, as well: They both value stability and security in their lives. These two homebodies both want to create peaceful homes and families and will make it always try to make it work.

To them, fire and air signs are just too chaotic and unreliable! They often view fire signs as a rude know-it-alls (s) who stir up too much trouble. 

They don’t like the temperament of the fire signs; they view them as too angry to deal with and don’t like their competitive mentality. They can’t handle the air signs either since they’re seen as unpredictable: You never know what air signs want to do, since they love the change!

But earth and water signs? They usually dislike change. They would rather wake up in the morning knowing exactly how the day is going to play out.

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Why are Fire and Air signs Compatible?

They take pride in their intellect. They are the world’s great thinkers and philosophers who are focused on the big picture rather than the mundane details. They are free-spirited conformists who love to socialize and communicate their findings and can’t sit still.

They live their lives in a state of constant motion and love a little chaos in their lives.

Fire signs are courageous adventurers. They love to experience new things, preferably something that can get their adrenaline pumping and heart pounding. No lazy days at the library learning about the intricacies of some obscure scientific topic for these signs!

They are more likely to choose to go-karting or a day at the amusement park.

To sum it up, air and fire signs are perfect for each other for one reason: Neither of them can sit still! They both have short attention spans and need some kind of stimulation throughout the day, or they just get bored. But when these two unite, there is always something new to keep things fresh.

Even better, both of them are emotionally compatible. Air and Fire signs aren’t easily offended or hypersensitive. They are emotionally self-sufficient and don’t feel like the world is ending if they don’t have a therapy session every day.

But why don’t they get along well with Water and Earth signs?

They feel tied down by Earth signs. They can’t adjust very well to a person who wants to create a stable and consistent lifestyle. They’ll view Earth signs as controlling, narrow-minded, and maybe even downright boring.

If there’s one element they dislike the most, it’s the water signs. The fire and air signs tend to dislike emotional attachments and can’t empathize with their struggles. Water signs frequently feel like outcasts or martyrs, and these types of signs can’t give them the help that they need. 

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Sign Compatibility, A Few Exceptions:

Like all things, some exceptions have to be made to the rule. The most important one is that two of the same sign don’t get along. But why?

In astrology, compatibility is all about finding someone who compliments your strengths or balances out your weaknesses. Let’s use Virgo as an example of this.

Virgo is an Earth sign that is organized, kind, patient, and reliable people with a sharp intellect. But unfortunately, they are also picky perfectionists who overthink things and become irrationally stubborn.

If two Virgos dated, then you’d have two intelligent people, which is great. But there’s a huge downside to that. They are two people with the same flaws! How can two people ever find harmony with each other if they have identical flaws? You’d just have two over-thinkers panicking with each other all day.

Just remember: It is never a good idea to have a relationship with someone of the same sign, otherwise, you are dating yourself! And if you do that, why bother dating at all?

The second big exception is the moon, one of the most powerful forces acting upon your personality. The moon sign governs your inner self, the deeper aspect of your personality that only those who are close to you will ever see.

Think of the moon sign as an extension of your sun sign, an extra force that is acting to influence your personality. If you two do have sun signs that don’t work at all, don’t worry! If your sun sign is compatible with the other person’s moon sign, the relationship can still work just fine!

So, to take us back to the Virgo example: If there are two Virgos, but their moon signs are Pisces and Cancer, the relationship can work out. All of their signs will be compatible, and they’ll be able to have a successful relationship!

The Best Zodiac Combinations

It’s widely accepted that some signs get along great, and others are just natural enemies. Here are some examples of some of the pairings considered to be “the best” in astrology.

Signs that are opposite to each other

You’ve likely seen the astrology wheel before. It has all 12 signs placed in a circle around the center, and looks like this:

Source: https://individualogist.com/astrology-wheel-guide

Highly compatible pairings are signs that are directly across from one another. They are signs that are similar enough to have a lot in common yet different enough to attract each other.

Here is a list of the opposite signs:

  • Virgo + Pisces
  • Cancer + Capricorn
  • Leo + Aquarius
  • Aries + Libra
  • Taurus + Scorpio
  • Gemini + Sagittarius

When people of these signs meet, it is a very strong connection. It is the closest thing that astrology can get to “love at first sight”. Just keep in mind that you don’t have to narrow your options and say, “I’m going to exclusively date only one zodiac sign”.

Just because these pairings are traditionally considered the best doesn’t mean that every other combination will fail 100% of the time.

The Zodiac Signs that are Natural Enemies

Just as there are natural friends, there are also natural enemies. These signs always seem to hate each other for some reason. They never quite see eye to eye, or they have brief periods of affection only to hate each other afterward.

The interesting thing about signs that hate each other is that there isn’t a specific pattern to it. Here are three examples of such pairings:

Scorpio + Leo

These two signs suffer a big flaw: They are both very controlling and intense personalities that don’t take no for an answer. Both sides have a different vision for their lives and their relationship, but neither one is willing to make any concessions ever.

To add insult to injury, Scorpio is an emotional water sign that suffers from bouts of sadness and anxiety. Leo lacks empathy and the patience to deal with Scorpio’s volatility and this leads to constant bickering.

Cancer + Aries

Yikes! Sweet and sensitive Cancer with blunt and rash Aries is a recipe for disaster. Aside from the emotional disconnect (which is similar to Leo and Scorpios dilemma) this pairing likely won’t be able to find any shared activities.

Cancer is known for being a homebody. They prefer to find a partner that they can connect with and relax with them in the safety of their dwelling. Ironically, that is a form of punishment for Aries.

Youthful Aries like to take their companions on adventures. Trying out a new restaurant, going to see that new movie, hiking on that trail they’ve never gone on.

Sitting around in a cold apartment while cuddling with twelve blankets and watching Netflix with Cancer isn’t their ideal lifestyle!

Gemini + Capricorn

What happens when you mix a fun-loving, non-committal, and spontaneous sign with the most rule-oriented sign in the entire zodiac? A very dysfunctional relationship!

Gemini will view Capricorn as controlling, emotionally distant, and just plain boring, while Capricorn will view a relationship with Gemini as a chore. In their view, Gemini is an irresponsible man-child that’s about as mature as a middle schooler.

Unfortunately these two signs, just don’t have anything in common. Capricorn is mainly interested in what is useful, and practical. Maybe they’ll talk about how the stock market’s been doing for the past week, or ways to make more money.

Gemini on the other hand is interested in the wild and bizarre. UFOs, Aliens, the multiverse, nothing off the table for Gemini.

But for these two signs, they’ll have to look elsewhere for partnership.

I’ve also written an article about Gemini that describes how Gemini compatibility with each zodiac sign. If you are a Gemini or know one, then you will really enjoy this!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll have gained a good understanding of which signs can make soulmates, and which ones will make your skin crawl. Good luck in finding your soul mate!

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