What Tarot Cards Represent Sagittarius?

What Tarot Card Represents Sagittarius

The sign, Sagittarius is known for its mutable qualities and fire element correlation, and it is also represented by the Archer. Sagittarius is mostly recognized for its independence streaks and spirit for a great adventure.

People born under these signs are known for being very headstrong, and that makes them great leaders as well.

The tarot cards have a deep divining purpose behind the Sagittarius energy because of their overall representation of creativity and strong willingness. Tarot and Sagittarius are represented mostly by wand energy and correlate with pentacles mildly for the humanitarian earthly impact it has.

Which Tarot Cards are associated with Sagittarius

There are 9 Tarot Cards that represent Sagittarius:

  • Temperance
  • Queen of Pentacles
  • Knight of Wands
  • King of Wands
  • 10 of Wands
  • 9 of Wands
  • 8 of Wands
  • Ace of Wands
  • Page of Wands

One of my spiritual leaders is a strong Sagittarius sun. When I first met her, I had no closeup familiarity with this particular fire sign. I have no Sagittarius in my chart, nor did I have any close Sagittarius friends.

Off the bat, she was extremely thorough with me and had that strong leader energy shinned through when she talked to me about astrology. I appreciated this and learned so much from her.

During the first few weeks of me diving into my spiritual journey, I picked up so much from her energy and learned a lot about myself. I could understand the natural-born leader within.

The Temperance tarot card made itself present on multiple occasions during my tarot readings. The angel on the Temperance card is known for being Archangel Micheal,

Finally, I had used my intuition correctly and was able to recognize the signs of his presence.

Learning the signs of Archangel Michael was my first spiritual connection to tarot and Sagittarius energy-carrying into my personal life. 

Feeling this deep relation to an angel I kept feeling the presence of, was magical. He has kept me calm, and steady during the entire spirit process.

Let’s look at the cards in the Major Arcana first, then review the cards in the Minor Arcana.

Table of Contents

Major Arcana


The Temperance tarot card shows an angel who holds both masculine and feminine qualities, the articles of clothing are very symbolic to humans, the earth, and nature.

The angel is known for representing Archangel Michael, here he is pouring water into both the cups, a message for keeping the energy consistent. Here he is showing us the importance of balance and moderation. Concentration is key and moving forward positively.

With the Temperance card, things are in perfect harmony, this is Sagittarius energy at its best. This card is for focusing on your stability, aligning those philosophical and honest characteristics up so well.

Strongly intuitive and prudent, Sagittarius is known for being able to be as idealistic as possible, this energy comes on very strong, and parental. Here is a card where you’re focusing on your long-term goals, something that comes every natural to the fire sign.

Minor Arcana

King of Wands

The King of Wands card shows the king sitting on his strongly influenced fire energy throne, wearing the symbol of life and creativeness. The wand is represented by fire energy, the king holds onto the wand while the salamander rest at his feet.

This ruthless role is a great place Sagittarius energy shows up, often with this energy comes a leadership position. This is a natural position for the sign to rest in, compassionate enough and strong-willed.

The King is very versatile, staying true to his fire energy ways he relates to the Sagittarius sign well.

They’re both very outspoken, and energetic this causes great respect among the zodiac, this lasting impact from the King and Sagittarius energy will make an imprint when showing up in a reading.

His presences create great space for movement and confidence.

Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacle’s throne is decorated in goats, angels, and other signs of material success and pleasure. Her overall representation is earth energy, the Queen is in a deep greenery area surrounded by all growing and living things.

Her presence here lines up perfectly with Sagittarius and their overall qualities, this brings the utmost practicality into the air.

Her deep connection with nurturing children and working hard reminds us of the balance we require in our lives to keep growing and going. This love and supporting energy are what brings out more of the best of the Sagittarius.

This deep-rooted connection to practicality shows us the sign’s ability to make a better decision.

Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands shows up in fury wearing yellow representing fire energy. Here the fiery Sagittarius energy comes out to play, this is the adventure card where all the impulsiveness is present as well.

Sagittarius has that outspoken, messy, reckless manner where you could get caught dealing with their more impatient side. Here we see the dogmatic temper and all the fire energy behind it.

The Knight represents action, here is where all the wildest ideas of fire energy come hurling through this card.

Sagittarius has this daring energy to win it all, much like the passion behind the knight. 

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10 of Wands

The Ten of Wands shows us a human carrying way a huge burden. Too many wands on his shoulders are weighing him down. This poor man cannot physically handle the burden anymore.

All that extra hard work is not paying off and you need to release yourself. Sagittarius energy is familiar with being this way, after a much-needed detox and focusing on enjoying life will lighten the load.

This is seen often because of such a hard work ethic, and stubbornness from the Sagittarius.

9 of Wands

The Nine of Wands shows a man standing alongside nine tall wands then he is leaning on one for support.

This resilience could show roadblocks that are inevitable with this card and Sagittarius energy. That source comes from the fire sign and its agility does this.

The nine of wands come when you must be strong and set your boundaries, use reliance to your advantage. This fire energy sign is telling you to set boundaries for yourself and take care of yourself first.

Before applying your energy to others, you must make sure you’re not pouring from an empty cup.

8 of Wands

The Eight of Wands in Sagittarius energy correctly show us movement, in this pure fire vibe, we can visual the alignment and fast paces.

Eight wands flying through the air is intimidating. You do not want to be in the way of this energy. Sagittarius has this trait of being unstoppable and fast-paced.

When this tarot card makes itself into your reading understand too this is a sign to manifest what you want. Importantly go after what you want, in the physical realm as well.

Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands is a hand sprouting from a cloud of new opportune and inspiration for long term goals. Here the hand is holding a wand, showing fire energy can appear from anywhere if you allow it. 

The Ace of Wands is here representing all of the fire signs in astrology, bringing Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries energy altogether.

More so the Ace of wands suggests lots of creativity and excitement coming into one’s life. Sagittarius energy is energetic and naturally compelling outward being very positive.

Page of Wands

The Page of Wands shows a young male holding a tall wand in both his hands. He seems to be examining the wand and imagining all his possibilities.

The Page characteristics, this card is mostly familiar with a person who comes across as young at heart, very cheerful, and full of happy energy.

This strength is related to the element fire so, therefore, it has attributes to connect us with that free-spirited, giving it Sagittarius sense. This complements all the fire signs so well, bringing out some of the best qualities of this energy.

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