What is a Double Zodiac Sign?

What is a Double Zodiac Sign?

Our zodiac signs are more complex than just the regular signs you check daily for your horoscope. They involve a sun sign (your regular sign), a moon sign, and your ascendant sign. Are you still with me? 

Now you have these wonderful people running around saying they are a double this or double that, i.e. a double Scorpio or double Libra. So, my question was, what does that mean? How do I find out If I am a double sign? 

Just about everyone knows their zodiac sign or can easily find out. That is usually our first step concerning our horoscopes.  Next, we also have our moon sign and ascendant sign to figure out.

These three signs give you a much clearer sense of your astrological personality. So, what is a double zodiac sign?

A double zodiac sign means that your Sun sign is the same as your Moon or Ascendant sign. That is, the moment you were born either your Ascendant planet or Moon was in the same sign as the Sun sign (your normal horoscope sign).

This would give you a double sign which has a stronger influence over your chart.

Typically to find out all this information you would get your natal chart done. Your natal chart, or birth chart, is a map of where all the planets were around the Sun at the exact moment of your birth.

If you know the date, time, and place of your birth you can try your hand at figuring these signs out without paying for them.

There are all kinds of astrological calculators on the web these days. Please consider though that you may not get as intricate and in-depth reading from these calculators as you would from a professional.

Before we dive deeper into double zodiac signs, I want to point out the Related Articles section at the bottom of this page. I have collected a number of articles that I am certain you will enjoy, make sure you check them out!

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Natal Chart & Your Personality

Natal charts can turn up some surprising insights about your personality. The natal chart can show your patterns and preferences. They are an amazing way to understand your own rough spots. 

You can also use the information for personal growth and self-improvement. You can also see what areas your talents lay heavily in and which areas may become weak spots for you.

Some of the first places astrologers look when doing your natal chart are your sun sign, moon sign, and ascendant sign. These three signs are often called the primal triad. This triad will give them a more well-rounded description of your personality.

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Everyone in the world is divided into twelve signs. That does not seem to leave much room for variety does it?

Have you ever met someone that has the same sign as you and yet could not act differently than you? That is where the moon signs and ascendant signs come in. They give us all our own personal twist.

We are not just our simple sun signs. We have all these different and complex nuances in our personalities. As you learn more about astrology you will start to understand how all these things come together to create a unique you.

Am I a Double?

So back to this double sign business. After you have your natal chart, you need to look at your Ascendant and Moon sign. If either of those signs is the same as your sun (normal everyday horoscope sign) sign, then you my friend are double!

Sun sign

The person we show the world, is our sun sign.  Our sun signs protect our inner emotional self (which would be our moon signs). If you look at your natal chart and find that your sun sign is the same as your moon or ascendant sign you are a double. If all three of your signs are the same, you are a triple!

If your sun and moon are the same sign, then most likely the regular daily horoscope sounds like you on the daily. If your sun sign and ascendant sign are the same people can tell your sign just by looking at you. You are the stereotypical personality for your sign.

When you know your signs, you can apply the basic principles of that sign to your moon and ascendant signs.

Moon sign

Now if this article is the first time you have ever heard the term moon sign, do not fret. Just as everyone knows their sun sign, almost no one who is not a professional in the astrology field knows what their moon sign is.

Your moon sign marks where the moon was the moment you were born. Our Moon sign is our emotional self and speaks to the way we feel about or react to situations. It is the part of us we keep hidden from the world, our warm gooey center so to speak.

Adding our moon sign to our sun sign gives a more complete understanding of a person. More so with the ladies. Astrologically speaking the moon rules women and gives us the more feminine traits. So, if the moon sign is so important why has no one heard of it?

This is because knowing your moon sign is a bit different from knowing your sun sign. Your sun sign is based on your birthday. Your moon sign is based on the moon’s movements and its position when you are born.

You can check your natal chart at astro.com.  You would provide your birth date, location, and time of your birth.

There are complicated charts that can give you this information as the moon’s motion can get a bit complicated. These charts can be, as you imagine, rather hard to read for the beginner.

At least that is what I have personally experienced, they made my eyes go crossed. There are also special programs as I mentioned before called calculators, some are even free. Just simply google the moon sign calculator. 

You just need to enter your date and time of birth in the appropriate areas. In some, you may need to enter the place you were born and the corresponding time zone. Then simply press the calculate button.

Many of these calculators will then give you your moon sign and a description of that sign. Some of this information can be quite interesting, it can also be so detailed that it gives you the exact degree of the sign where your moon was located.

Finding this information can help you to better understand yourself and others. Hopefully, this makes you a happier person. Still not quite sure? I will give you an example.

I was born on November third. This makes me a Scorpio. If you met me in person you would not guess I was a Scorpio. I tend to be forgiving, shy, and soft-spoken. Now inner me, those waters run deep.

I remember everything that was said to me, how it was said, and compare it to how this person acted before during, and after saying these things to me. I am a walking talking lie detector.

This is a balance of my moon sign of Pisces and a few Scorpio tendencies. Pisces tend to be intuitive, intelligent, and sensitive.

My ascendant sign is Libra. This air sign is compassionate, caring, and strives for balance. This is what many perceive from me when we meet. Now my sun sign of Scorpio and moon sign of Pisces leads to a lot of emotional depth.

All the intuitive and empath natures of water along with its ability to get to the truth. Now how am I able to function in the world without driving myself insane dealing with everyone else’s emotions?

Libra, my astrological opposite provides balance in my ascendant sign. While being caring and compassionate Libra also strives for balance in all things. This trait keeps me from completely sinking in the emotional depths.

Opposites in signs can help balance each other like that, making you into a more balanced and well-rounded person.

If your sun sign just does not seem to be who you are, you should read up on your moon and ascendant signs.

That is where you find these splashes and drips of different personality traits showing through. It can help bring a deeper level of self-understanding. Your primal triad can reveal some deep truths about yourself.

Having a double sign means you show more of that sign’s traits. It would make them more pronounced with fewer traits coming in from the remaining sign. If you were a triple instead, you would be that sign-through and through.

If you were a triple Scorpio, you would be a Scorpio’s Scorpio. Much the way we can think of certain men as being a man’s man. The characteristics tend to be exaggerated and more intense.


Astrology is a lot more intricate than just looking up your daily horoscope. Once you delve deeper into the realm of astrology, I hope this information will shed a bit of light and understanding on your path.

I know I learned a few new things about myself while writing this article. It made much more sense how I had the tendency to freak out my childhood friends by answering questions before they answered them or calling to check on them before they became sick.

  • What things will you find out about yourself?
  • Do you have Leo’s charm?
  • Do you possibly have a Capricorn’s loyalty or maybe a Sagittarius’ curiosity?

You may be amazed at what you find.

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    Thank you for this article. we share a birthday AND I am a double zodiac! my ascendant is in Scorpio. so I feel a strong synchronicity with you today and just wanted to share. 🙂

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