What Happens When You Ignore A Scorpio Woman (It’s Not Good!)

If you have decided to ignore a Scorpio woman, you have to face the consequences. As sensitive as a Scorpio woman, she is not going to handle it very well. Without further ado, here’s what happens when you ignore a Scorpio woman.

When you ignore a Scorpio woman, her first instinct is to seek revenge and she will eventually become meaner. Keep in mind that a Scorpio woman becomes manipulative when she is hurt, especially when you ignore her. A Scorpio woman will also need her space to reflect and may eventually move on with her life.

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That said, let’s first look at your Scorpio woman’s weaknesses and see what she’s like when she gets angry!

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Scorpio Woman’s Weaknesses

Scorpio women have the weakness of being easily jealous, and unrestrained jealousy is categorized as very jealous. If a Scorpio woman sees the person she cares about talking to another woman, let alone approaching another woman, she will become almost immediately angry.

Scorpio women are self-sufficient and capable leaders who have a hard time believing in others.

Gentle and affectionate are characteristics of most women, but not really for a Scorpio woman. To her, these characteristics can defeat a Scorpio woman’s vulnerability.

The things a Scorpio woman does can be simple things like punching or slapping someone, even if it is done mistakenly or with the goal of joking. Scorpio women are fearless and will not give up easily if they are faced with situations where other people invite them to battle.

When A Scorpio Woman Is Mad…

While you’re learning about what a Scorpio woman does when she’s mad at you, keep in mind that when she’s upset or anxious, she may choose to express herself in an aggressive or dismissive manner.

It’s probable that a Scorpio woman’s actions will be influenced by her desire to hurt you, and she’ll try to hurt you psychologically or emotionally.

Manipulation is a typical strategy for Scorpio women, and you may notice that her interactions with mutual friends or family members are aimed at embarrassing you.

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When You Ignore A Scorpio Woman…

She becomes mean

Scorpio women are charming and they might not be the most pleasant individual in the room, but they will undoubtedly be the most courteous. Regardless of how much a Scorpio woman aspires to be otherwise, she is obviously just as nice to her loved ones.

When a Scorpio woman is done with someone, she makes certain that they are aware of her feelings.

Her sarcastic remarks may help you understand what I mean because she’ll make sarcastic comments and do everything she can to make you feel horrible.

A Scorpio woman rarely allows others to tell her what is right and what is wrong, and she only makes exceptions for the individuals she loves. If you decide to ignore a Scorpio woman, she will treat you the same way she treats everyone else; this implies that she will no longer listen to what you have to say.

When you try to prevent a Scorpio woman from acting irrationally and if you try to show her how to do things properly, she will lash out at you. A Scorpio woman will also just ignore everything you say; in other words, she will no longer regard your views.

She gets revenge

If you know a Scorpio woman, you know she despises being ignored and gets sick of it. If you ignore her, she will erupt in flames; however, it appears that she is beginning to enjoy being alone. To begin with, a Scorpio woman will be the one who ignores you.

If you try to deal with it by ignoring her, it will have no influence on her and she doesn’t even try to find you anymore to the point where it feels as if you don’t exist at all. Your actions have no effect on her anymore and you will have the uneasy impression that she wants to get rid of you.

You’re mistaken if you assume forgiveness will come once a Scorpio woman realizes that she is done with you; of course, this does not mean that the situation is permanently resolved. Scorpio women are naturally vengeful, so the fact that she wants to see you suffer isn’t an uncommon thing.

However, if you believe it is an overreaction to the circumstance, you should be aware of the scenario because there could be a darker motivation at work here.

She moves on

Any mature person believes that the best way to settle things out is through communication, so you would surely apologize because you ignored her.

Even though the Scorpio woman is enraged, she will join you in your efforts to improve matters but if your efforts have failed to owe to her lack of interest, it suggests she has no plans to return.

From a Scorpio woman’s perspective, the relationship has ended, and there is no way you can change her opinion now as it’s only a matter of time before she ends your relationship.

Even if the relationship hasn’t officially ended, a Scorpio woman has already started moving on. However, Scorpio women will move heaven and earth to get back with that person if they don’t see a breakup approach.

So, if the Scorpio woman has reached a point of no return, it’s only a matter of time before she cuts you loose; you have the option of breaking up first or waiting for it to happen. Because the instant a Scorpio woman becomes enraged with you, she will threaten to never see you again.

She becomes manipulative

A Scorpio woman is noted for having a keen awareness of how others are feeling.

This indicates that the Scorpio woman can be a superb manipulator in many instances. A Scorpio woman may not show this inclination in good times, but she can use manipulation to damage you or force you to keep your attention on her.

If she uses manipulation, it will just make things worse for her since she will feel unhappy and terrible about her actions but the good news is that her capacity to manipulate others stems from her natural empathy.

Scorpio women are known for being quick to take offense, so it’s no surprise that they can end a relationship and never look back. The Scorpio woman will end the relationship and never look back if she is deeply hurt when you ignored her.

When someone close to a Scorpio woman hurts her, she can experience a variety of mood swings. Her empathy will understand your point of view if you were wise enough to tell her what happened and why right away, even if she will never agree with it.

She needs space

A Scorpio woman can ignore you as well and if you made that mistake that makes her upset or furious. You can see the sign that she is merely silent and ignoring you and in this scenario, you’ll need to allow her some time to relax.

But be careful not to leave a Scorpio woman alone for too long, or your relationship with her will terminate. Resist the impulse to call her if you haven’t heard from her in a while, give her some space, and concentrate on your own interests and activities.

Don’t act on impulse and be a slow-hand lover because Scorpio women require a great deal of independence, especially in relationships. A Scorpio woman sometimes just needs time to figure out what she wants.

Scorpio women are thoughtful and contemplative by nature, and they spend a lot of time debating whether something is beneficial or bad for them in the long run. She may not know if she misses you until she considers the reasons for her want for your return, which is a lengthy process.

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What happens when you ignore a Scorpio woman, final thoughts…

When you ignore a Scorpio woman:

  • She becomes mean
  • She gets revenge
  • She moves on
  • She becomes manipulative
  • She needs space



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