What Happens When You Ignore A Gemini Woman (Don’t Do It!)

A cold shoulder can easily upset a Gemini woman who frequently expresses emotion; maybe that’s why you are wondering what would happen next when you start ignoring her. You are in for a treat because I have listed everything you need to know when you Ignore a Gemini woman.

When you ignore a Gemini woman, she becomes distant and will give you space. A Gemini woman will give you a taste of your own medicine and ignore you back. If you decide to ignore her for a long time, she’ll get mad and your relationship will suffer.

Above all, you are going to be hurting her if you ignore her.

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That said, let’s first look at your Gemini woman’s weaknesses and see what she’s like when she gets angry. Let’s go!

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Gemini Woman’s Weaknesses

Gemini women might be extremely analytical because of their intelligence, which can lead to indecisiveness. Don’t ask your Gemini woman, or anyone under this sign, to choose a restaurant or a Netflix movie; they’ll agonize for hours.

A Gemini woman may also feel apprehensive or nervous while making major decisions, such as moving or changing employment. Because Gemini women have trouble committing, dating them might be tough.

As a result, a Gemini woman might be flighty because of her impulsiveness and reluctance to commit.

At all costs, Gemini women prefer to avoid responsibility and dull activities. Gemini women can change their thoughts in a flash since they’re so adaptable and this personality feature can encourage them to make rash decisions and do trivial things.

A Gemini woman’s impulsiveness can sometimes make it difficult for her to achieve her objectives. Gemini women also have a tendency to lose interest in what they’re doing and go on to something else.

When A Gemini Woman Is Mad…

You will undoubtedly learn how a Gemini woman expresses herself when she is upset over the course of the relationship.

You might expect her to speak with harshness in her voice at this point and she will express herself in either a direct or subversive manner, and these words may come at the most inconvenient times.

The Gemini woman in your life will undoubtedly be outspoken with her feelings, however, you may have some difficulty deciphering her specific meaning.

It’s possible that a Gemini woman will show her anxiousness or recklessness as a result of her doubts or bewilderment. Her actions are not deliberate or planned at this time but you undermined the basis of your relationship when you decided to hurt her.

You may see that a Gemini woman’s self-esteem suffers as a result of this and you may discover that her energies and attention are diverted to something else, such as a neglected career or pastime.

You may find that a Gemini woman becomes unreliable or untrustworthy in this manner.

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When You Ignore A Gemini Woman

She becomes distant

If you continue to ignore a Gemini woman, she will give up on you, and if you are in a relationship with her, she will determine that your relationship is over.

At first, a Gemini woman would think as to why you are ignoring her. With her cheery and bright nature, a Gemini woman will try to let go as time passes.

She may make an attempt to be your friend, but it does not mean your relationship with her is unaffected because she will maintain a safe distance from you.

Don’t be surprised if a Gemini woman stops paying attention to you because that’s what will happen if you ignore her. As a result, before you have any regrets, communicate with your Gemini woman and do not treat her in silence for no good reason.

Because Gemini women appreciate communication, her decision to become aloof from you is most likely a sign that your neglecting her is having a significant impact on her. One thing to keep in mind is that when Gemini women are neglected, they rapidly lose interest.

She gives you space

When a Gemini woman is ignored, the first thing she will do is give you some space. When it comes to Gemini women, they know when to go and when to stop and they recognize they need to give you some space so you can clear your head.

Aside from that, a Gemini woman will require some time to reflect on her mistake and it will be preferable to meet face to face and discuss it when both of you are ready. Remember, if you have a problem, talk to your Gemini woman about it since the problem will not go away on its own.

Nervousness, instability, despair, and boredom are also common in Gemini women. Your Gemini woman may be unsure of what emotions they are experiencing and unable to articulate them.

This can make you assume your Gemini woman is being distant while in reality she is tortured deep inside. To put it in another way, a Gemini woman is giving you space for a lot of different reasons.

This will not only benefit you but it will also give her time to reflect on why you are ignoring her.

She ignores you

If you continue to neglect Gemini women without explaining what they did wrong, they will wonder why you ignore them so much. A Gemini woman will suffer because of you giving her the cold shoulder and she will attempt to contact you to learn the reason.

But, if you continue to ignore her, she will ignore you as well. For her, following someone who only ignores you will yield no results. Furthermore, ignoring a Gemini woman does not resolve any issues that may arise between you and her.

Ignoring a Gemini woman will make it appear like you’re trying to escape your problems. Because a Gemini woman is an open-minded lover, rather than ignoring her when you have an issue, it is best to discuss it with her.

It’s fine to take a break to clear your mind, but it’s quite another to clear your mind while ignoring her.

The Gemini woman is a passionate creature that falls in love quickly and rarely ignores anyone. As a result, if a Gemini woman chooses to ignore you, the impact of your ignoring her could be significant.

She gets mad

No matter how joyful and brilliant a Gemini woman is, she will be frustrated if she is ignored by someone for no apparent reason. If you and she continue to ignore one other, your Gemini woman will definitely become enraged.

Trying to figure out why you neglect her by guessing will not help her at all and because of your and her lack of communication, it will simply lead to further problems. Guessing without any information would aggravate a Gemini woman much more than before.

If you continue to disregard the Gemini woman, she will become enraged and your relationship will suffer. If you ignore a Gemini woman right now, her hurt sentiments will manifest themselves in an angry outburst.

Running away from an issue is the last thing you want to do because if you try to avoid the dispute, she will become even more enraged. If you don’t change your ways, you might find out what happens when a Gemini woman has had enough of you.

She is hurt

Communication is one of the most crucial aspects of a relationship with a Gemini woman, and it is required to maintain any relationship, whether it is between lovers, friends, or family members.

Also, rather than ignoring a problem or worse, treating someone silently, it is critical to discuss every issue. It will only make things worse rather than better and your Gemini woman can be harmed not just by physical violence, but also by emotional violence.

The consequences can be severe, particularly if the silent treatment is administered by someone close to a Gemini woman’s heart. If you are the type of person who is emotional, the consequences will be greater if you ignore her.

Gemini women are compassionate and caring and she is an intense woman with strong feelings. As a result, when a Gemini woman is hurt, she is terribly hurt. A cold shoulder or silent treatment might easily harm a Gemini woman who expresses emotion frequently.

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What happens when you ignore a Gemini woman, final thoughts…

When you ignore a Gemini woman:

  • She becomes distant
  • She gives you space
  • She ignores you
  • She gets mad
  • She is hurt



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