What Body Type Does A Scorpio Man Like? 

Since a Scorpio man wants to see how you carry yourself, his ideal body type won’t be the only thing he wants in a woman. If you want to know what body type a Scorpio man likes, you have stumbled upon the right article.

A Scorpio man prefers someone who has curves and one who knows that she is sexy. He wants his woman to be confident in the way she looks and embrace it along with her feminine energy. A woman who is also alluring while being seductive can definitely catch a Scorpio man’s attention.

It is also important to know the ways to sexually attract a Scorpio man and how to keep him hooked. Read further!

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A Scorpio Man In Bed

Sex is typically among the many extremely satisfying passions that a Scorpio man may have. He has an intriguing appeal that is inextricably linked to his sexuality because his star sign physically rules the genitals.

Sexual intimacy is the most effective way for a Scorpio man, a sign that values close connections and thrives on them, to attain realms of soul-merging intimacy. Although a Scorpio man values sex highly, he rarely rushes to get into bed.

A Scorpio man can certainly enjoy prolonged sex sessions with the use of teasing to develop foreplay. He enjoys exerting complete control, setting the tone, and gradually bringing his partner pleasure. Before he penetrates her.

He wants her to be writhing with excitement and frustration. Putting aside the sexual actions, there is something intrinsically kinky about how intensely a Scorpio man concentrates on and revels in her mind, body, and spirit.

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What Body Type Does A Scorpio Man Like?

A woman’s curves are what physically appeal to a Scorpio man in terms of physical characteristics. He is drawn to curvier physique shapes in general such as having more pronounced hips and breasts. While being curvy is an insecurity for some, he would like it when his partner is confident about it.

He admires boldness, courage, and independence as some more masculine qualities in women. A Scorpio man is also, nevertheless, typically drawn to others who exude feminine energy.

The ideal lady for a Scorpio man is confident, regardless of appearance. For him, body language is vital because he has a keen ability to read people. This is one of the ways he is able to discern what individuals are really thinking or feeling.

One way to display the confidence that attracts a Scorpio man is through body language.

Confidence can be communicated in the way you walk, smile, and hold yourself when speaking to someone. A Scorpio man will notice you if you carry yourself in a pleasant, attractive, and seductive manner, regardless of how you look.

Despite a woman’s specific physical attributes, a Scorpio man adores those who are alluring. Be a little enigmatic if you want to know how to make him chase you because he enjoys a good thriller. Your seductive smile, self-assured swagger, and curvaceous body will entice a Scorpio man.

If he can’t quite figure you out, he will keep coming back to you and won’t be able to resist you. Regardless of your body shape, you will look seductive when you know how to be alluring.

Ways To Attract A Scorpio Man Sexually

Tease him

A Scorpio man prefers overt flirting since he is a passionate, sexually aroused individual. Playful and humorous interactions with him will grab his interest and may even pique it enough for him to pursue you.

Be careful to flirt with assurance and resist caving into any of his requests. You can try to tease him by gently touching his arm, hand, or back to initiate a physical exchange.

Moreover, keep in mind not to disclose too much about yourself up front or right away. A Scorpio man enjoys learning new information about his partner, so the more you withhold, the more you’ll pique his interest. Avoid sounding obnoxious or desperate and let a Scorpio man be the one to take the initiative.

Get physical

Keep to your comfort zone while keeping in mind that a Scorpio man is very sexual and like the experience of physical passion.

It’s time to go physical once you’ve teased him enough and generated that mental attraction. Because he has a reputation for being a domineering personality, cuddle up close to him and give him some control. A Scorpio man’s sexual cravings will be fully satiated if he leans in for a kiss or more.

By the end of the night, you should be able to tell if a Scorpio man wants to get physical. If he displays interest in you, don’t try to hold back anymore and just go for it. You want to increase a Scorpio man’s desire for you and force him to be with you since he is also forceful and domineering by nature.

Be confident

A Scorpio man can sense when someone is anxious, and that makes him immediately uninterested. Even though he prefers to be in charge, he also respects others who are in charge, whether it be in the circumstance he is in now or in other areas of his life.

If you’re attempting to woo a Scorpio man, there’s a chance you’ll have some competition because of the sign’s propensity to draw many suitors.

While a Scorpio man is also career-oriented, he will value a partner who is independent and driven by their own goals.

Hence, you should show him that you are driven enough to get what you want from him. While you’re with your Scorpio man, avoid becoming overly arrogant. Being overly forceful will raise a red flag for him because he draws a line between being dominant and being bossy.

Ways To Keep A Scorpio Man Hooked

You must be absolutely honest with your Scorpio man if you want to maintain positive communication. He can’t have any reason to question you because that would only make him more afraid over time.

You can be open and honest with him about your darkest fears and heartbreaks in order to foster a feeling of trust. Because of this, whenever you are with a Scorpio man, you ought to lower your guard and be emotionally kind to him.

You must reassure a Scorpio man that you are equally committed to him if you want to keep him for yourself. The emotion you feel for him burns deep within you, and you are unable to look at anybody else.

Also, he cannot feel safe in a relationship until he is aware that you love him with the same passion that he does. If you make a Scorpio man jealous, he will view it as a betrayal of your incredibly special connection.

You should be frank and honest with your Scorpio man to keep up his vulnerability. To keep him hooked, you must have the power to heal and alter your relationship for the better. A Scorpio man will then reciprocate by sharing his most profound ideas and ingrained worries.

You should listen to him and show empathy by showing him you understand his feelings. There will be a lot of tenderness between you as a result of this dynamic, but you should also be careful not to lose sight of your boundaries.

What body type does a Scorpio man like? Final thoughts…

A Scorpio man prefers:

  • Someone who is curvy
  • Someone who is confident
  • Someone who is feminine
  • Someone who is seductive
  • Someone who is alluring



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