What Body Type Does A Sagittarius Man Like?

Even if the Sagittarius man says that he doesn’t care about the physical aspects of a person, there are a few things that make a woman stand out to him. If you want to know what body type a Sagittarius man likes, you have come to the right place.

A Sagittarius man prefers someone who has smooth legs because he rules over the thighs. He also finds a woman’s back to be attractive, so make sure to wear something that highlights your shoulder blades. A Sagittarius man would also want his partner to be physically fit and active.

Read further to know the ways how to attract a Sagittarius man sexually and how to keep him hooked!

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A Sagittarius Man In Bed

A Sagittarius man has a tendency for dominance, which is reflected in his tendencies in the bedroom. Every attempt at dominance is likely to excite him, so he wants a lady who appreciates being sexually submissive to him and is confident in her femininity.

He may not enjoy having his sexually daring and exploratory side rejected because he wants to be satisfied the way he wants.

You’ll have a fantastic time if you let a Sagittarius man know that you’re okay with being sexually submissive. You might also try being extremely dominant yourself; he likes it when women show initiative and strength.

Being a fire sign, he is very enthusiastic, which is wonderful, but he has the propensity to become preoccupied with his own pleasure. While hard, physical sex is excellent, a Sagittarius man’s partner occasionally needs a bit more romance and sentimentality.

In bed, a Sagittarius man feels uncomfortable when people exhibit their emotions too much. In the early phases of your sexual discovery together, this is extremely crucial. Because he fears commitment, he is a flighty guy who detests feeling very romantically exposed to someone.

The Sagittarius man might not be your type if you prefer intense foreplay, sympathetic sharing, and emotional depth in your relationships. A Sagittarius man doesn’t want to become too involved in his thoughts and feelings.

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What Body Type Does A Sagittarius Man Like?

It makes sense that he would be drawn to your thighs since the Sagittarius man reigns over this specific body part. You can wear something that highlights your thighs if you want him to notice you. Put your thigh up against his when you’re sitting next to one another, and he’ll be sure to notice.

Not just the thighs, but the entire leg region in general, attracts a Sagittarius man.

The back is another part of the body that a Sagittarius man is drawn to. You can put an emphasis on this by wearing backless clothing which will make your back area more noticeable. Your spine and shoulder blades will be emphasized by a top with an open back or one without a back.

However, you have to make sure that you choose to dress sexier or more elegantly. You have choices, and a Sagittarius man will probably find something attractive in everything you decide.

Moreover, a fit person can be what a Sagittarius man finds attractive. Even if you’re not in the best of health, you shouldn’t worry because he won’t completely disregard you. He will be more than willing to go to the gym with you if you want to become in shape.

If you ask him, he’ll also give you advice because those that aspire to better themselves appeal to him. You can start training toward fitness at any time because it is a continuous process and a Sagittarius man will gladly accommodate you.

Ways To Attract A Sagittarius Man Sexually

Tell him directly

When you tell a Sagittarius man directly your dirty thoughts,  his fire sign nature is ready to get going right now. As soon as you’re ready to start having fun, give him a call to come over and you’ll be treated to some enjoyable instant fulfillment if he’s available.

You’ll both be in for a treat if a Sagittarius man is busy since his burning need will grow until he can later let it out in a passionate outburst.

The more specifics you can provide a Sagittarius man about what you want him to do, the better. He’ll get more worked up the more you can playfully tease him, especially when he is away.

A Sagittarius man enjoys pursuing and chasing after things, so this could be a fascinating pastime. Send him some sensual pictures, or if you feel comfortable, send him nudes, if you’re texting him.

Wear something sexy

A Sagittarius man will go crazy when you wear something with a sexy outfit. Telling him that you want to model your new seductive lingerie or underwear will get his full attention and leave his jaw hanging open all the way to the floor.

You may even text a Sagittarius man and tell him you can’t wait to show off for him when he comes home if you really want to play with him.

Remember that a Sagittarius man finds great appeal in a sexual partner that is assertive, knows exactly what they want, and is willing to explore new things.

To really excite him and level up your teasing, try a lap dance or a strip tease. When a Sagittarius man is in the mood, he’s not very patient, so wear something tiny and something that he can take off quickly.

Massage his thighs

For a Sagittarius man, the hips and thighs are his erogenous areas. To immediately arouse his sexual interest, run your touch along the inner part of his thighs. As he will also want to examine your hip and thigh, try letting him put his hand there as well.

After this, a Sagittarius man will quickly take you away to the bed, so be prepared for a quick turnabout.

Use beautiful stockings, garters, or fishnets to draw attention to your own thighs and hips. He’ll adore the appearance and will get excited about the thought of having the opportunity to afterward take them off.

Experiment around with lying in different positions so he can kiss or brush your thighs and vice versa. Take a chance and lightly touch the front part of a Sagittarius man’s pants or squeeze his butt.

Ways To Keep A Sagittarius Man Hooked

For a Sagittarius man, having a great passion for anything is crucial because he is drawn to women who share his enthusiasm for life.

He is motivated by your enthusiasm and is excited to have your own interests. He will support you in pursuing them because he truly appreciates and admires you for them. A Sagittarius man will crave your presence constantly because of the kind of energy you exude.

Keep some parts of your life-long enthusiasm and passion for the bedroom. Again, a Sagittarius man has an excellent sexual appetite and adores every aspect of sex. He wants someone who puts in just as much effort because he is a passionate lover himself.

Make it clear that you want the Sagittarius man badly and be willing to try new things and keep it spicy if you really want to blow his head. His sexual life is a crucial component of his happiness and he’ll become weak in your hands if you continue to feed his desire.

What body type does a Sagittarius man like? Final thoughts…

A Sagittarius man prefers:

  • Someone who has smooth legs
  • Someone who has shoulder blades
  • Someone who is active
  • Someone who is fit



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