What Body Type Does A Leo Man Like?

A Leo man places high importance when it comes to physical appearance, so it should be understood that he has standards for his ideal body type. If you want to know what body type a Leo man likes, you have come to the right place.

A Leo man prefers someone who is well-groomed and has a good sense of style. Since he wants someone who can keep up with him, he would want his partner to be strong and active. A Leo man would also appreciate it when you know how to take good care of your hair and style it to flatter your features.

In this article, you will also learn about the ways to sexually attract a Leo man and how to keep him hooked. Read on!

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The Leo Man In Bed

With the energy that a Leo man exudes, you might expect him to be wild in bed, but this is not the case at all. When it comes to sex, he is a sweetheart and a little old-fashioned. He enjoys the usual range of mainstream sex and thinks of it as highly passionate.

He likes to be the dominant one and would assume his partner to enjoy the submissive role. He likes when he is in control of the deed.

Keep in mind that he likes to impress, so he will definitely give you a show with his dominant role. After all, he is a performer and might enjoy sex that might be a little risky – like doing it in public and having the thrill of getting caught.

He may also have fantasies of being with more than one partner. He might not have a kink like you expect a Leo man to (considering that he is full of energy).

One of the downsides of having Leo man as a sexual partner is that he might be too focused on his satisfaction and neglect yours.

You might feel like you are just there as his stage prop. And because he likes being the center of everything, he requires approval and even applause for his performance. He also might want you to not have any other sexual partners.

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What Body Type Does A Leo Man Like?

A Leo man dresses to impress. He likes to look good and get compliments from his peers and strangers. He likes to be able to express himself through how he looks. So, it only makes sense if he also looks for this kind of trait in a partner.

The body type that a Leo man likes is someone who is well-groomed and dressed well.

Apart from being well-groomed, he prefers women who are physically strong. He likes it when his woman is athletic and does some kind of sport.

A Leo man loves doing outdoor activities, and so, he is looking for someone who can keep up with him. He also looks at his women’s legs. He knows that a woman is in shape if she has muscular calves and thighs. He likes to look at long and smooth legs.

Another feature of a woman that attracts a Leo man is hair. He takes care of his hair, and so, he also looks for someone who takes care of hers too. You can get his attention when your hair frames your face really nicely. Try and do an effort to avoid your hair from becoming too oily, too dry, or too frizzy.

Ways To Attract A Leo Man Sexually

Be adventurous

Being daring in bed is a great approach to make your Leo man like and want you more if you are truly into him and you want your relationship to last.

This implies that occasionally you might have to step beyond your comfort zone, but if you know him well enough, it shouldn’t be too difficult. A Leo man will keep wanting more from you since he will always anticipate your next move.

Being experimental won’t necessarily imply bringing really strange stuff into bed with you because you’ll soon learn what he may appreciate and what he doesn’t. A Leo man simply just wants to keep things interesting and exciting.

You will be well on your way to pleasing your Leo man if you are able to accomplish that.

Avoid being subtle

As we all know, a Leo man can be arrogant most of the time. Sending him a few flirtatious notes here and there will be all it takes to take advantage of this and increase his desire for you, especially when it comes to sex. Being subtle won’t work because a Leo man will only think that you aren’t confident enough.

A Leo man loves to have his ego supported by anyone, but especially the person he is sleeping with, which is why this makes him want you more.

You are letting him know what you want and like by flirtatiously contacting him or even by directly telling him. With this, a Leo man will gain a lot of self-assurance from the fact that you adore him and find him irresistible in return.

Be passionate

Matching his enthusiasm in bed is a terrific way to ensure that a Leo man will want you even more. When you can keep up with him and desire to spend as much time between the sheets as he does, he will appreciate it.

There will likely be a lot of sensual sex and a Leo man will ensure that both of you will have a great time.

This sign can occasionally seem like a man with an almost insatiable appetite for time spent in bed, but in reality, this is something to be thrilled about rather than feeling intimidated or afraid by.

Just do your best to go with the flow, and allow your similarly passionate behavior to make a Leo man fall even more in love with you.

Ways To Keep A Leo Man Hooked

A character that matches him in power will always turn on a Leo man.

He wants a lady who won’t mind challenging him when necessary and who will enjoy it when you take the lead in the bedroom. This can entail getting more involved than you may have in the past or just telling your Leo man what you want when you want it.

A Leo man does not necessarily want a lady who will be a selfish lover just because he wants a strong woman in the bedroom.

In addition to wanting to know what you want, he also wants a woman who will be considerate in bed and strive to win his approval. This will be the ultimate turn-on for a Leo man, which means he will become increasingly attracted to you as a result.

A woman who is confident in herself and does not appear to worry excessively about what others think of her—or, in the case of sex, does not second-guess whether her partner would judge her—will be highly seductive to a Leo man.

Although he is a fantastic lover who is happy to appease their partners, he occasionally seeks recognition for his efforts. Make sure you tell a Leo man what he has done to win your approval in order to keep him hooked.

If you’re not used to it, you might first find all this attention excessive, but soon you’ll start yearning to be with your Leo man in bed and everywhere else since you won’t be able to stop touching him, whether inside or outside the bedroom.

Just remember that a Leo man will find your confidence to be a huge turn-on that will make him want you even more.

What body types does a Leo man like? Final thoughts…

A Leo man prefers:

  • Someone who is well-groomed
  • Someone who dresses well
  • Someone who is active
  • Someone who is strong
  • Someone who has nice hair



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