What Body Type Does A Capricorn Woman Like?

A Capricorn woman is seen as someone very prim, proper, and professional, but this does not mean that she does not have a little spice in the bedroom because she definitely has. If you were wondering what body type she prefers, you are at the right place!

A Capricorn woman prefers someone who is fit and exercises regularly. She needs someone who can keep up with her because this woman has a lot of energy in the bedroom. She also prefers someone who is conscious about what he eats.

She is also drawn to men with nice thighs and one that knows how to dress elegantly.

Want to know more about what she is like in the bedroom and some tips on how to attract her sexually and how to get her hooked? Read on!

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Capricorn Woman In Bed

A Capricorn woman is someone that can be intimidating because of how independent she is and she can be a little uptight and reserved. However, this does not mean that she is a total “vanilla” when it comes to sex.

There are a lot of surprises in store for you when you are about to get together with a Capricorn woman. She has a lot of ideas in her head that she wants to try in the bedroom. She is very open to trying out your ideas too! She likes to experiment in any way she can!

She is naturally dominant, and she is someone who you will definitely enjoy when you like being submissive in the bedroom. However, she is willing to switch roles if, and only if, you satisfy her enough. This is where the challenge is – satisfying her emotionally, psychologically, and sexually.

She may be laid back during the day, but she is a total freak every night. She knows what she wants and will definitely tell you what she wants to do and feel every time.

And if you are one of those men that lasts longer than average in bed, being with a Capricorn woman is a dream! She is very sexually active and she does not complain about going on for hours. She will not give you excuses, and she will not get tired easily.

She also does not need many tutorials about what to do in the bedroom because she has been figuring it out ever since.

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What Body Type Does A Capricorn Woman Like?

With the sexual energy that a Capricorn woman possesses, it only makes sense if she is looking for some who is physically fit and someone who regularly exercises to train his body.

She needs someone who can keep up with her energy and who can give her satisfaction in the bedroom. She also prefers someone who cares about being healthy because she does. She likes it when a man knows the right choice of food to take.

She also wants someone who is comfortable being submissive because she has a lot of desires, and some of these require the man to be comfortable being dominated. She wants someone who is confident with his masculinity and understands that making her in control does not make him less of a man.

She is also drawn to men who have nice legs. She cannot resist when a man has nice thighs, especially when he knows what to wear to highlight this trait.

A Capricorn woman is also drawn to a man who is classy and elegant in how he talks and behaves. He needs to be able to dress well because a Capricorn woman cares about her social status and her partner should be able to keep up with her lifestyle.

Ways To Attract A Capricorn Woman Sexually

Be a man of action

The Capricorn woman is definitely not the cute type of girl who likes to play video games because she would rather work on her plans for her career and not waste time on things that do not contribute to her growth.

So, to attract her sexually, you need to show her that you are in charge of your own life and that you do not engage in things that do not contribute to your growth as well.

You cannot impress her with your looks and how romantic you are alone. She does not care about this kind of stuff. She wants to know how secure she will be with you. She needs to feel safe with you. So, show her that you are working extra hours to build your career.

Talking about your future plans will surely turn her on. Do this and watch her flirt with you even more.

Flirt with her

A Capricorn woman does not have the luxury of time to read signals and interpret them. She is a very busy woman and trying to figure out what you are showing is the last thing she wants to do. In her mind, it is either you like her, or you don’t.

Those are the only two options she has. So, to let her know that you want her, do not hesitate to flirt with her.

To do this, catch her off guard and surprise her with a little kiss on the cheek. Only do this when there’s only the two of you though. We need to remember that the Capricorn woman is very traditional, and she does not want any public display of affection.

You can maybe send her sweet messages when you wake up and send random flirty messages during the day. However, do not forget that there are topics that you need to avoid talking about if you do not want to turn her off, and these are sarcastic and racy remarks about some things.

Be emotionally stable

Being in control is something that a Capricorn woman takes pride in. She likes to be in control of her finances, her physical health, and her emotions. She likes to rationalize first before reacting to a certain situation because she knows emotions should not rule her decisions.

She usually bases her decisions on the things she believes in and what she thinks is the best thing to do.

If you want to attract a Capricorn woman, you need to show her that you are emotionally stable like her as well. Show her that you are confident with who you are and what you believe in. Do not be manipulative because only insecure men do that.

Show her that just like she does, you base your decisions on rationalizing.

Ways To Get A Capricorn Woman Hooked

To get a Capricorn woman hooked is fairly simple, and this means that you just need to be honest with her all the time.

Tell her your true intentions – whether you want a relationship or just want to have fun for a night. You need to make her feel that you are trustworthy because again, she does not have the time to play games with anybody else. And when she finds out that you lied, she will definitely despise you.

A Capricorn woman is full of dreams and desires for her career, and to get her hooked on you, you need to make her feel that you care about her plans. Make her feel that you listen to the things that she says. Another thing that you can do is to make her feel that you support her.

Offer to help in any way, shape, or form because a Capricorn woman is not Superwoman after all. She needs a little help sometimes too!

What body type does a Capricorn woman like? Final thoughts…

A Capricorn woman prefers:

  • Someone who is fit
  • Someone who eats healthy
  • Someone who has nice thighs
  • Someone who dresses elegantly



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