Virgo Moon Sign Compatibility

Virgo Moon Sign Compatibility

The Sun sign describes our general traits. However, the placement of the Moon in the natal chart reveals so much more, since the Moon is the ruler of our mind, emotional structure, and how we perceive and respond to the bonds we have with all other beings in our life.

Moon in Virgo has a very nice position in this sign of productivity and serving. Virgo is a friendly sign for Cancer, ruled by the Moon. And looking from Virgo, Cancer is the area of social support. This is why the person with this placement will feel safe, understood, and respected in their circles, and always serve.

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Virgo Moon Man

Virgo Moon Sign Compatibility

Virgo Moon’s man traits will be all about service and helping others. This man will have an utterly analytical mind, and he will mostly be interested in medical or generally speaking, health issues. His mind, so they speak, will be in his gut, but in a very rational manner.

He will naturally incline toward those social circles which deal with health, nutrition, and longevity issues, and he will be seen and respected as an expert by those same people.

Yes, the Virgo Moon will feel good in this sign of harvest and multitude of food choices, but it will always have several options in his personal or professional life, too. This is why the Virgo Moon man will remain research-oriented and ready to react, interfere and help in any situation.

In a way, the basic Moon’s free flow of emotions will be carefully directed toward constructive discussions and of course, solutions.

Moon in Virgo man looks will be “colored” by the ruler of Virgo, the planet Mercury. And this is why this man will appear to be smaller, and more “compact” than other males, but very strong, durable, and disciplined.

He will have a bit darker complexion and a small face with intelligent and powerful eyes shining the light of the truth.

He will also passionately defend his views, especially those related to health habits and success. He could be so organized and accomplished in life that he might become hard to cope with because he will always have the right answers for everything, and unbreakable determination to achieve his goals.

Who is the Moon in Virgo man attracted to?

Moon in Virgo man is attracted toward a person who has their natal rising sign, Moon or Sun placed in the sign of Pisces. However, a good match for Virgo Moon man will also be other water and earth signs, like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, and Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, of course.

The individual who has some significant points, planets, or planetary clusters in the sign of Pisces will be magnetically attractive to them, and oftentimes, the two of them will be opposite characters.

Pisces person will act strange, often be confused and confusing to others, and perhaps be addicted to some bad habits. On the other hand, this same person will possess some special talents, whether those talents are related to fine arts or science.

And that part will be so amazing to the Virgo Moon man that he will find it hard to resist.

Also, this connection can often be established as the lost soul (Pisces) and someone who can take care of everything and save that poor soul (Virgo Moon Man).

In any case, a Virgo Moon man will always have the best intentions in mind, and his partner will let him take care of everything and focus on some “higher” themes in life

Virgo Moon Woman

Virgo Moon Sign Compatibility

Virgo Moon woman will be a genuine little, but powerful queen of her world. She will have a smaller stature, appear thin without any effort to keep her shape and eat a little, but brimming with energy and stamina. And she will keep this lifestyle even in her old age, and she can live a long and productive life.

She will be known for her strict, yet somehow eccentric fashion style. Virgo Moon woman will love elegance above everything else, but she will give those strict lines and colors a certain dash of unusual touch like through some “weird” details, and she will be memorable for it.

And from an early age, she will have so many questions about life, but soon enough, she will get how things work, and from that moment she will have all the answers, at least those correct ones.

The power of the Moon in her will be used for research, and she could be a well-known scientist, a laboratory worker, and of course a great doctor, nurse, or healer. She is the kind of woman who can do surgery in the middle of the battlefield with a calm mind and even calmer hands.

And most importantly, a Virgo Moon woman will have a great and friendly relationship with her mother, who will always be her mentor and a true teacher. The female tradition will be recognized in everything she does but enchanted through her touch of well-researched knowledge and particular expertise.

Who is the Moon in Virgo woman attracted to?

Virgo Moon Sign Compatibility

Virgo Moon woman is “helplessly” attracted to a person who can dream, sing in an angel voice, fly higher, and dive deeper than anyone else. And usually, those types of people are seen in the sign of Pisces.

And she will have a fruitful and long-lasting connection with anyone with their rising sign, natal Sun or Moon in the sign of Pisces.

This person will be magnetic for her heart and mind simply because she won’t be able to “read” them easily or at all. And this will create a real hook in her mind and heart, and she will need to understand and get what kind of magic is hiding in that particular soul.

At the same time, she will feel the urge to take care of that same person because they will show a serious inability to cope with her usual daily tasks.

In this sense, the two of them will create a very productive psychological system in which a Virgo Moon woman will hold power over the down-to-earth issues, and her partner will take care of all “angelic” or spiritual realms.