Taurus Moon Sign Compatibility

Taurus Moon Sign Compatibility

Each person possesses unique psychological qualities, which are directly related to their mother or the person who raised them, and to all their genetic heritage. And all those qualities can be seen from the position of their natal Moon or the position of the Moon at the moment of their birth.

Moon in Taurus is in an excellent position. This is the Moon’s exaltation sign because Moon feels the best there where the soil is fertile, the income is high and the person and their closest ones are protected by the wealth and traditional aka organized structures and prosperity. This person is surely blessed. 

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Taurus Moon Man

Taurus Moon Sign Compatibility

The man with Taurus Moon will surely be memorable by his soothing voice. He will have a soft glance, and the moment he speaks, he will usually keep a polite and low tone of voice, people will tend to listen carefully.

He won’t speak much, but once he does, he will say thorough and smart things. It will seem like his power is concentrated in his throat and vocal cords.

His complexion should be darker, as well as his hair, except in the case he has other natal planets concentrated in the fire or air signs. He will have a bigger body, and he doesn’t have to be overweight to always appear chubby or with a fuller stature.

He will highly value his mother and the female lineage in his family. Even if he is adopted or had to go through foster homes, he will have great experiences with all older women in his life. And those women will be his greatest helper and allies.

He will learn from them what is important in life and those themes will always revolve around the significance of family and the support they will get from their closest ones.

Therefore, his emotions will be strong, yet calm. And once he reaches a certain point in his life when he is ready to form his own family, he will choose a wife who will represent all those ideals and ideas he got from his female role models.

He will seek beauty, but more than anything he will seek a calm and wise woman who can cope with life in elegant and refined ways.

Who is the Moon in Taurus Man attracted to?

Taurus Moon Sign Compatibility

Moon in Taurus man is attracted to a person who has their natal rising sign, Sun or Moon in the sign of Scorpio. But besides Scorpio, he is naturally attracted to people who have their natal planets concentrated in earth and water signs, like Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces.

And he will always look for someone who will offer him stability and emotional depths.

Depending on his nature, whether he is more on the masculine or emotional-feminine side, he will feel an innate attraction toward a sensitive person, and yet fully aware of the significance of family life, wealth, and efforts to achieve those ideals.

Or, he will look for a person who will act protectively when it comes to their bond.

This is why he gets along the best with someone who is strongly marked by Scorpio planets. This person will respect and admire him, jealously defend and protect them both, and also, be oriented toward wealth and a financially-secured style of life.

In simple words, he will fall for someone sexy, mysterious, and still down-to-earth and calculative in a positive meaning of this word.

Taurus Moon Woman

Taurus Moon Sign Compatibility

A woman with Taurus Moon will always have a beautiful face, no matter whether she is over or underweight. There will be some sort of magic shining through her whole face, and it will be hard to distinguish if this power in her eyes, full lips, or her whole face all at once.

Again, her body will remain beautiful, and she will always have this gorgeous feminine shape. She will surely be prone to weight gain, and if she can become disciplined enough and keep her body in a proper form, then this excess of energy will increase her wealth instead of her body.

Taurus Moon woman will take some time to think about everything she partakes in. She could appear to be lazy. However, once she gets her point and knows what she wants nothing and nobody will be able to stop her. Her working energy will be at an all-time high, and she will become unstoppable.

Her life and her mind will be thoroughly organized, especially when she reaches mature age. And the main themes of her life will revolve around values. Yes, she will be materialistic, but go to the extent of having a quality, comfortable life without any worries about how to meet ends.

And therefore, she will quietly despise all those people who talk too much but don’t do anything to achieve their goals.

Who is the Moon in Taurus woman attracted to?

Taurus Moon Sign Compatibility

The Taurus Moon woman is powerfully attracted to people who have “real” power and who are protective of her. She will never fall for someone who acts like a wealthy individual, especially wasting money on useless expenses like branded items or anything else without the traditionally established values.

The best sign for a Taurus Moon woman is Scorpio, and a person with their natal Sun, Moon, or a rising sign in Scorpio will surely be their best match.

No matter what her sexual preferences are, she will seek a strong masculine person, the one who will be able to provide carefree life for her and their family and to protect them all.

In this atmosphere of safety and wealth, she will then spread the feelings of love and beauty, decorating their life from their home and garden, her flawless appearance, and magnificent chef’s level meals. The best will only be good enough for her loved ones, and she will do her best to accomplish that ideal.

Besides her, everything will flourish and turn into gold, and she will also be very skilled with her hands, crafting masterpieces, with her sense of beauty, and her banking abilities, which will make the whole life of her partner so much easier.

On a negative note, a Taurus Moon woman can be exceptionally stubborn and if someone does her something wrong, she will never forget or forgive them.