Sagittarius Woman Kissing Style

You will definitely have the best time of your life when you are kissing a Sagittarius woman because she puts her heart and mind into it. If you want to know the kissing style of a Sagittarius woman, you have come to the right place.

A Sagittarius woman’s kissing style is undoubtedly passionate and dramatic. She becomes more romantic and bold in her approach when she is falling in love. A Sagittarius woman doesn’t really hold back, which can also make her more intense and daring.

In this article, you will also learn about the signs when a Sagittarius woman wants to kiss you and what it means when she does. Read on!

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About The Sagittarius Woman

Jupiter controls the global, variable, fire sign of a Sagittarius woman, which also corresponds to the ninth house of the zodiac and is the home of advanced education and culture. It is important to comprehend this since she has a constant desire to travel and a thirst for knowledge.

She is forthright, honest, independent, and open-minded, and keeps things to the point rather than waffling on. A Sagittarius woman is kind, helpful, and loving to everyone without prejudice or stereotypes regarding their socioeconomic class.

Although a Sagittarius woman might be a challenging person to win over, the effort will be worthwhile. Because of her education and wit, she has an advantage when attempting to win someone over.

She is known to be a little miss-know-it-all because her efforts and activities demonstrate that her opinions and ideas are valid and on point. A Sagittarius woman is also creative and difficult to fool.

Is The Sagittarius Woman A Good Kisser?

A Sagittarius woman is one of the absolute best kissers because she is naturally adventurous and outgoing. Since this sign is often adventurous and willing to take risks, it makes her and her kissing skills a little bit unusual and a lot of fun.

She will always find a way to spice things up, even with her kisses, because she doesn’t like boring things. The fire sign kiss is full of surprises because you never know where it will lead.

A Sagittarius woman adores passionate lovemaking, despite the fact that she values honesty. She is also one of the zodiac signs that astrology considers to be the best kissers because of this.

She can be a great partner in a relationship because of a kiss filled with a genuine passion that is as thrilling as a new adventure. A Sagittarius woman won’t go out of her way to make your kisses memorable because she doesn’t care what other people think of her.

Kissing Style Of A Sagittarius Woman

A Sagittarius woman has a big heart and a strong personality, so she is equally passionate about how she kisses. She makes kissing a full-body, sensual affair, not just with the use of her lips.

Even though she does not verbally express her feelings when she is falling in love, she loves to show you her deepest passions when she kisses you. A Sagittarius woman is unable to do anything subtle, so you will without a doubt feel the passionate energy of her kisses.

The intellectual and philosophical Sagittarius woman can be quite romantic, despite her efforts to remain aloof. She enjoys kissing in a romantic way which can uncover her defenseless, touchy nature. More than this, a Sagittarius woman in love will become energetic, with an exhilarating mentality and a bold approach.

A Sagittarius woman is said to be kissing like no other because she is putting all of her body, mind, and heart to use. In this way, she can kiss her love and let go of her inhibitions for the ultimate level of contentment.

Prepare to be swept away in a tidal wave of intense love and desire when you notice signs that this sign is in love with you. She doesn’t always say how much she loves you, but when she kisses you, you can tell. Because a Sagittarius woman doesn’t like to hold back, when she really loves you, her kissing gets bigger, more dramatic, and more daring.

What It Means When A Sagittarius Woman Kisses You

A Sagittarius woman’s kiss is more than just a physical gesture; it also reflects her passionate and sensual nature. You will remember her kisses for a long time because they are intense, long-lasting, and intense.

Moreover, it’s a sign that she cares a lot about you and wants to get to know you better. With a great emphasis on sexual arousal, your Sagittarius woman is showing her attraction and passion for you.

It’s possible that your Sagittarius woman also wants to know how intimate a relationship with you would be. She may be significantly more invested in you if she always wants to kiss you and her heart is racing around you.

She will also appreciate the chance to determine whether there is genuine passion or chemistry between you two. A Sagittarius woman will use physical contact, such as kissing, as a means of determining whether or not there is a match.

Signs You Should Kiss A Sagittarius Woman

She is aggressive

Although a Sagittarius woman is not a fighter but rather a lover, she can become aggressive when kissing. Kiss her in a way that matches her energy because she can be turned on by aggressive kisses. Be open to friendly and playful grabbing, hair pulling, or even gentle biting when you kiss her. A little unconstrained energy while kissing a Sagittarius woman goes quite far.

When kissing a Sagittarius woman, you can also playfully bite her neck, ears, or even her lip to add some surprise. You can keep her hooked on you by kissing her while tightly holding her close to you.

You’ll melt her heart if you let yourself go wild because she wants to kiss you hard and aggressively. When kissing a Sagittarius woman, you should also be open to her wild and unexpected nature.

She takes the lead

Allow the Sagittarius woman to set the tone when you kiss because she wants to lead while kissing. She kisses you at different rates—slow, fast, passionate, or playful. She gets the impression that you are taking away her independence whenever you try to steer her.

For a Sagittarius woman, this is a big turn-off. Allow her to demonstrate to you how she wants you to kiss her and you may even copy her movements. When you kiss a Sagittarius woman, you can surprise her with funny turns and turns, but it’s best to let her lead the way.

Your Sagittarius woman feels as though she can truly let loose when she is in charge. When she leads, you’ll discover a new side of this sign. It’s best not to compete with her for control because she’s confident and dominant.

Hence, you should be slightly submissive to appeal to her need for control. When kissing a Sagittarius woman, don’t try to control her.

She is kinky

If you want to impress a Sagittarius woman, kiss her hard and show off your kinky style. When kissing her, the kinkier you are, the better. Give her a taste of something while you kiss her like chewing gum or candy. When you kiss a Sagittarius woman, you shouldn’t be afraid to let your wild side show.

By using your entire body to entice a Sagittarius woman, you can also add kinkiness to your kissing scenes. You can even let your hands go where she is most vulnerable and sensitive. You should know that her affection and kinky nature are indications that she has feelings for you.

When she’s in love, you might think she’ll be reserved and polite, but the opposite is true. A Sagittarius woman is known for her kinky and wild side, which is why you may have heard her being described as intense.

Signs A Sagittarius Woman Wants To Kiss You

She leans closer

If a Sagittarius woman leans into you, it’s a surefire sign that she wants to kiss you. She wants to be close to her favorite people and this is how she shows that she is interested.

A Sagittarius woman will want to be near something or someone she likes when she sees them. Conversely, if she dislikes you, she wants to distance herself from you and leave as soon as possible.

The first thing you should pay attention to when trying to determine whether a Sagittarius woman wants you to kiss her is how close she is trying to get to you. She may be attempting to touch you if she has moved close to you, which brings us to our next goal.

She touches you

It’s a good sign if a Sagittarius woman touches you in a playful or serious way. Any kind of physical contact is great, especially for a woman born under this sign. If any of these things have happened, she may be flirting with you and want to kiss you. A Sagittarius woman is breaking the barrier of touch, which you should also do.

You should observe how a Sagittarius woman responds to your touch if you want to test the waters and ensure that she will not reject your kiss. Take note if she smiles at you as she approaches you or touches your arm and leans in. A Sagittarius woman constantly reaches for something by touching you while leaning over you.

She plays with her lips

This method of seduction is an unconscious response to a Sagittarius woman’s thoughts and feelings of desire for you. Making eye contact with you is a sign that she wants to be kissed, and she may be licking, biting, or playing with her lips.

A Sagittarius woman will subconsciously lick her own lips if she is thinking about kissing you because she will be thinking about her lips. You better go for it because your Sagittarius woman is doing everything in her power to get your attention.

Sagittarius woman kissing style, final thoughts…

When a Sagittarius woman kisses:

  • She is passionate
  • She is dramatic
  • She is romantic
  • She is bold
  • She is daring
  • She is intense