Leo Man Kissing Style

If you just recently dated a Leo man or maybe crushing on one, you may be wondering what it’s like to feel his lips on yours. If you want to know the kissing style of a Leo man, you have come to the right place.

A Leo man’s kissing style is aggressive because of his intense and passionate nature. He can be extremely playful in giving kisses, especially if he wants something more. A Leo man is also impulsive and impatient, so he will kiss you no matter what situation you are in.

Read further to know more about the signs when a Leo man wants to kiss you and what it means when he does!

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About The Leo Man

A Leo man is incredibly joyful and kind with his charms and behavior. But, he also tends to be highly outspoken and forward-thinking, which might come off as confrontational in social situations. Yet it’s a bonus that a Leo man isn’t messing around with your heart because he loves being in love. This sign will, however, go to any lengths to safeguard the people he loves and cares about.

A Leo man will typically exhibit remarkable generosity and kindness to others around him because he is extremely sympathetic. He will go to great lengths to safeguard the happiness of those who are most important to him, always ready to help a loved one in need. A Leo man isn’t afraid to enjoy what he likes, and because of his extraordinary self-confidence, he may get others to share his preferences.

Is A Leo Man A Good Kisser?

Because a Leo man is innately intense and regal in all he does, he is frequently regarded as among the most dependable and passionate kissers. Since he is among the zodiac’s top kissers, he is never afraid to do it. A Leo man takes tremendous satisfaction in his ability to make people fall in love, especially his ability to kiss.

A Leo man’s kisses are slick, passionate, and unrestrained; he arouses intense passion and explores other parts of the body, not just the lips and neck. You should keep in mind that he tends to overuse his tongue, giving the impression that his partner’s mouth is completely under his control.

Kissing Style Of A Leo Man

A Leo man is an aggressive kisser who not only likes to initiate kissing but also uses an aggressive kissing style. He gives you a kiss that is so passionate that you might think you are in a romantic movie scene or that it is his final opportunity to kiss you.

Your Leo man may begin kissing you tenderly and slowly in bed before becoming aggressive and dominant and it eventually leads to something more.

A playful Leo man can give you a tender kiss on the forehead or cheek. When he’s feeling frisky, he can cover your face in kisses, or he might kiss your feet as a playful way to beg for something. You may try relieving the tension with some fun kisses if you want to know how to deal with him when angry. Giving a Leo man a sweet kiss will help improve his mood, and affection is a terrific approach to win him over.

A Leo man, a fire sign, is no exception to the tendency of fire element signs to be impulsive and impatient. He will never have to worry about withholding his adoration or lying about his feelings for you. Hence, a Leo man will instinctively kiss you no matter the situation or surroundings if he is deeply attracted to you.

What It Means When A Leo Man Kisses You

A Leo man is honest in how he communicates his emotions. He would tell you right away if he likes you; it might be through a kiss or a serious conversation. A Leo man kissing you is a plain declaration that he is interested in you. Keep in mind that he is direct in expressing his likes and dislikes; he doesn’t see the point in beating around the bush.

When you get to kiss a Leo man, you’ll experience joy, gratification, and an increasing yearning for more. He feels more assured after kissing you because he successfully made his move and everything happened without a hitch. A Leo man kissing you suggests that you are special to him and that he values your attention.

Signs You Should Kiss A Leo Man

He wants attention

We all know that a Leo man wants to feel special. One of the ways you can show him how much you care is with a kiss. He experiences strong and passionate kissing that makes him like the only man in your world. If you’re serious about a Leo man, give him a passionate kiss as it’s a sign of affection.

Have your lips ready for every encounter with your Leo man. You can expect long sessions of intense, open-mouth kissing with a man born under this sign, so keep your breath fresh. Prepare yourself for an intimate experience before you kiss a Leo man. Moreover, you must be prepared to completely lose yourself in every kiss with him.

He wants to be seduced

For a Leo man, a slow and passionate kiss is appealing. This type of kiss can be varied with stronger, more potent open-mouth kisses. Seductively kissing him, such delicate kisses on his eyelids, might also make him feel attracted to you.

A Leo man will fall head over heels for you the more passionately you kiss him. He wants to meet a woman who shares his passionate yearning and sexual temperament to fall in love.

When it comes to french kissing a Leo man wants to take the initiative. He is attracted to brave, independent women, so give him a seductive kiss to make him want to chase you. A Leo man will want to transition from flirtation to intimacy quickly, and seductively kissing him will be the best thing you can do.

He is bored

A Leo man enjoys kissing a lot, but he can get bored. Attempt to alternate between fun kisses on his neck and long, deep kisses. You might tickle your Leo man when you kiss his neck. Learn from his response because you might have to go more slowly to keep from overwhelming him.

When a Leo man shows off or flexes his muscles for you, that is one of his flirtatious signs. You may start holding his arm and kissing his neck without saying anything in return. A Leo man interprets this as a request for foreplay. Kissing and whispering in his ear should be alternated because he is specifically sensitive in this area.

Signs A Leo Man Wants To Kiss You

He moves closer

A Leo man is directly in your personal space, and it doesn’t appear that you will be getting it back any time soon. Whether or not he had it planned, the distance between you is very little. A Leo man’s body slants toward you as he prepares to kiss you. Especially on the first kiss, he will never try to kiss you by grabbing the side of your face right away.

A Leo man doesn’t mean to be violent; he just wants to be near you so he can kiss you. He may be hesitant to move forward because of this, but the fact remains that he is getting near. Be prepared if a Leo man does so because that signals the start of a kiss.

He flirts with you

When a Leo man seeks to create sexual tension, he will flirt. The more flirtatious he is with you, the more likely it is that he wants to kiss you. It will be obvious that you two have evident chemistry if you don’t feel uneasy about his advances. However, you should develop the intensity of the kiss rather than jumping right in because it enhances the pleasure of the first kiss.

A Leo man is currently testing the waters to see how you would respond to him. Just remember that he’s making these subtle moves to see how you’ll react. As he’s talking, he might put his hand on your thigh or touch your hand. A Leo man interprets your refusal to step back and permit him to go closer as permission to do so.

He is nervous

Although a Leo man generally exudes confidence, he is now afraid. He might fidget, almost as if he had another thought in mind. A Leo man wants to kiss you but he doesn’t want to come off too strong.

A Leo man wants to kiss you, so if you see him becoming silent, there’s a good reason. He might be calming down or waiting for the ideal opportunity to kiss you. He’s concentrating, therefore the awkward stillness. One of the best methods to figure out if a Leo man wants to kiss you is if he becomes nervous and silent.

Leo man kissing style, final thoughts…

When a Leo man kisses:

  • He is aggressive
  • He is intense
  • He is passionate
  • He is playful
  • He is impulsive
  • He is impatient



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