How To Tell If A Virgo Woman Is Lying

As much as possible, a Virgo woman avoids having to lie because it causes her so much stress thinking about ways to avoid getting caught. If you want to know the signs when a Virgo woman is lying, you have come to the right place.

A Virgo woman is lying to you if she is always busy and makes excuses just so she can avoid you. You will also notice that she will not respond to you or leave your messages on read. A Virgo woman might also be uncomfortable when you confront her and it will be hard for her to maintain eye contact.

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Weaknesses Of A Virgo Woman

A Virgo woman is far from flawless due to her constant criticism, pretentiousness, insistence, feistiness, victimization, annoyance, and lack of decision-making ability. She is analytical and direct, and she believes that things should be done well.

A Virgo woman also has very high standards for herself which don’t always go well.

Because a Virgo woman has this kind of mentality, she will start to develop an irrational fear of making mistakes. She might take too long to complete a task, judge others harshly based on her own behavior, or worry excessively about other people’s opinions.

A Virgo woman is capable of handling any task and has different ways of coping with change, but she is actually frequently irritated and unable to think coherently.

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5 Signs That A Virgo Woman Is Lying

She avoids eye contact

If you’re unsure of how to recognize if a Virgo woman is lying, watch to see if she fixes her focus on you while you’re together.

She won’t be able to look away from someone if she likes that person because it’s one of her ways to show interest. But, if a Virgo woman avoids making eye contact with you and is abrupt and irritable, she may be hiding something from you.

A Virgo woman probably isn’t interested in the conversation if she never looks at you, not even when you’re talking.

She avoids eye contact so that you won’t be able to see through her and she won’t even look in your direction. If a Virgo woman is lying to you, she will make an effort to set up a boundary as clearly as possible.

She doesn’t respond

A Virgo woman is good at responding to communications, however, she might not do so right away. If she has nothing to hide from you, she won’t ignore your texts or put them on read because she has no reason to.

However, a Virgo woman can always have an explanation for why she can’t talk about it right now.

A Virgo woman won’t try to reply to your messages, so you’ll know she isn’t interested in making things work. She won’t disturb you until she absolutely must answer you and she probably won’t look at you close enough to notice anything about you.

A Virgo woman won’t want to answer if she hasn’t made an excuse or she will just completely avoid responding.

She makes excuses

It’s not good if a Virgo woman finds excuses to leave early. She’s attempting to avoid you if she frequently checks the clock or gives you signs that she isn’t interested in the conversation. A Virgo woman will make consistent efforts to see you even if she may still be cautious and take her time.

It is advisable to continue looking for someone else when a Virgo woman is only making the barest effort and, even then, is in a rush to leave. When you confront her about her behavior, she will begin to move away from you or will maintain her physical distance.

A Virgo woman is hiding something from you if she always makes excuses about why she needs to leave early or why she doesn’t have time for this kind of conversation.

She is busy

A Virgo woman is almost always busy. However, it’s a red flag if she starts to feel like a crutch when she is too preoccupied to pay attention to you, repeatedly changes plans, and ignores you.

In this instance, a Virgo woman is purposefully creating a barrier out of her hectic schedule to avoid spending time with you. She is trying to keep you at a distance by leveraging her tendency to become a workaholic.

You might catch a Virgo woman turning around if you start to question her behavior or ask her to sit with you and have a conversation. She may be using this as a way to get out of the situation and keep her mind off of the things that have been going on lately.

A Virgo woman may also be using her work as an excuse to do something behind her back.

She avoids you

A Virgo woman is obviously trying to hide something from you if she rearranges her schedule to avoid you.

She is purposefully avoiding your sight if she never goes to places where she knows she’ll bump into you. A Virgo woman is hiding something from you if she consistently makes plans under duress and then cancels them last minute.

It is obvious a Virgo woman isn’t interested in you and is attempting to make it easy for you to move on if she stops coming to her usual hangouts or makes other blatant schedule adjustments to avoid running into you.

A Virgo woman might simply be busy, but if it persists over time, that’s something you should be cautious about.

Signs A Virgo Woman Is Not Interested

She starts arguments

A Virgo woman always attempts to win an argument when she wants to make you realize that she isn’t interested in you. She only wants you to follow and agree with her judgment; she doesn’t really care about your viewpoint or the source of the issue.

A Virgo woman just looks for reasons to break up with you, not because of anything you are doing wrong.

Although a Virgo woman used to respect your viewpoint and counsel, now she doesn’t even pay attention to what you say. She wouldn’t give it a second thought, but she wants to win the argument because you are simply wrong.

She will exaggerate arguments when you two argue to claim superior knowledge and she often makes you feel embarrassed.

She is judgemental

The Virgo woman is noted for her observational skills and her capacity of picking out the minute nuances in anything she does. She will be a close watcher of everything you do and she will start to judge you for your mistakes.

A Virgo woman will even refrain from engaging in physical intimacy since she doesn’t believe your advances have enough value to be believed.

You can be sure that if a Virgo woman has been experiencing relationship insecurity, she has already uncovered the information and will frequently point out your mistakes and let you know if you fall short of her high expectations.

She is a perfectionist and demands everything to go her way even if it seems impossible. A Virgo woman will start to judge you as a way to let you know that you don’t live up to her standards.

She is mean

A Virgo woman will act somewhat rudely until you are no longer at ease in the relationship and decide to end pursuing her. She doesn’t want to take action, she silently pushes you to end the relationship because she can’t do it herself.

A Virgo woman is not the meanest sign in the zodiac but she does it when she feels the need to.

A Virgo woman is conscious of how she seems, so unless you have really infuriated her, she will act mean at all times. So, any criticism you receive from a Virgo woman is a sign that she is not interested in you and you should take a step back.

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How To Make A Virgo Woman Fall In Love With You Again

Always take the initiative, but avoid being overly aggressive with your Virgo woman.

You’ll be waiting long if you wait for her to initiate contact because she is typically fairly shy and passive. Yet, you must also use low-key seduction techniques that are fairly discrete because making a bold move and being too aggressive will scare off a Virgo woman.

Asking for a Virgo woman’s useful advice or help is a cunning technique to get her attention without making her feel intimidated. You should know that this sign is practical and sensible and usually enjoys fixing things.

A Virgo woman will find it difficult to turn down a request for her help because it makes her feel important.

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How to tell if a Virgo woman is lying to you, final thoughts…

If a Virgo woman is lying:

  • She avoids eye contact
  • She doesn’t respond
  • She makes excuses
  • She is busy
  • She avoids you



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