How To Tell If A Virgo Man Is Lying

Since a Virgo man can be very secretive and usually closed off, it is hard to identify if he is being dishonest or it’s just the way he is. If you want to know the signs when a Virgo man is lying, you have come to the right place.

A Virgo man is lying when he starts to manipulate and talk too much that you may be distracted from the main purpose of the conversation. He will also avoid spending time and communicating with you because he has a tendency to become emotional when confronted.

After reading this article, you will also learn about the signs when a Virgo man is not interested and how to make him fall in love with you again. Read on!

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Weaknesses Of A Virgo Man

A Virgo man constantly has low self-esteem because he is aware of his imperfections. A relationship that is otherwise going well may become impacted by this weakness of his. However, the problem is that a Virgo man always appears to be knowledgeable.

Although a Virgo man tries to come out as confident and well-informed, the truth is that he struggles with insecurity just like the rest of us. Simply put, he doesn’t want anyone else to see his vulnerable side, so he hides this side of his personality.

This can occasionally lead to a Virgo man being critical of the people he loves.

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5 Signs That A Virgo Man Is Lying

He talks too much

A Virgo man is naturally meticulous, so he will give you all of the unnecessary information to distract you from what you are really trying to get out of him. If he starts to talk to you incessantly and in great detail, he might be keeping something from you.

A Virgo man dislikes being confronted, which can make him stressed out and create flaws in his communication abilities and speaking patterns.

The more anxious a Virgo man is, the more likely it is that he will turn to make up stories to get out of being imprisoned in his ignorance.

Keep an eye out for these stress signals in your man because it is most evident when he is trying to make up a lie. A Virgo man is skilled at manipulating people with words, and he can manage to convince you that he did nothing wrong.

He becomes emotional

An honest Virgo man is typically calm, and silent, and takes satisfaction in being outright sincere and straightforward, so if he suddenly becomes emotional and cries out for you to trust him one day, he is trying to hide something from you.

This is a big deal because he usually does not use his feelings as a crutch to support his convictions.

A Virgo man frequently uses silent treatment to obtain what he wants, and he is unable to lie when using this tactic. You will notice the difference because he won’t be anxious or guilty if he’s telling you the truth.

If you think about it, he gets stressed because he has to answer everyone’s questions and explain himself each time. Hence, if you catch a Virgo man telling a lie, you can approach him right away, and he will find it difficult to dispute it.

He manipulates you

The Virgo man is a skilled manipulator who can get his way without being too over the top or flattering.

He will begin adding additional details to the stories he tells in an attempt to make them impenetrable if he decides to lie and get away with his dark side. A Virgo man doesn’t hesitate to say whatever he wants because he is free to do as he wishes.

A Virgo man will firmly declare his love for you one moment, but when the going gets tough, he will suddenly find any justification to cancel or simply avoid showing up.

It can be hard to catch him because he is very expert at lying and having his way through his words. A Gemini man is skilled at manipulating people with words, and he frequently makes you believe that he is the victim.

He won’t communicate

A Virgo man who is lying to you will refrain from talking about almost anything.

Hence, by asking a few targeted questions, it may be rather simple to determine if he is being honest with you or not. You can try to ask a Virgo man some interesting questions about his whereabouts and you could ask him about specifics related to it.

You can tell a Virgo man is hiding something from you if he doesn’t show any interest in your question.

The bottom line is that he’s probably lost or is losing interest in you if he’s started to lie to you, ceased answering your calls, seldom responds through text and rarely texts first, or otherwise is giving you less attention.

He doesn’t spend time

A Virgo man may suddenly change his schedule and will have no time left to spend time with you. He almost never does this right away with a potential love partner because it takes him some time to warm up.

A Virgo man might change his plans to stay away from you if he is lying to you. This sign may be trying to dodge your questions or he may have already planned a date with someone else.

A Virgo man might change his routine in less visible ways to avoid running into you, such as skipping his usual hangouts that you both frequent.

If so, your attempts to persuade him to spend time with you will be ineffective, no matter how hard you try to adjust your schedule. You will notice that a Virgo man will constantly come up with an excuse to ignore or cancel on you.

Signs A Virgo Man Is Not Interested

He seems bored

Being with you won’t be interesting for a Virgo man if he isn’t interested in you. Any time he needs to communicate with you, he’ll probably appear bored. When a Virgo man used to be interested but is no longer interested, he may start to act bored whenever you are around.

A Virgo man may be courteous, but he won’t seem to be in the mood to talk to you. He may not respond or pay attention to what you’re saying if he is not interested in you because he will be distracted. A Virgo man will respond with one-word comments and won’t make an effort to continue the conversation.

He avoids you

A Virgo man is likely to reply when you approach him and try to start up a conversation if he’s merely shy.

If this sign is not interested in you, he’ll avoid you as much as possible. If you and a Virgo man are in a group chat and you start talking, you could notice that he abruptly pauses. Perhaps a Virgo man will respond to everyone but you.

A Virgo man can walk away from you during a gathering or make an effort to appear busy or he will make it clear why he is avoiding you. If he sees you in public, he might pretend like he doesn’t know you’re there. When a Virgo man sees you, he might even leave the room if he doesn’t like you.

He directly tells you

A Virgo man will tell you the truth if you ask him straight out if he likes you or not. He isn’t the most honest sign in the zodiac, but he just doesn’t want to lead you on. If you ask a Virgo man out on a date, he’s not likely to act interested because he will be straightforward and tell you if he is not interested.

Simply ask your Virgo man if he’s interested if you want to know for sure. Even if you might not find the solution you’re looking for, it’s preferable to know so you’ll know when to proceed.

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How To Make A Virgo Man Fall In Love With You Again

You can be sure that a Virgo man will be drawn to a woman who isn’t scared to speak her opinion since he is searching for someone who is sincere and loyal to her personality. You won’t have to say everything that’s going through your brain, but being honest will help you win him over.

A Virgo man will eventually learn the truth, therefore there is no point in hiding who you are.

You should also be aware that a Virgo man is a perfectionist and won’t be easy on himself, so don’t focus on the past. He had already been criticizing himself for it and he doesn’t need a woman to remind him about it. Show a Virgo man the first reasons he was drawn to you in order to deepen his love for you.

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How to tell if a Virgo man is lying to you, final thoughts…

If a Virgo man is lying:

  • He talks too much
  • He becomes emotional
  • He manipulates you
  • He won’t communicate
  • He doesn’t spend time



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