How To Talk Dirty To A Cancer Man?

How To Talk Dirty To A Cancer Man?

Are you ready to spice things up with your Cancer man? Using the magic of astrology we’re going to show you how to properly turn on your Cancer man by dirty talking to him.

When talking dirty to your Cancer man you must be emotionally expressive, and be sweet, because this is a highly emotional sign, it craves intimacy like no other, express your lust and desire for him passionately, be poetic in talking dirty to him, do not be afraid to be serious or get dark, emotional vulnerability is a must!

Cancer men are the complex sign of the zodiac, the apex of complexities, they can be hot and cold, emotional or unreactive, strong or delicate.

Represented by the crab, they have an incredibly tough shell that protects them from the world, but deep down there lies their sensitive and tender heart that wishes to love and be loved.

In terms of relationships, this man enjoys slow dances, romantic bubble baths, home-cooked dinners, and a cozy area of safe haven where both of you can passionately and intensely make out.

He can be revered as slow and romantic, but he is wildly passionate in terms of his romantic endeavors. Also, Check out my FREE eBook, “TEXT Chemistry“, where you discover secrets to win your man through texts. (It’s not what you think!)

In this section, we’ll find out how to turn on your restless Gemini man through dirty talking, let’s find out!

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How to turn on a Cancer man through dirty talking?

How To Talk Dirty To A Cancer Man

For a Cancer man talking dirty is exclusive to mutual and committed long-term relationships, he dislikes the act of dirty talking treating it as if it is just casual or a random fling.

He prefers the dirty talking to be full of love and passion because that’s what he craves in a meaningful relationship – an emotional connection.

To turn on a Cancer man through dirty talking you must be romantic and passionate, give him his desires out of pure love and trust.

Entice him with seductive words but at the same time let him know that he’s the only guy you love and will ever commit with.

Being ruled by the Moon, his emotional sensitivity is heightened, meaning he can be clingy and attached to his partner, and as such always be a dependable partner, to properly talk dirty to him you must keep the conversations romantic and wild at the same time.

Words are important and meaningful to a Cancer man, he remembers them, because of that it is important to subtly compliment him while talking dirty to him, making it sincere and genuine as much as possible.

Tell him what you like about him, and tell him your true sexual intentions with him, he will sense it and will be more likely to respond and reciprocate.

When talking dirty to a Cancer man you must incorporate romance and sensual touch into the process, whether it’s foreplay or not, you must be romantic throughout and let your inner gracefulness get in.

This man loves to pamper and be pampered, as such do not hesitate to go a little overboard on the roses and candles.

How to talk dirty to a Cancer man through text?

Tell him to play with your nipples

How To Talk Dirty To A Cancer Man?

Because Cancer rules the breasts and chest, he will be or will be more likely to be interested in nipple foreplay than any other sign, use it to your advantage!

Message him how swole your breasts are and how they need to be caressed if you’re comfortable enough send him pictures of it while teasing him to play with it, he’ll be extremely aroused and game on at that moment!

Pamper him with sweet gestures and compliments

Turn him on by making him feel good about himself, and sexually tease him while complimenting any part of his body that is the most appealing to you.

If you find his arms attractive go along with the lines of “I wish your big arms are holding my waist right now…”

Pampering him with positive, sweet gestures and compliments deeply turns him on, moreover, he’ll be more self-assured of himself and will make a move on you once he feels confident enough that both of you want the same thing!

Entice him to a romantic night!

This sign is a diehard romantic!

Send him enticing messages that will surprise him to the night, whether it’s a candle-lit dinner at your apartment, a surprise Pizza date inside the car, or a hot and steamy bubble bath session, enticing him with these things will surely turn him on.

Say things like: “Be there to pick you up a 9…something important came up, I badly need you naked right now so I booked as a nice play to stay cozy and rest…”

Keep the mystery and anticipation in! He will love it!

Whisper things to him through voicemails

How To Talk Dirty To A Cancer Man?

Arouse him with voice messages, and tell him what you want and how badly you want him.

Tell him the things you’d do to him if he was there with you, do not be afraid to be emotionally vulnerable, and say your feelings out loud, this way you can keep the emotional intimacy and lust in while keeping the boredom away from him.

Friendly flirting and occasional teasing are a must

Do not try to challenge or tease him aggressively, he might get turned off and might even get pissed at you for doing that, this man treats his love for you delicately so handle him with care too, if you try to flirt with him, friendly flirt is the best.

Corny or humorous jokes that are light and non-offensive to him with a slight touch of naughtiness will make him comfortable enough to flirt back…

Keep this in mind and you’ll have him under wraps in no time.

Call him unexpectedly

As much as sexting and dirty talking arouse him, nothing beats real physical contact or a call where he can hear his loved one talking to him!

When you call him make sure to be extra sweet and feminine in your approach and tone of voice, call him when he’s away or working, and subtly tell him you miss him and you miss his touch.

Be seductive when you talk dirty to him, act interested and happy, and try to be more upbeat than mellow, this will hype up your Cancer man like no other!

Tease him in his erogenous zones

How To Talk Dirty To A Cancer Man?

Send him messages that will make him think about sex at that moment!

Cancer man is sensitive to touch and pleasure, as such he’ll have erogenous zones, it can be his neck or nipples or his chest, be experimental! During sex ask him what feels good to be kissed and what’s not…

Knowing his erogenous zone is highly important in this step so you can be able to turn him on more while messaging him!

The key is to know it and to seductively message him about you pleasuring him to those pleasure spots.

If he has his erogenous zone in his neck tell him how much you’d like to lick his neck and kiss him through it, that way he’ll feel you kissing his neck while texting…

Love and sex are intertwined

Do not get overbearing in the process, as much as he likes passionate and wild sessions with you, he still likes the idea of love and sex being intertwined, as such keep an honest and open mind and be romantic throughout.

Treat dirty talking to him as a form of love communication and you’ll be surprised at how insanely loveable and sexy your Cancer man will be!

Talking Dirty with your Cancer man, final thoughts…

Your Cancer man is tough on the outside, and sweet on the inside, this means that only a few people like you will ever get close to the delicate, loving, and wonderful side of this man, if you wish to spice things up by talking dirty to him, keep the romance and love on your sleeve.

Do not be afraid to pamper him, be romantic to him, and take the lead in spicing up your romantic relationship, he is a keeper and so should you too! Also, check out my FREE eBook, “TEXT Chemistry“, where you discover secrets to win your man through texts. (It’s not what you think!)

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