How To Make A Scorpio Man Jealous?

In this article, we are going to show you how to make your Scorpio man jealous in the relationship and alongside that, we will give you an insider as to how a Scorpio man reacts whenever he gets jealous!

How does he express his anger when jealous and what are the obvious signs that he is becoming jealous of someone while in a relationship?

Let’s get started!

To make your Scorpio man jealous you must make him doubt and overthink himself by mentioning your ex-lovers to him or by talking highly of another man this will make him angry that you think someone is better than him and this will make him incredibly jealous!

Your intense and powerful Scorpio man is the eighth sign in the zodiac wheel of Astrology. He is incredibly passionate and ardent due to his ruling planet Mars and Pluto. Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio and Pluto is the modern ruler of the sign.

Both of these heavy and influential energies play a part in making this sign intimidating. 

Mars is an extremely physical sign that is aggressive and upfront just like the sign it rules – Aries however when this heavy and aggressive Martian energy is placed in the mystical and secretive sign of Scorpio the energies of intensity, passion, and rage turn inwards.

This makes your Scorpio man icy on the outside but fiery, passionate, and ready to implode on the inside. 

Your Scorpio man is known to be mysterious and intense and rightfully so he keeps this personality as a way to defend himself. Deep beneath the icy and intimidating surface lies a warm and tender touch and sensitivity of a Scorpio that can be seen like a Cancer or Pisces.

After all, these three signs rule the element of water which in Astrology covers the aspects of deep emotional and thoughtful processes. Scorpio men are inclined to feel and think by their emotions but their fixed Plutonian nature gives them adept control of themselves and the situation.

To a Scorpio man, the power he holds and exudes comes from being able to grasp a sense of control over himself and the external environment around him. This is why he is mysterious and secretive, unlike other signs who work in the light and like to be the center of attention.

The Scorpio man plays his cards right backstage, in the darkness where nobody can see him. He maneuvers people and situations carefully so that it goes along with his plan.

Although evil as he may seem The Scorpio man does this to protect himself. Often at a young age, his sensitive heart is taken advantage of and abused so he has to learn early from early life that most people are not to be trusted and one should trust his instinct to survive this cruel and dangerous world.

At a surface level, he exudes strength, power, and control. Often having a fiery temper just like the fire signs but deep inside the Scorpio man longs for goodness – a good life where he can be with people who truly understand him and love him. He longs for truly faithful and lasting relationships that go infinity.

This is why he despises flings or shallow relationships. He would rather explore the world himself than go and be with flaky people who would only be with him for their self-interests. He is a powerful individual who has mastered controlled rage, manipulation, and understanding of human thoughts and emotions.

Ruled by Mars and Pluto and is a fixed water sign. Scorpio is represented by the Scorpion. The sign rules the eighth house which covers the themes around sex, death, rebirth, transformation, occult, hidden wealth, and mysticism.

The overall vibe and energy of Scorpio are dark yet fascinating and alluring. It will repel or attract people.

At best your Scorpio is powerful, emotional, driven, passionate, sensual, alluring, intelligent, and emotional yet rarely shows it, brave, honest, ambitious, and persistent.

Alongside that, your Scorpio man is gifted in the spiritual realm as he is a known psychic, intuitive, and aware of the spiritual energies and dimensions above our physical plane. His spiritual and physical prowess alongside his innate power makes him the most powerful zodiac sign.

At worst when his shadow sides are more developed and his light side is more underdeveloped your Scorpio man can be an incredibly toxic individual who is hungry for fame, power, and control, and that makes him egoistical, manipulative, domineering, cunning, selfish, and apathetic to the needs of others.

In a relationship he is deemed to be extremely possessive and jealous, even the slightest move in the relationship can make him question and doubt your loyalty to him so it is best to be careful when making him jealous to divert his attention toward you!

The relationship can be downright dangerous and toxic if you make him jealous!

With all of that said let’s tackle more on your stingy Scorpio man and his jealousy issues. Let’s find out how does the passionate and extremely loving Scorpio man express jealousy and how does he act upon it? What are the obvious signs that he is jealous? 

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How Does a Scorpio Man Express Jealousy?

Your Scorpio man’s jealousy starts as a simple “gut” feeling of wariness and suspicion. Being a psychic and intuitive sign the Scorpio man begins to feel things that are off in the relationship. He will be extremely mysterious about it often hiding the things he is currently feeling but he will be off for a while.

Jealousy along with revenge are the feelings that your Scorpio man regularly harbors and he is therefore very familiar with it. Unlike other zodiac signs are not good at repressing their jealousy. Because he is adept and familiar with the jealousy he is feeling he becomes more in control of it.

To a Scorpio man, one of his negative traits is being easily jealous, whether it’s his friend’s luck or achievement or his boss’s new car your Scorpio man regularly harbors this shadow trait of him that he can masterfully controls to drive him and make him passionate making him successful and powerful later on in life.

But in relationships it is different, your Scorpio man is an intensely jealous person who will do everything just to own his partner and make sure he has control of the relationship. He is possessive and relishes it and with that whenever he feels jealous he will act and attack differently.

He will be aggressive and all over your personal space and freedom. He will be extremely argumentative and emotionally closed doors often interrogating the partner as to where her whereabouts are or what kind of relationship his partner has with the person he is jealous of!

This is brutal because your Scorpio man releases emotions intensely so things can be explosive even with the slightest of arguments.

Alongside that, your Scorpio man will be aggressive toward the person he is jealous of! He will berate! Include mean remarks and do power-plays to minimize the power and make the person feel “little and weak”.

We are not denying the dangerous temper and frightening attitude of your Scorpio man whenever he gets jealous especially if he is near the person he is jealous of!

Being a Plutonian and Martian signs he is an all-or-nothing person and he will do everything just to make the person’s life a living hell whether behind closed doors or right in front of the person’s face. The Scorpio man will do everything in his power to make sure the person suffers.

Along with that, he will be immensely cold and intimidating to his partner often opting for the silent treatment for weeks or months. He will relish in making you feel what he felt when he was jealous and he will certainly do it with style!

Overall a Scorpio man’s jealousy starts with suspicion then it grows into full-blown jealousy which is accompanied by rage and extreme hatred over the person along that he will be strategic in planning his revenge on the person while being extremely manipulative and possessive to his partner.

How to Make Your Scorpio Man Jealous!

Make him overthink by mysteriously disappearing!

Be so busy that he won’t even find out where you are and who you’re hanging out with. The best and most effective way to truly make your Scorpio man jealous is by making him overthink! When you are out of his sight it will make him suspicious and more prone to be more protective towards you!

Ghost him for a few hours and do not reply to his calls or messages. You can even try being busy at work or something else that you’d forget a few hours with him this will rile him up because it will have him thinking about your whereabouts and gives him doubts that you are cheating or being unfaithful to him. 

By doing these you are surely making your Scorpio man jealous!

Mention your ex-lovers to him

The next step in making your Scorpio man jealous is that you must somehow mention the good times or the attractive quality traits that your past exes had.

Whether it’s an imaginary, fake, or genuine compliment about your exes the thought of you mentioning your exes to your overprotective Scorpio man will rile him up to the point that he will be extremely guarded towards you!

Mention it to him casually or just share a story of how you bumped into your ex at the grocery store yesterday! Whatever it is the mere mentioning of your exes name will make him intensely jealous that he’ll be forced to divert more of his attention towards you!

Mention the guy hitting at you from work

Another important tactic in making sure your Scorpio man gets riled up and jealous is that you mention the guys who are positively interacting and are trying to get on with you! Mention the guy in your work, place, or school crushing over you! 

When you mention the guy or guys hitting you at work this makes him rethink his choices and will therefore be more attuned to guard you more often alongside that this makes your Scorpio man think that you are attractive and alluring to pull other guys while in a committed relationship and this your Scorpio man more possessive, protective and more interested and focused on ensuring that you are hers in the relationship!

Be less affectionate towards him

To your Scorpio man, he deeply values emotional safety and intimacy and the act of you repressing it or trying to do things to take it away from him will make him think of the things he’s done as to why you’re acting that way.

When doing this you don’t need to be cold or aloof. Just be indifferent, instead of doing those sweet romantic gestures and initiating intimacy act as if he is just like your “friend”. Surely he will notice even the slightest difference in gestures will make him think and in turn jealous…

Get competitive! Do things better than him!

Show a little bit of attitude! By subtly implying that anything he can do you can do also or if not do better will have his competitive side turned on!

Whether it’s financial, career, or passionate achievements whatever it might be the more you seem to do things better than him will make him competitive and in turn highly attracted towards you but at the same time a little jealous towards you!

This form of competition is a sexually charged teasing that can help you with your passion problems alongside that by turning on your inner competitiveness you both are becoming duos in empowering both of yourselves. This makes the relationship dynamic, powerful, and recharged.

Make him overthink by talking about your past experiences!

Make him overthink by reliving your past experiences with your exes! Or even the slight mention of the flirtatious things you did in the past will extremely piss him off and make him jealous at the same time! Remember to keep the conversation casual and make it seem like you are rubbing it on his face!

The more subtle the better!

By making him overthink about your past experiences you are making him doubt himself how good he is sexually and romantically and at the same time you are showing him that you have a life before and even if he starts straying away you can still get that fun, independent and wildlife…

Making A Scorpio Man Jealous (& how to draw attention from him!), final thoughts…

Your Scorpio man is incredibly intense! That means his jealousy and anger will be twice or thrice as scary as any other sign in the zodiac! Be careful whenever jealous your Scorpio man will get stingy and he will destroy everything in his path when needed!

Alongside that, you should also be careful of angering him too much by making him jealous because he can also be intensely possessive to the point that he can show a violent temper to intimidate his opponents!

Remember that your Scorpio man rules the eighth house which matters about death, power, transformation, and sex.

These powerful aspects make a Scorpio man an incredibly dangerous individual so his emotions are not to be trifled with! Whenever possible it is best to be calculated in your approach and not go overboard in making him jealous!

At the end of the day, it is best to talk things out with him to truly solve whatever conflict you both have in the relationship!

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