How To Make A Sagittarius Woman Jealous?

Are you worried that your wild and obnoxious Sagittarius woman is straying away from you?

Is she showing less love and affection and you want it back? Worry no more because in this article we are going to show you how to make your Sagittarius woman jealous of you so she will have your attention back at you!

Let’s get started!

To make your Sagittarius woman jealous you must be just as cold and detached as her if not more! The more you become unavailable and detached from her the more likely she’ll be pissed off and the more she’ll be over your space! Also, show her women are fawning over you to make her jealous!

Your Sagittarius woman is the ninth sign of the zodiac wheel represented by the Centaur she is the talkative, jolly, fun-loving type of the zodiac wheel because of her light aspects.

Jupiter is a light and positive planet in Astrology and being ruled by it makes a Sagittarius woman embody good-natured aspects.

Jupiter’s personality is happy, expansive, explorative, healthy, strong, and straightforward and this is embodied by the energy that a Sagittarius woman possesses. Alongside that, the expansive and big thinking of Jupiter makes a Sagittarius woman incredibly lucky!

This planet also rules success and power through luck so expect your Sagittarius woman to have everything in her way.

Alongside that, the Jupiter influence of Sagittarius represents optimism, spiritualism, benevolence, generosity, divine providence, and guidance, healers, teachers, professors, spiritualists, advisors, astrologers, saints, and angels. 

Not only that but your Sagittarius woman is incredibly positive whenever she thinks of positive experiences positive energy comes to her instantly. Like attracts like is an incredibly important aspect a Sagittarius woman should remember that her power comes from her own beliefs and optimism.

Next to Scorpio and Before Capricorn. Your Sagittarius man is the last fire sign in the zodiac wheel which also gives her impeccable knowledge of hidden crafts.

Sagittarius is the most philosophical and spiritual out of the three fire signs on the list because being the last fire sign means she already accumulated the power and knowledge from the other two fire signs.

Your Sagittarius woman is quick-witted, adventurous, open-minded, and more open to understanding different sets of ideologies, religions, and cultures.

Alongside that, the mutable nature of a Sagittarius woman makes her easygoing and carefree which makes her pretty likable and popular with her peers.

A Sagittarius woman values herself more than other people and that makes her self-assured and naturally confident. This can make her seem obnoxious or egoistical but she loves expressing herself because it is in her nature to do so.

She is a woman who knows who she is and she progresses her life forward with her wit, intelligence, and passion.

Sagittarius is a warm and masculine sign and this makes your Sagittarius woman a traveler and explorer at heart, in a romantic relationship she will be more prone to settling in if the man gives her the excitement, passion, and enough physical and mental stimulation.

The indecisiveness of a Sagittarius woman makes her prone to flirtatious flings and hookups but that doesn’t mean she can be loyal if she needs to be.

At best, she is forceful, sympathetic, passionate, adventurous, freedom-loving, intelligent, clear, big picture-oriented, unfiltered, straightforward, understanding, sympathetic, gifted, and wise beyond her years.

At worst her shadow side can come off as being impatient, restless, egoistical, high-strung on her self-beliefs, reckless, impulsive, erratic, moody, indecisive, and sometimes flaky.

Now that we have talked about your Sagittarius woman for beginners let’s talk more about your Sagittarius woman and her jealousy issues. Why is she jealous? What makes her jealous? What are the signs that she is jealous in the relationship?

Let’s jump right in!

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How Does a Sagittarius Woman Express Jealousy?

Your Sagittarius woman represses her inner jealousy if she ever does, in general, your Sagittarius woman gets jealous because she tends to rationalize her feelings and thoughts and often goes the optimistic route. She thinks every other people are thinking the same way as her so she sometimes lets things slide.

Although optimistic and bright even if it comes to unpleasant situations your Sagittarius woman can feel jealousy to some degree and it manifests through anger and spores of energy that can come off as erratic and chaotic.

Your Sagittarius woman will be deeply jealous if she’s given clear-sighted evidence or information that her partner might be straying away from her.

If she finds clear evidence she becomes enraged by the idea of her partner straying away! She will be impulsive and erratic! She will be argumentative and explosive to the point that the fights will be dangerous and volatile.

Sometimes because of the inner rage, she is feeling she can feel like running away…from the situation or literally running!

Another way a Sagittarius woman releases “fire” inside of her is by working out or by doing any strenuous physical activity so you might see her hitting the treadmills more often. If you see her becoming more physically active and at the same time colder towards you it can be a good sign that she is jealous.

Often your Sagittarius woman represses her inner vulnerabilities and emotions and she uses this to make herself known as a tough woman.

Your Sagittarius woman is known to be a fiercely strong and independent woman and her admitting that she’s jealous shows that she also is sensitive and has her vulnerabilities.

Overall your Sagittarius woman chaotically expresses her jealousy issues, like other fire signs her rage and jealousy will be fiery and explosive. Now that we have talked about your Sagittarius woman and her jealousy we will give you an insight on how to make her jealous so she can have all her attention back at you!

How to Make Your Sagittarius Woman Jealous!

Embody the Art of Detachment!

To get what you want you must not be fixated on getting it, instead, learn to trust the process and let the universe give you what you desire! This is the same thing with your Sagittarius woman you must show her that you are a nonchalant person.

Do not show any weakness or slightest emotion to her, you must show her you are having the best time of your life with your friends and family, doing everything in your power to have a better life.

Match the level of detachment she has and surely you will have your Sagittarius overthinking about you in no time! 

Focus on yourself 

Your Sagittarius woman wants more than your attention. She craves emotional intimacy and passion some sort of excitement that’s gonna fulfill her life. With this, nothing pisses her off when she sees that her partner is living the best life without her!

You can do this by focusing on your life as a whole and making it an adventure! Start a new creative path or focus on the passion that you used to have! Make your life interesting and fun and go share it on social media and with your friends!

When you are upbeat about your situation she will be there questioning as to why you seem to have your life put together than her and this also makes her instantly jealous because she wants to be part of the fun too!

Get your flirty side with other people…

This is a petty yet effective tactic for making your Sagittarius woman jealous and riled up to let her see that you are an attractive man with plenty of options and that you have no problem leaving her if she ever strays away…

Get your flirty side on by interacting with other women in a positive and subtly flirtatious manner. Let her see at a close distance that you are having fun with other women. The prettier the better! This makes her instantly riled up and surely she will be jealous instantly!

Be unresponsive on social media

Another petty yet effective tactic to surely make your Sagittarius woman worried about you is to make yourself unavailable on social media! Try not to respond to his calls or texts for a couple of hours or hang up on her this instantly doubts her and makes her think that you are doing something behind her back…

You can also try not giving a damn by not liking her posts or stories, especially the stories! Try as much as possible to ignore her stories on her social media and she’ll be wondering why you are not seeing her posts!

This will also make her chase you because to your Sagittarius woman unavailability means more attraction!

The key takeaway to instantly bring the attraction and excitement up is to build a facade that you are this attractive, unavailable, and cold man who is independent and has less time for her!

Remember that your Sagittarius woman is easily changeable and indecisive and a good way to divert her attraction back to you is if you become hard to reach!

Spend more time with other people!

Travel with your friends or acquaintances! Party in the club with your friends tonight! Do things spectacularly and post them on social media for the whole world to see!

When you spend time with other people you are showing her you are an independent man and if she doesn’t give you the happiness you deserve there are plenty of other people who would do it to you!

Remember to keep your head cool and unbothered. Spend time with other people who give you joy and excitement in life! She will deeply regret that she shows attitude toward you and she’ll be instantly chasing you afterward!

Tell him or mention to him you’re planning to travel with someone else!

Mentioning that you are planning on a trip with another woman will make her jealous to the core! Having fun with another woman who you consider as your “friend” will surely doubt her, make her suspicious and frustrated that she will have no other choice but get back in your life just to be nosy!

Having fun with another woman is an effective tactic to make her jealous and obsessed with you because you are showing your independence and whether she likes it or not she would rather date a guy who is independent and has his own life than a guy who is emotionally clingy to her! 

Alongside that, you are subverting her expectations of you being clingy and emotionally attached to her! She must think that you’ve become boring this past little time she spent with you and thinks you can’t do better than her. Well, this is also a way of gaining your power.

Making A Sagittarius Woman Jealous (& how to draw attention from her!), final thoughts…

Your Sagittarius woman is rarely emotional or jealous so her becoming jealous towards you is a good sign that she deeply cares about you and she is well-intent on having you as a long-term partner!

Although a very rarely jealous person your Sagittarius woman can become infuriated by just the sight of the woman she is jealous of!

Alongside that, your Sagittarius woman will certainly be jealous if you are having fun with other people other than her! Remember that playing mind games with your Sagittarius woman is incredibly toxic and this can make her resentful towards you if prolonged.

At the end of the day if you truly want to mend things with her you should take the initiative on having a good conversation with her about your problems. It is always best to talk things out with her for the betterment of the relationship as a whole! 

In order to have a fruitful relationship with her, you must know and tackle the root problem that makes you indifferent to one another, find a way and solution to make things work with your Sagittarius woman, and at the same time figure out each other’s love styles and language.

This will help you in the long run in building an exciting, passionate, and stable relationship with her!

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