How To Make A Sagittarius Man Jealous?

In this article, we are going to talk about your Sagittarius man and his jealousy issues! If you feel that he’s straying away from you romantically or emotionally and you want his attention back by making him a little jealous…then you are in the right place!

Alongside that, we will give you the most efficient ways how to make your Sagittarius man jealous to divert his attention back at you!

To make your Sagittarius man jealous you must practice the art of detachment. Match his level of independence and coldness while showing him you can have fun without his company! Get acquainted with new friends and respond to other men showing interest in you!

This will make your Sagittarius man crazy jealous!

The Sagittarius man is the ninth sign of the zodiac wheel. Next to Scorpio and Before Capricorn. Your Sagittarius man is the last fire sign in the zodiac wheel which makes him incredibly philosophical and spiritual out of the three fire signs in the list.

He is a mutable fire which makes his passion and energy erratic like wildfire. He is quick-witted, adventurous, open-minded, and more open to understanding different sets of ideologies, religions, and cultures.

Ruled by Jupiter and represented by the Centaur your Sagittarius man is greatly involved with higher physical and spiritual exploration and as such he will be fond of traveling more than any other sign!

Alongside that, he will also be acquainted with different spiritualities that he will incorporate into his own life. Jupiter represents higher philosophy, traveling, luck, bounty harvest, and optimism so expect your Sagittarius man to embody those traits.

Alongside that, the mutable nature of a Sagittarius man makes him easygoing and carefree.

He will not be obsessed with accumulating physical things because he is less materialistic than the other signs to him he values accumulating valuable experiences like knowledge from traveling or learning some new knowledge from a stranger or a friend.

To him, he sees life as something not to be taken seriously because life will take you where it will lead you to be. To him, there’s no point in putting up appearances on people because he is confident about who he is and what his passion in life is.

To him, he knows that beauty, power, and looks will fade and there’s no point in controlling people.

He is nonchalant and he means it when he says he doesn’t care! At best, he can be confident, optimistic, adventurous, passionate, fair-minded, understanding, sympathetic, jolly, and incredibly intellectual!

At worst the shadow side of Sagittarius can be expressed through being flaky, high-strung on his set of beliefs, boastful, egoistic, entitled, impatient, restless, unstable, and more prone to cheating or losing interest in a committed relationship.

This does not mean your Sagittarius man is capable of being faithful or loyal in a relationship, however! He just needs a little more stimulation and passion when in a relationship…keeping the fire in the relationship helps in making him stay with you long-term.

It is also important to remember that making your Sagittarius man jealous will be a difficult process. After all, he rarely gets jealous because he tends to rationalize situations he sees and sets aside his vulnerable feelings.

He might not be as stingy as other signs when jealous but he will feel these things if he’s given enough reasons to feel and think that his partner is straying away from him! Be careful not to break his heart because he will ghost you if you ever do!

With all of that said let’s tackle more on your adventurous and fun-loving Sagittarius man and his jealousy issues. Let’s find out how does the intense and passionate Sagittarius man express jealousy and how does he act upon it? What are the obvious signs that he is jealous? 

Let’s jump right in!

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How Does a Sagittarius Man Express Jealousy?

Your Sagittarius man is rarely jealous because he thinks so highly of himself he thinks he is the best man out there and that women would love to accompany him but this also brings an instant downfall to his personality because the more ego he exerts the more selfish and cold he becomes that it is almost impossible to stand his personality.

Even if he gets jealous it is for the wrong reasons. If you make him jealous he is petty enough to take actions that will make you jealous too. Your Sagittarius man’s jealousy is petty, argumentative, and often explosive just like the other fire signs (Leo and Aries).

He also tends to repress his inner vulnerabilities to look tough and well put but there will be times when he will be riled up and he will be explosive about how frustrated he is that he is jealous.

You will notice that your Sagittarius man will show signs of erraticness and being chaotic and all over the place whenever he is jealous! He might do things impulsively because he is in his head overthinking about the situation.

This is what your Sagittarius man is like when jealous or whenever he’s feeling any unpleasant emotions.

He feels like running out….or doing a physical exercise where he can exert the rage inside of him in a positive way. Unlike Aries or Leo who are overdramatic about their expressions of anger, a Sagittarius man shows “cold” fire. A kind of fire where he uses its heat for other purposes.

This need to run away from almost any unpleasant situations or problems accompanied by him feeling restless and unstable in a relationship can be a perfect combination for trouble so you will notice that when your Sagittarius man is jealous he will be more prone to accidents, fights, or heated discussions with other people.

This is his inner rage acting out and spreading around many aspects of his life.

Your Sagittarius man’s ego is the first and foremost thing that is deeply wounded whenever he feels jealous. It shows him how inadequate he is and it brings in his worst fears.

No matter how bright or optimistic he may seem to be inner rage and jealousy can cloud his thoughts which can make him pretty distant and sometimes argumentative.

Your Sagittarius man is freedom-loving and independent and because of that, he tends to rationalize his feelings of jealousy and inner rage. He rarely shows his vulnerabilities so he will probably express his frustration of feeling jealousy behind closed doors when the two of you are arguing with each other.

Overall your Sagittarius man’s jealousy is erratic and tends to be more repressed than any other signs but when he does express it he does it explosively. He is quick-witted about his remarks and might often use sarcasm to hide feelings of resentment or insecurity toward the person he is jealous of!

How to Make Your Sagittarius Man Jealous!

Practice the art of detachment

The art of detachment is the practice of disconnecting from the perceived anxieties of an outcome. It is going with the flow and making sure you are being happy regardless of whatever the outcome is.

Practicing the art of detachment is the first and foremost step in making sure your Sagittarius man chases you! It is a known fact how much of a nonchalant person a Sagittarius man is and with that, he will not chase someone that easily just because he is jealous!

He will also be rarely jealous so if you are trying to have his attention towards you must be more detached just like him!

Detachment is not giving a damn about anything and doing everything you want and being selfish about your own needs and desires! You must give him his dose of medicine by being as independent and nonchalant as him!

Do not show any clinginess or hint of emotion. The cooler you are about the relationship the more power you gain from him! Toxicity is one thing a Sagittarius is known for! So matching his level of detachment will make him wonder and make him more interested in being with you!

Give him an attitude! If he does not respond then don’t respond! If he is busier than you be busier than him! If he’s out with his friends don’t give a damn and be as aloof as you are! The more you practice this the more likely he’ll take the initiative on making things with you…

Get acquainted with new people

Mention the new friends you’ve met at a bar, club, pub, or work!

When doing this you are making him wonder and think about what you are doing in your free time! Getting acquainted with new people will also bring happiness to you and you will forget the hurt that you felt when you saw your Sagittarius man straying away from you.

Get acquainted with new people and see the energy shifts as your Sagittarius man begins to go and chase you over! When you get acquainted with other people you are acting unbothered by his absence and you are having fun in life without him.

This is a big slap on his face in which he thinks you are the sore “loser” in the relationship and that he is the better one in the relationship.

Interact with other men on social media

Your Sagittarius man is pretty active on social media and that means he’ll be inclined to stalk you more often than actually express concern or dismay over you! As such when you post a picture and some guy comments on your post and you reply to it you are making him overthink and jealous!

By positively responding to other men on social media you are showing that you are an attractive woman with a lot of options and that means you will have not a hard time replacing him. You won’t even cry if he strays away from the relationship. You are way better and superior to him, to begin with.

Positive interaction with other people riles him up because it hurts his ego of thinking that he is the most “fun” or “wild” man in his life. He thinks so highly of himself that he often forgets there are better fish in the sea and this makes him more likely to pay attention and amend the relationship he has with you…

Don’t respond to his texts or calls

The fourth key step in making your Sagittarius man jealous is you do not respond to his calls or messages. Try as much as possible to act cold and aloof and this includes not viewing his stories, liking his posts, or responding to any of his private messages.

This shows that you do not care at all and the more you do not care the more he will.

Your Sagittarius man and the sign of Sagittarius as a whole are not built in for romantic relationships particularly the long-term committed ones because they are easily bored, indecisive, and flaky and the only way you can get their attention is if you are hard to reach.

The more unavailable you are the more attracted he will be to you and the more he’ll have reasons to be jealous because he will be overthinking about your whereabouts.

Act more like a friend than a lover

The next key step in making your Sagittarius man jealous is that you need to change your attitude and course of action with him. If before you are actively chasing him and doing the initiative on interacting with him try as much as possible to be less attached to him and act more like a buddy or friend.

When you do this he instantly notices that you are not giving too much of your energy to him and it makes him wonder why you are being like that. By acting more like a friend than a lover you are making him overthink the situations that make you change your ways.

Remember to keep your head cool and unbothered. Spend time with yourself and have time dedicated to improving yourself and enjoying your own company. This will help him realize how valuable you are…

Show you are having fun with another man!

Having fun with another man is the greatest tactic you can do to make your Sagittarius man jealous and obsessed with you! By showing you are having fun with another man you are making and branding yourself as a strong, wild, and independent woman who doesn’t need him to have fun.

This will piss him off because you are subverting his expectations of you being clingy and emotionally attached to him.

To win this mind game, you must prove that any kind of toxicity he puts through you at the end of the day you are unbothered and that you are living your life to the fullest! Whether it is alone or with a man who treats you well and respectfully…

Making A Sagittarius Man Jealous (& how to draw attention from him!), final thoughts…

Your Sagittarius man is a rarely jealous person but he will be jealous enough if he feels that you are having fun and flirtatious moment with the guys surrounding you! This can be incredibly toxic because he will get angry at you for having fun with other people without him.

Mind games are an effective way to truly draw attention from him!

This is true to a certain extent but at the end of the day, it is always best to talk things out with him for the betterment of the relationship as a whole! Figure out each other’s problems and figure out each other’s love styles and language.

This will help you in the long run in building a stable, committed, and fruitful relationship with him.

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