How To Make a Gemini Woman Jealous?

In this article, we are going to directly tell you how to make your Gemini woman jealous in a relationship! Do you feel she’s getting bored and she wants to play mind games with you? Are you worried she is straying away?

Worry no more because we will tell you exactly how to make this jealousy work!

To Make a Gemini woman jealous you must show her your level of detachment, attract different kinds of people, and show her plenty of women are interested to date you, be fun, adventurous, sexy, and flirtatious!

and this will make her doubt herself and become jealous of any potential love interests you have.

The Gemini woman is the third sign of the zodiac wheel. She is represented by the twins and is ruled by Mercury. She is a mutable air sign which makes her changeable open to change and more open to understanding certain differences and individuality with people.

Gemini aspects around the human mind, personality, individuality, duality, personality, communication, social interactions, quick information, and gossip.

Being aspected around that energy makes your Gemini woman talkative, informative, intelligent, clever, witty, curious, ludicrous, fun, and incredibly exciting to be around! Being an extroverted sign the energy of Gemini is restless and impatient to the point that it seems chaotic.

It is also important to take note that the start of Gemini season begins during the start of the summer season!

All the more making her personality light, bubbly and carefree! Your Gemini woman is a known active talker. Aside from the fact that they love talking they also love listening and learning new things. Your Gemini woman is a student at heart wanting to learn different information for the sake of knowing it.

Because of this, your Gemini woman becomes incredibly adept at socializing with other people to the point that she can get along with anyone! She uses her wit and humor to charm and attract people and this makes her incredibly popular with her peers and colleagues.

She embodies the agile and quick personality of Mercury the planet of communication. She is a great friend and an exciting lover, however, due to the mercurial air which makes her lack foundation and stability your Gemini woman can be restless, easily changeable, easily bored, and indecisive.

The duality of the twins also makes a Gemini woman fascinating as she can create different personalities for different groups of people. Alongside that, her duality can make her good and bad sides intensely different.

At best, she is intelligent, humorous, light-hearted, adaptable, articulate, thoughtful, amusing, charming, and independent! At her worst, she can be nosy, gossipy, know-it-all,  unreliable, fidgety, inconsistent, deceptive, and cunning.

In love and relationships, a Gemini woman rarely feels jealous and feels the need to not be jealous when certain things arise. Although she may repress it for a while her best coping mechanism would be acting detached and “ghosting” her partner for some time.

Now that we have talked a little bit about your Gemini woman her distinctive personality and her habits let’s talk more about your Gemini woman and how she expresses her jealousy while in a relationship. And what are the things she’s feeling and thinking while feeling jealous? Let’s jump right in!

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How does A Gemini Woman Express Jealousy?

Your Gemini woman will become jitty when she starts feeling jealousy inside of her. She will become erratic and her thoughts will be all over her head to the point that her actions and movements will seem unusual to her.

This is because your Gemini woman is feeling plenty of things inside her mind that she’s trying to keep in control.

Your Gemini woman does not know how to handle the unpleasant thoughts and emotions in her head. Alongside that, the known alienation of a Gemini woman’s emotions to her mind can cause trouble as it can be difficult for her to process things.

When jealousy arises she will become frustrated and angry but her facade says otherwise. She can be two-faced regarding the situation putting on smiles and a cheery attitude but deep inside she is burning-hot angry inside and she is full of malice toward the person she is jealous of.

After this you will notice that she will seem to detach herself from you which means less time and less affection towards you and the relationship. She might even ghost you for hours or days. This is her way of directly saying that she’s angry at you and that she doesn’t want to talk to you at the moment.

A Gemini woman ghosting you is a sign that she is deeply hurt by the jealousy she is feeling. She feels inadequate because she thinks you are finding someone better or more attractive than her. The unpredictability of a Gemini woman will also come out when she feels jealous.

She might also do petty things to make fun of you as a way of getting back at you for making her feel jealous. She might entertain other guys or might let you think she is entertaining them. This is a way to piss you off and make it even.

The level of pettiness a Gemini woman has knows no bounds. Unlike other women who will succumb to relentless anger, your Gemini woman will get even more by playing more mind games with you! Alongside that, she will make it seem like she is completely detached from you!

Remember that your airy Gemini woman will not let a single tear shed on her. No matter how much loyal, committed, or deeply invested she is in you. She will act impulsively and childishly because this is how she manages to release her emotions. 

There will be a period where she will withdraw her time and attention to you then there will be a time when she will be deeply open to communicating with you as to what just happened with the relationship. When this happens it is best to talk things out with her.

When this happens it is best that both of you properly talk and express each other’s feelings and emotions. Your Gemini woman will deeply appreciate a sincere talk as to how both of you will set aside the differences in the relationship.

Remember that the more clear understanding you both have of each other’s love style, love language and the terms you’ve settled within each of your boundaries the more the relationship with your Gemini woman will be successful!

Now that we’ve talked about how your Gemini woman acts and expresses herself when she’s jealous let’s dig deep into the ways you can make her jealous!

How to Make Your Gemini Woman Jealous!

Subtly compare her to that “friend” of yours…

Your Gemini woman loves talking with you and that means more time you can say things to make her doubt herself and the relationship! When she’s being nosy about your work life or your life outside of the relationship in general be sure to mention that admirable attractive girl who you mention as your “friend”.

This will make her insanely curious and at the same time pissed off that you think someone is better than her! When talking about it be sure to keep it casual and not make it seem like you are directly comparing your friend to her. 

You can create an imaginary story or an exaggerated one as to why you are deeply invested in this friend of yours. The more she hears about this the more she’s gonna be jealous and frustrated deep inside!

Make her doubt herself a little more

When talking to her it is effective to make her doubt her personality, style, or attractiveness, in general, to make her even think more about your loyalty to her. Say things like “Why don’t you wear red often, my (friend’s name) wears red a lot and she looks good in it”

This is your way of subtly teasing her and making it seem like you do not pay much attention to her.  The more she doubts the more feelings of jealousy can sprout around her mind making her overthink. 

Show you are just as detached and independent as her

This is incredibly important! Your Gemini woman is independent and emotionally detached no matter how deeply loyal or invested she is in a relationship. You must be there to show her you are just as emotionally independent and detached as her.

This shows that both of you equally have the power in the relationship. Show you are just as detached and independent as her by enjoying your own time or by showing her you are having fun without her! Party with friends or travel! Focus on yourself and your career!

The more fun and appealing you seem to be the more she’s gonna feel jealousy but at the same time the more she’s gonna subconsciously cling to you because you are more attractive than you used to be before.

Work on becoming attractive

Attractiveness and beauty in general are very subjective concepts that many people talk about and are obsessed about! It is no wonder that looks matter in this day of age and everyone is actively pursuing to enhance their looks and make them more appealing!

Don’t be a slow starter and focus on what you can improve today! Work on your style and aesthetic! Focus on looking physically attractive by working out and eating healthy! Change your mindset and become more aware of your surroundings.

Practice good hygiene, good posture, and attentive body language. This shows that you are a high-value man and that even if she strays away you are still gonna attract plenty of women in your league. The more she realizes this the more she’s gonna act upon it!

Not only are focusing on empowering yourself you are also showing her you do not care whether she strays or not! The more detached you appear to be the more likely she’s gonna be chasing you back!

Flirt with other women! (to make her jealous)

You need to show her that you are attractive and appealing to other women. Show this to her by flirting or by being actively friendly around other women! The more positive your interaction is with other women the more she’s gonna be jealous about it!

Showing to her that there are women actively pursuing you signals to her that you are an exceptional man and that makes her act up and do something about the relationship!

Quit playing games and talk things out with her

Mind games will only take you to necessary things such as making your Gemini woman jealous and making her do necessary things to win you over again but this is not the most viable solution.

The more you repeat the process of making him jealous the more toxic the relationship is gonna be which can be detrimental for you and her.

At the end of the day, it is always best to talk things out and listen to her. Actively listen to what made her stray in the relationship and do the necessary things to make her happy. When she’s done explaining her side explain yours after. Communication is key for a healthy relationship with your Gemini woman.

Talk things out to her and suggest ideas that can make the relationship more fulfilling and exciting. This is a necessary step if you want to commit to her long-term.

Making A Gemini Woman Jealous (& how to draw attention from her!), final thoughts…

Your Gemini woman has a lot of processing to think and feel whenever she’s jealous but at worst whenever she’s jealous she will be erratic and chaotic all over. Remember not to overdo the jealousy process as it can only make things worse for both of you.

Mind games are fun and certainly, your Gemini woman will not back down without good competition. This can certainly make the relationship toxic that is why it is important to know your limitations when doing the process.

At the end of the day be open to the possibility of positive and healthy expressing of your feelings and thoughts in a proper conversation. This saves time and energy for you and your Gemini woman.

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