How To Make a Gemini Man Jealous?

Are you worried your Gemini man is straying away from the relationship? Worry no more because in this article we are going to show you how to make your Gemini man jealous while in a relationship! Alongside that, we will give you an insight into how your Gemini man acts when he’s jealous in a relationship!

To Make a Gemini man jealous you must become cold and attached, do not show him any emotions, and at the same time show him, men are waiting to replace him in your relationship. Be fun, wild, and flirtatious! and this will irritate him and make him doubt himself!

The Gemini man is the third sign of the zodiac sign and begins the start of the summer season. The mutable air nature of a Gemini man is fun, ludicrous, incredibly exciting, and riveting. Much like the energy of Summer when everyone’s ready to have some fun and take a break!

Gemini men are known to be active talkers! They love to listen and they love talking because they garner plenty of information from people as much as possible. They are fast, agile, and witty, especially in the mental plane.

They use their minds to charm people and get out the best in life.

Often known as a jack of all trades, your Gemini man probably knows a little bit about everything, whether it’s the sciences, math, philosophy, religion, pop culture, or whatever it may be Your Gemini man will be more knowledgeable about it than the average person.

This makes him incredibly exciting and fun to be around.

He embodies the mercurial air, Mercury being the fastest planet in the solar system.

This makes him quick and agile in ways of thinking and physical movements. To some, he may seem jitty and restless. Alongside that, the mutable nature of a Gemini man can be difficult as it can make him easily changeable, easily bored, and indecisive. 

At best, he is intelligent, humorous, light-hearted, adaptable, articulate, thoughtful, amusing, charming, and independent! At his worst, he can be nosy, unreliable, fidgety, inconsistent, deceptive, and cunning. These two different sides of him are what make a Gemini man a Gemini.

After all, he is represented by the Twins. In love and relationships, it is highly possible that he can get jealous but he will try to repress it as he is not known to proactively express his vulnerabilities and emotions.

He loves the idea that he is a smart and logical man who feels no emotions but this is just a facade.

Let’s talk more about your Gemini man and how he expresses his jealousy while in a relationship! Let’s jump right in!

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How does A Gemini Man Express Jealousy?

Your Gemini man will turn erratic and chaotic when he feels any unpleasant emotions inside of him this including his jealousy, his unlikely alienation from his own emotions can also make things worse for him because he will not know how to handle it properly.

When jealousy arises feelings of frustration, malice, and anger can arise in him and this can make him fidgety in his words and actions. He will act resentful and mean to the person he is jealous of and he will certainly be cold towards you!

This is his way of telling you that he is jealous and that he needs you to do something about it!

He will be detached from you for a couple of weeks to the point that he might “ghost” you. He will be unresponsive to your calls and messages and he might even ditch you on certain occasions. Running away and ghosting is his way of dealing with uncomfortable things.

It might seem immature but this is the most common coping mechanism of your Gemini man.

He does this to escape the feelings of jealousy and inadequacy on his part. His anger will be chaotic and unpredictable and you will succumb to lots of arguing and teasing in the relationship. He might also do things to make you jealous yourself. 

This is the level of pettiness that your Gemini man has because he does not like the idea that he is “caring too much” about you and the relationship. With this he tries to make it seem like he doesn’t care about the relationship and that he is completely detached from you!

This can be a good indicator that your Gemini man is jealous and deeply cares about you! The more he pretends that he doesn’t care the more obvious it is that he is deeply invested in you and the person he is jealous of!

This can be a good thing as it signals that your typical childish and unemotional Gemini man is truly committed to the relationship!

Even if his level of pettiness knows no bounds he will not be like other zodiac signs who will completely shut off communication when angry, after all this sign rules talking and communication so he will vividly express his frustration when he can properly communicate with you.

When this happens it is best that both of you properly talk and express each other’s feelings and emotions. This is the only way you can truly resolve whatever pain or mishaps you’ve both had during your relationship.

The more clear understanding you both have of each other’s love style, love language and the terms you’ve settled within each of your boundaries the more the relationship will be successful!

Overall, a Gemini man’s expression of jealousy is simple. He will act childish and petty in his manners and you will realize it was his act all along. He is deeply hurt by the situation but he will show no emotion nor shed any tears about it. He will still keep the cold facade and act as if he is not jealous himself.

How to Make Your Gemini Man Jealous!

Talk to him about this “friend” of yours…

Your Gemini man is instinctively nosy so any mention of the guy in your story will make him suspicious and deeply interested. This is the first key step in making him effectively jealous and acting upon it. When you are talking to him randomly talk or mention this “good” friend of yours.

This can be a make-up story or an exaggerated story about your friend, tell him how good he is to you or how much of a gentleman he is, you can also share how great the guy is and what his achievements are! You’ll surely trigger your Gemini man when doing this!

The more you talk about this “imaginary” guy whos doing all the good things the more you’re irritating him making him more jealous about the guy you’re non-stop talking about!

This sets him to be the standard of what you deem attractive and in turn, you’ll be sure to see him mimicking the actions of the guy you’ve been talking to!

This is a proper way of making your Gemini man jealous! Manipulating him into doing what you want without him subtly knowing anything about it!

Playful teasing 

Playful banters have always been a good way of making sure your Gemini man is turned on to you.

Make him jealous by irritating him by mocking him and the guy you’re referring to. Say things like “That guy’s handsome wonder if I have a handsome boyfriend too” or say things like “Why can’t you just be as dashing as him?”

The more sarcastic or mean the teasing is the more he’ll be competitive to up the challenge and make you irritated too! Be sure to properly respond to whatever comebacks he has! This subtle tactic of making him jealous while turning him on is a way to properly excite him and make him more interested in you!

This also shows that you are fun, exciting, and not boring as he deemed you to be which can be the main problem as to why he is straying away from the relationship…

Party with your friends!

Always make sure to show that you are having fun! This is the main key to making your Gemini man jealous! The more fun and exciting you seem to be the more he’s gonna be drawn to you and the more he’ll be over you and your business! This is the duality that your Gemini man faces his indecisiveness in love and relationship can be annoying but you can use it to your advantage!

Party with your friends or hang out with them wherever! The more fun your life seems to be without him the more he’ll realize that you are just as independent and detached as him. This will make him rethink his decisions and force him to do the necessary things to keep you in the relationship.

Look beautiful, feel beautiful!

This is the greatest power you can ever have. The more you have detached the more power you have over your Gemini man. He despises attachment. Emotionality and clinginess and any slight showing of that can make him immensely turned off.

This will also make him think that he has power in the relationship.

Instead of attaching yourself to him, it is more important to focus on yourself more and try to show him that you do not care about him at all. The more focus you put on your beauty the more he’s gonna be attracted to you!

Not only that other men will also be attracted to you! This is a win-win situation for you because he can see that you are wise enough to know your worth as a woman! Remember to place importance on your looks!

Show him men are trying to flirt with you!

This is easy! If you’ve already got thirsty men thirsting over you on social media or your private messages be comfortable enough to show it to him because this just makes him more jealous than he is!

With many men trying to hit up on you he realizes how much value you have which will make him more possessive of you!

You can be subtle or not so subtle about it but the key is to make sure he readily sees that there are men actively chasing you while you’re still in a relationship with him. This will make him realize things and in turn, he will do the necessary actions to protect you and the relationship.

When the mind games are over. Listen and talk.

Mind games will only take you to necessary things such as making your Gemini man jealous and making him do necessary things to win you over again but this is not the most viable solution.

The more you repeat the process of making him jealous the more toxic the relationship is gonna be which can be detrimental for you and him.

Instead. Try to talk things out and listen to his side. Your Gemini man is instinctively curious which can make him easily bored. Talk things out to him and suggest ideas that can make the relationship more fulfilling and exciting.

The more you understand each other the more your relationship is gonna become stable and fruitful.

Making A Gemini Man Jealous (& how to draw attention from him!), final thoughts…

Your Gemini Man is a man who brushes off his jealousy and treats his emotions like nothing. Deep inside the way, he represses his jealousy can cause him mental and emotional turmoil which can make him erratic, chaotic, and out of place. 

Try as much as possible to make him jealous but still at the end of the day reassure him that you are loyal and that you will only love him and not anyone else.

Matching his unpredictable energy is the best way to make him think about you. Because he despises boredom making and assuming a wilder personality can make him think about you more often! 

Remember to use his jealousy as a way to excite him more in the relationship! It can be bad for other zodiac signs but your savvy Gemini man will love it and the playful banter can be a more powerful tool to make the relationship more exciting and sexually charged!

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