How To Make a Cancer Man Jealous?

In this article, we are going to talk about your Cancer man specifically how your Cancer man gets jealous in a relationship! Alongside that, if you want to make him jealous yourself we have got some of the most powerful tips and tricks on how to make him jealous and act upon the relationship!

Let’s jump right in!

To Make a Cancer man jealous you must have an object of your admiration. Whether it’s a make-up imaginary friend or a real friend try to compare your Cancer man to this guy you have been actively admiring!

This will enrage him and make him jealous! Be careful as your sensitive Cancer man can be deeply hurt by this!

The Cancer Man is the fourth sign of the zodiac wheel, represented by the ocean crab. This sign is the first water sign on the zodiac wheel. Ruled by the Moon which is the closest planetary aspect to us. This makes him incredibly tied to the flow and moods of the Moon.

He is a cardinal water sign which brings tenaciousness to his personality.

Cancer season is at the peak of the summer season in the northern hemisphere. This energy can bring feelings of nostalgia, longing for home, and exploring the most inner vulnerabilities you might have.

With this in mind, it is important to recognize that the Cancer man will have some sort of deep emotional sensitivity to his personality no matter how tough or manly he may seem,

This ability to feel deep emotions accompanied by his acute psychic senses is the Moon’s gift to him. Unlike other men who are not deeply attuned to their femininity, the Moon’s influence on him can make him incredibly understanding of womanhood and women in general.

This on a surface level can make him sweet, caring, kind-hearted, and easily swayed by and influenced but that is far from the truth. Your Cancer man hides his inner strength and will only use it to self-improve himself, his finances, and his life as a whole.

He is tenacious, persistent, powerful, and emotionally intelligent.

Alongside that, the typical Cancer sun traits include being sensitive, intuitive, compassionate, empathetic, loving, stable and security-seeking, and self-protective. These characteristics are often directly aspected to the themes of the fourth house which represents the home life that Cancer rules.

Your Cancer man is deeply introverted and likes the comforts of his own home. He loves the idea of baking sweet pastries on a rainy day. Blankets and pillows for a movie night with friends and family. This homebody energy makes a Cancer man a comforting person to be around.

To many of his friends and family, he can be their  “safe” place. He deeply loves and protects his family like no other to the point that he can be aggressive and fiercely protective of them. He is one of a kind man who is deeply attuned to his femininity and is not afraid to express it!

In love and relationships, your Cancer man can be deeply possessive and therefore feels easily jealous! He can be manipulative and spiteful when angered and often has a habit of stalking his partner especially when he feels suspicious or has a “gut” feeling that he is doing something behind his back.

This is an important reminder to be careful when dealing with and making your Cancer man jealous! Do not go full force in making him jealous as it can have serious consequences in the relationship! Your Cancer man may be soft-hearted but he will not take any slights to him!

With all of that in mind let’s talk more about your Cancer man and how he expresses his jealousy while in a relationship! Let’s jump right in!

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How does A Cancer Man Express Jealousy?

Your Cancer man expresses his jealousy in a three-step process. First when he feels jealousy feelings of suspicion and resentment will arise and this will make him cold and unpleasant to be with.

He may be showing signs of moodiness all of a sudden but this is the most common sign that he is dealing with something unusual or something that’s bothering him.

You will notice it in his body language and the way he talks and approaches you. The interactions are gonna be more confrontational and less romantic. Before he’s doing sweet gestures toward you but now he’s acting like a moody woman!

This is a known sign that your Cancer man is jealous! He will be deeply resentful. He might not actively express it to you but you will feel it in your core. He will repress and bottle up all of the emotions he is feeling up until he loosens it up and hell breaks loose!

The second step in his jealousy process would be him acting upon these said feelings. Because jealousy is an unpleasant and undesirable feeling he will try to remove it from his system by actively disproving anything he has against you. 

Because of this he might actively ask questions to you or might even check you out on your work. He might also do social media stalking he will do anything just to comfort his ego and make sure you’re not doing anything behind his back. Up until this point, you will still feel his cold presence.

He will not say anything about it and he will not mention anything to his friends or family. He will be secretive about his jealousy issues and he will do the necessary things to make sure he feels self-protective.

The third and last process is him breaking out about the mere fact that he is jealous! He will be erratic and explosive in his way of telling you and he will be argumentative about it! Often wanting to trigger the partner to make her feel guilty about her actions!

This is the typical emotional outburst that you might get from your Cancer man!

This emotional outburst will last for a day or two and until then you will still feel that he is actively being cold towards you and ignores any signs of reconciliation. The best way to reconcile with him is to appeal to his emotions.

Be genuine in your apologies and make sure that you are truly explaining to him everything you know and reassure him your loyalty is to him only.

How to Make Your Cancer Man Jealous!

Make him jealous by telling him about the guys who give you good deeds

Turn on his suspicion by being a talkative girlfriend or spouse! The first step in making your Cancer man jealous is by telling him about these guys who are “extra nice” to you! This will enrage him deep inside that there are men actively trying to approach you!

In a way, this also triggers him to do something about whatever problem you’re facing at the moment. By mentioning other guys you are proactively making him jealous and this can effectively draw more attention to you!

Remember not to make it seem like you’re flirting back or entertaining them because any perceived cheating will automatically make him back off from you and the relationship! Keep it casual and cool and see how jealous he will be!

Tell him how you liked the old him

Say things like “I liked how thoughtful or genuine you are to me before” or “I love how powerful your love was to me before” You can even say things like “I love the memories we used to share”. The more nostalgia you bring to him the more likely he will do things just to satiate your wishes and desires.

This also shows him that you do pay attention to him and that means you truly love him as a person and that you value your relationship.

By telling him how you liked the old him or the things he used to do before he will have a relationship check on whether he’s doing good and proper things in the relationship.

Be thoughtful towards other people but withdraw your kindness to him

Be thoughtful, caring, loving, approachable, and friendly towards other people but ignore him this is a powerful but petty tactic to make him incredibly jealous of just about anyone who tries to approach you! Let him nearby but do not show any love or passion towards him

This will make him rethink and this will make him incredibly jealous of just about anyone who smiles, talks, or even gets close to you. The more you do this the more jealous he is gonna become and this can make his outbursts more aggressive and emotional!

Work on being hot and cold toward him

Be passionate and loving then cold and unapproachable the next. Be understanding and communicative then block any incoming contacts with him. The more you approach him hotly and coldly the more he is gonna overthink you and the relationship.

He will think “What did I do wrong that she’s acting this way?” or “What can I do to be closer to her like I was before?” by approaching her in this manner you are making him rethink his decisions and you are diverting all of his time and efforts towards you.

Divert your time and attention

Divert your attention and time to him and focus on yourself more! Whenever possible try to show him that you are busy or doing something important. This will make your Cancer man clingier and more attached to you because you are diverting the love and attention he used to have before!

Strive to focus on yourself more! Whether it’s self-care, working on your career or finances, or just going out with more friends. This will show him that you value your time and that will make him notice and act on it!

Talk, talk, talk things out with him.

When the day is over and you’ve seen you’ve accomplished drawing attention from him by making him jealous it is best to talk things out with him but do not be surprised if he’s gonna settle for a peaceful talk! 

Be prepared to see his emotional outburst towards you overflow! Let him express his emotions and let him sort his feelings out this can be one of the consequences that you’ll receive by making him jealous. After that calmly talk to him and tell him the things that are bothering you.

Let him understand your side of the story and also understand his side. Communicating with him properly is the best solution as it will clear out any resentments, doubts, and anxiety that both of you have.

Your Cancer man does not take mind games and playful banters lightly and he may still hold a grudge over you making him feel that way. Apologize and do the necessary things to appeal to him. This will ensure that he will not feel any resentment towards you and your actions.

This will help the relationship in the long run!

Making A Cancer Man Jealous (& how to draw attention from him!), final thoughts…

Your Cancer man is attractive, sensual, emotional, and sensitive but whenever you trigger unpleasant emotions like jealousy your Cancer man can turn ballistic and aggressive!

He is a cardinal water sign after all much like the cardinal signs your Cancer man will do everything in his power to keep you in the relationship.

His level of possessiveness and jealousy knows no bounds and he is not the one to be messed with once his emotions are being played! A Cancer man’s tremendous outburst is similar to an Aries although the main difference I that it is more emotional and manipulative on his part.

Remember that making him jealous will only get him to act up but it will not completely resolve the whole problem in your relationship even if you’ve successfully managed to make him jealous it is still important to have a proper conversation with her and reassure him that you are loyal and that you will only love him and not anyone else.

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