Is Your Virgo Man Done With You? (7 Clues!)

Is Your Virgo Man Done With You? (7 Clues!)

The Virgo man is one the most reliable signs if you are seeking a family life. He makes a devoted partner but may not be able to show his affection romantically. He is a practical lover and may show it through providing for your needs.

The Virgo man is a perfectionist, often criticizing himself, and can project this habit toward others.

The Virgo man is done with you when he already convinced himself that he is right.

Virgo men can be self-righteous. When he has all the reasons to leave, he will be able to endure the pain of leaving. The Virgo man understands that the relationship wasn’t healthy and will take steps to move forward with his life.

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That said, let’s see what it looks like when a Virgo man is in love…

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The Virgo man in love

Is Your Virgo Man Done With You? (7 Clues!)

The Virgo man in love will show he cares by trying to correct you. For many, this might come across as annoying but if you understand the intention of your Virgo man, you will appreciate him. He cannot help but see things as if they can always be improved.

Because your Virgo man loves you, he wants you to be the best for yourself. He is all about being able to give you what you need. This man is conservative and intellectual. He will not be the type to rush in a commitment he isn’t sure about.

He may seem shy on the surface but wait until you get him in bed. The way he expresses his love isn’t the type to show or brag. For the Virgo man, words can mean nothing. If you want to show a Virgo man you love him, the phrase, action speaks louder “applies here.

Virgo men naturally need to fulfill a role or it feels like their purpose in life is to be useful in some way. Their nature is selflessness. He is generous and embodies service to others. A Virgo man in love is attentive to his partner’s needs.

 When a Virgo man is in love, they are seeking someone that can accept their flaws. He is already very condescending towards himself and he can appreciate a nurturing partner that feels like a home he can go to and feel safe from everything else.

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How to tell when a Virgo man has moved on

He has tried to figure out what happened

Is Your Virgo Man Done With You? (7 Clues!)

Virgo men are already so critical of themselves and it doesn’t help he’s a perfectionist. The fact that the relationship didn’t work out will most likely cause him to try and rationalize what happened. He will try to seek answers.

Even if he is going through pain, he will be able to endure it as long as it makes sense. The Virgo man will give himself closure. He will try to reflect on these things and give himself a feedback form, he might go the extra mile and write it down somewhere so to make sure he never makes them again.

He will shut himself from the market

When a Virgo man has gone through a separation, he decides to keep his independence.

It will take a lot of convincing to get him to date someone new. He is a perfectionist and seeing his idealized relationship fade away, it will be unsurprising for Virgo to take a year or two from commitment, quite common for their sign to do.

The thing is when a Virgo man has called it quits, he could take some time to process what he feels. Emotionally, he can become stagnant. He will try to justify the reasons why it didn’t work out like it was supposed to.

The Virgo man may take a while to let go, but to him, he is in a better position than ever before.

He doesn’t open up to you anymore

Is Your Virgo Man Done With You? (7 Clues!)

When a Virgo man trusts you, he will tell you what he feels. This is not a sign that is open to expressing their emotions. He is anxious and is famed for constantly worrying about anything and everything. He sees issues, especially things that most people overlook.

If he feels like you don’t listen to him, he will feel disrespected. The Virgo man will just conclude that expressing himself to you is no different than talking to a wall. Although he is always quiet and reserved, it doesn’t mean he is as contained as he makes it seem to be.

A Virgo man may decide to open up more to his friends and family and may try to brush off the topic when you try to bring it up.

He doesn’t care to correct you

It would be very easy to say that Virgo men can be judgmental when people are not doing things properly. The thing with dating a Virgo is you have to understand not to be offended when he is trying to correct you, it’s his love language.

When he no longer makes an effort to make you better or your life better, you can take it as a sign that he no longer sees the relationship as worth it.

He stops staying in touch

When a Virgo man is truly done with you, he stops talking altogether. He will delete you like an app on his phone. If you still have hopes that you and he will come back together, if you are still in his life, it may be a significator that there could be a chance.

However, don’t rush him. The Virgo man needs to deal with his space. If he sees a possibility of you coming back together, he will still take note of where you’re going, and what you’re up to, and he might stalk you on your social media.

The Virgo man may even recruit his friends to check you out but this is if he still cares, otherwise, the lack of these actions would show that a Virgo man may be done with you.

When a Virgo man doesn’t like you anymore, he could also try to cut ties with your friends and family just to make his point. It doesn’t make sense for him to involve himself with them unless he has bonded with them in some way.

He was already distant when you were still together

A Virgo man loves in subtle ways, if he has started to act as if he’s not there even though he’s around, that’s a foretelling that things might not last. It’s possible he can show you distance by not being able to reply promptly.

Although the Virgo man is a workaholic, he would still be able to take care of you if he cared enough. He is able to neglect you if he does not want to move forward with you. Again, the Virgo man’s love language is service, if the actions have started to become missing, then he could be done with you.

He can’t trust you anymore

Is Your Virgo Man Done With You? (7 Clues!)

It is important for the Virgo man in love to be able to trust his partner. He is devoted and committed. The Virgo man is one of the most reliable signs if you want a family man. The lack of trust will hinder you from trying to win him back.

A Virgo man is already very selective regardless of what choice he makes, what more when it comes to his lover? They need someone who is as committed as them and will be there for a lifetime. He needs someone he can trust and open up to, this way he can feel connected to someone he loves.

Sometimes Virgo men may try and give you a chance and see if it would still work out. He will kind of judge you if you have learned from your mistakes. If this doesn’t happen, maybe he is already moving on.

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When your Virgo man is done with you, final thoughts…

When a Virgo man is done with you, he tries to cut ties not just with you, but with your family and friends too. He sees no reason to keep in touch. He is able to rationalize the reasons why the relationship didn’t work out and can justify that he is in a better position now than he was within the relationship.

The Virgo man makes a reliable and devoted partner. He may not be the most publicly affectionate sign but he shows his love through his actions. He will do things for the person he loves and despite being a workaholic, he will make sure she is not neglected.

The only way you can find out if he will come back is when he still keeps in touch. He might be stalking you without you knowing, otherwise, a Virgo man that has lost interest will redirect his energy to either his career and commonly choose to remain single for a time before trying again.



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