How To Get A Sagittarius Woman To Chase You

How To Get A Sagittarius Woman To Chase You

If a Sagittarius woman is to be defined, she can be the combination of all the female signs. She’s adventurous, wild, and positive in most aspects of her life. So if you’re dating one, then you’re one lucky guy, but if you’re not and crushing on one, this one’s for you!

To get a Sagittarius woman to chase you, you need to be able to protect her and engage with her in intellectual tasks. You need to be an explorer and give her her freedom. Be her cheerleader and be open to her. Always be honest and flirt with her more. Lastly, give her exciting gifts.

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What to Know About Her

How To Get A Sagittarius Woman To Chase You

A Sagittarius woman is someone vibrant and can bring light to every conversation. She is smart, curious, and enjoys trying new things. But just like any other signs, she can be stubborn. Especially when it comes to admitting her mistakes.

But, she is passionate and full of energy. Her honesty is one of her biggest assets and when it comes to love, she approaches it with intention.

She is very curious about many things. She will not hesitate to try out new and peculiar things whenever she wants to. She is the ideal friend for almost all of the signs and having her as your lover could mean exciting things every day of your life.

When it comes to love, she is confident. It doesn’t matter if she fails, she will still try the experience and would even go so far as to make the first move. Too confident that you will soon see it as cockiness. To her, rejection is not part of her vocabulary. 

Getting her attention is easy. However, you must be wary. Although she might be flirtatious or give you all her attention, not all of these can be genuine.

She is wild and having everyone compliment her or feed her ego excites her and so she can be pretentious especially when it comes to romantic affairs. You never know when she is playing or if she’s being serious.

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10 Ways to Get a Sagittarius Woman to Chase You

Be her knight in shining armor

How To Get A Sagittarius Woman To Chase You

A Sagittarius woman is highly emotional and sensitive. Even the simplest of things can send you into an outburst.

Although she has a very unrestrained personality and she may seem strong enough to handle all her business, behind all that smile she is meek and fragile and needs someone whom she can depend on.

Be her strength and support in times when she is feeling down and confused. This may sound too cliché, but she needs a man strong enough to handle all her emotions. Be that man.

Engage with her in intellectual tasks

A Sagittarius woman is an intellectual being. She’s smart, witty, and an achiever, overall. She loves having smart conversations – talks that stimulate her brain.

To get her attention, you have to show her that you’re smart and can engage in interesting conversations. She will most likely appreciate a guy who is not ignorant and someone who knows what he is doing or saying. 

Have smart but light conversations to keep her in the mood. Telling her your dreams, or telling a joke really works.

Be an explorer

Knowing that your woman loves adventure, you can attract her by showing her what she desires to see. Like going on spontaneous adventures. Hiking, snorkeling, or just about anything exciting.

Try telling her you went on an exhilarating trip to an unknown island and see how her mood lightens up or see how it excites her.

Or you can share with her some of your most recent food hunts like going on a night market and trying out different exotic foods. You know, just about anything new will pique her interest. You can also ask her to join you on one of your planned adventures. That would be stirring. 

Let her do what she wants

Your lady is a free spirit. She does not want to feel caged or restricted. Most of the time, she would go on different adventures and try out new things. This is her innate nature and telling her what to do and what not would only lead to disagreements, or worse, falling apart. 

Instead, be her companion in all of her adventures. Be her buddy. Someone whom she can trust to be with and she enjoys company with.

She easily gets along with others so you might want to set aside your jealous side because that would just spark arguments. In any way possible, do NOT try to stop her from her ventures because you will only end up being heartbroken. 

Be her cheerleader

How To Get A Sagittarius Woman To Chase You

Having her kind of personality, your Sagittarius woman often takes risks, especially when trying out new things and adventures. That is her nature. She is curious about many things, and her innocence makes her open to taking risks. Be her cheerleader! 

Whenever she does something fresh. Cheer her on her successes and be her shoulder to lean on whenever she fails. Comfort her and remind her that things happen just as they should and that she should not lose her light just because of a mistake.

Let her feel that you are always there for her be it through her ups and downs. 

Be open to her

Her nature is to be accepting of others’ opinions. You can tell her what you think or how you feel. You can even tell her about your dreams, what you desire to achieve, or what you long to have. Being vulnerable to her doesn’t automatically mean that you are weak or helpless.

She might not agree with your opinions or beliefs sometimes but she will surely respect you, especially your emotions. Try opening up to her and telling her your thoughts. She will listen to you and most definitely she will be fond of you. 

Give her plenty of alone time

As someone who is free-spirited, she doesn’t want to feel like being constantly monitored. Every now and then, she would want to have some Me time and go on solo adventures or escapades.

Do not feel offended if she does not want you to join her on her journeys. Every now and then she would want some time to clear her head off or just have a moment all by herself and there is nothing wrong with that. 

Be true to her

She can smell a pretender even from a mile afar. If there’s anything you shouldn’t do, that is to pretend something you’re not. She can tell if you’re lying or being true to her. It’s like Sagittarius women have been given gifts from above to see which is true to them or not.

So just a piece of advice, if you want her to like you, moreover love you, just be yourself. She would appreciate it more if you show her your true colors rather than being two-faced. 

Flirt with her more

A Sagittarius woman likes to flirt a lot. Having the bold personality that she has, play your charm and tease in the sexiest way.

She cannot resist a good playful banter and if you give her all the attention, she will be sure to stick around you more. Try making eye contact and show her how confident you are. Or if you’re both comfortable, you can even be touchy. Whichever works best for you two. 

Surprise her with exciting gifts

How To Get A Sagittarius Woman To Chase You

She is someone who loves getting exciting gifts. Lavish her. Try to lavish her with gifts she does not expect you to give. Like a new pet or a limited edition bag. The list goes on for the things you can give her. Or stuff you can do to feed her appetite for excitement. 

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To get a Sagittarius woman to chase you, you need to:

  • Be her knight in shining armor
  • Engage with her in intellectual tasks
  • Be an explorer
  • Let her do what she wants
  • Be her cheerleader
  • Be open to her
  • Give her plenty of alone time
  • Be true to her
  • Flirt with her more
  • Surprise her with exciting gifts

Happy chasing and being chased!



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