How To Get A Sagittarius Man Obsessed With You?

In this article, we are going to talk about your Sagittarius man and his obsession tendencies!

We will talk about the ways he gets infatuated with someone, the things he does when he’s obsessed, and more! Alongside that, we will also give you the most powerful ways on making your Sagittarius man obsessed with you so stay tuned!

The Sagittarius man is the 9th sign of the zodiac wheel represented by the Centaur or an Archer with a bow. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign ruled by Jupiter – the planet of luck, higher education, travel, philosophy, and spirituality. 

Sagittarius is considered to be the “ascending” fire sign because unlike the two fire signs whose aspects are mainly intrapersonal Aries is a sign of self and identity and Leo is a sign of fame, recognition, and regality.

Sagittarius focuses his energy more on higher philosophies of life. Traveling for instance can be a spiritual journey for a Sagittarius man who is curious about the meaning of life.

Sagittarius men are born from November 22 up to December 21 and are highly known for the Archer symbol. Like a running Archer in the field, the Sagittarius man is free-spirited and motivated by curiosity of the mind.

Carefree, restless, wise, and full of energy these men are the known explorers of the zodiac sign.

Passionate about living, Sagittarius men are also known to be wild and full of surprise! Being a mutable sign this makes them changeable and easy to influence. Friendly and sociable with other people. This sign is known for its impeccable taste in partying!

To him, life is a journey everyone should enjoy! In terms of love and relationship, he can be extremely fun, dynamic, and flirtatious to be around. His relationship is deemed childish and romantic by others but he just makes it so because he wants to keep the fun in the relationship.

A dull relationship succumbs to dying out with your Sagittarius man! He hates boring traditional ways in which relationship is applied in life and as such he creates very imaginative ways of making his relationship 100% better than it is.

Now that we’ve talked a little bit about your Sagittarius man, let’s dive deep into his psyche. His obsession and infatuation tendencies with someone! How does he get obsessed? And what are the things he does when he’s obsessed? And what traits are attractive to him?

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Sagittarius Men and Obsession Tendencies

Your Sagittarius men fall in love easily! Idealistic and romantic! He loves the idea that he is falling for someone because love gives him so many exciting and lustful feelings! Remember that your Sagittarius man loves anything that makes him “feel” something!

This means he is more than ready to accept feelings of infatuation or a crush on someone because he is optimistic about finding love. Unlike other zodiac signs who repress it or may even try to hide it. He is happy to share with the whole world that he is infatuated with someone!

He may tell this to his family or friends or he might be all over it on social media. Whatever it might be a Sagittarius man will be proud and loud about his endeavors in life and love. It will be a fiery and passionate way of undertaking life.

Being ruled by Jupiter one of the most benefic planets in Astrology. The Sagittarius man will positively pursue the woman she’s deeply infatuated with. This means that he will be unafraid to take the first move no matter what it is.

His obsession tendencies can be pretty quick and agile like wildfire spreading.

Intense and hot in a minute then slow and unnerving the next. Infatuation can grow from obsession in a pretty quick time. Because a Sagittarius man lacks persistence the obsession can last for weeks to months but it depends on how deeply in love he is with the woman he is pursuing.

The Sagittarius man is attracted to a woman with a bubbly and cheery personality. A woman who knows how to have fun, a woman who is wise enough to know that life is but a joke and everyone needs to chill out every once in a while.

A Sagittarius man is also attracted to a sporty and athletic woman who has the same interests as him – Traveling and discovering the world.

Looks can go as far as a simple stare of admiration from your Sagittarius man but he is wise enough to know that if he’s only gonna go for the looks of a woman then the whole relationship will be shallow.

He also knows that the looks will fade over time so as much as he prioritizes the looks of a woman he is more concerned about matching up with the personality of the woman he’s potentially gonna be with.

How to Get Your Sagittarius Man to obsess over you? (7 ways to do it!)

1. Show him you’re having a good life!

The first key step in attracting your Sagittarius man is that you need to show him that you’re having a good time in your life!

Show him that you’re having a good time with your friends at a club or party! Share with everyone your weekly stories of travel and adventure! Share with him and every one your passion for something!

The more fun and wonderful your life is the more he’ll be interested to take a glimpse at it and see you as a potential crush for him! Do these genuinely and see the magic happens!

2. Work on your lower body

Your Sagittarius man rules the hips and thighs. As such this body part can be incredibly attractive to your Sagittarius man. Good sexy hips and thighs can signify that you are athletic and adventurous and this is an instant attractive point to your Sagittarius man!

Although it is important to focus on your lower body it is always important to make sure that every part of your body is targeted and being worked out. Remember the sexier you are the easier it is for him to take notice!

3. Do not be afraid to speak up

The Sagittarius man is blunt and straightforward and he can be truthful in a mean way but this is just the way he is. Honesty is something that he is well-known for as such it is incredibly important for you to try to speak up every once in a while.

Whether it’s your opinion or something that you want to say out in public it is important to match the level of bluntness your Sagittarius man has. The more he sees that you are alike the more he’ll be interested and infatuated with you!

4. Know how to flirt

The fourth step in making sure your Sagittarius man is obsessed with you is that you need to know the art of flirting. Making every conversation with him fun and full of sexual innuendoes. This helps to set the tone of the relationship you both have.

You have to separate yourself from the friend zone by making sure you are alluring and sultry enough to do moves with him. When flirting be fun and incorporate plenty of playful banter. This way he can know that you truly are a fun woman to be with who knows how to confidently play the game. 

Dress boldly! Wear your most sultry makeup look and do not be afraid to show off some skin! When flirting keep it casual and make it seem like you are having fun in the process. The more flirtatious you are the more infatuated your Sagittarius man is gonna be!

5. Ask him to accompany you!

Whether it’s at the mall, a coffee shop, an art museum, or even somewhere far away from the city it is always good to ask your Sagittarius man to accompany you. Remember that your Sagittarius man loves to travel and this is a great way for both of you to mutually connect.

6. Party with him

Another way to get close to him and make him fall in love with you is by asking him to accompany you to a party! Whether it’s a rave party or a weekend drink in a pub it is always good to spend more time with him!

Remember this is your chance to make a move and seduce him!

Although it is important not to give in too easily instead this is your chance to show your sexy vibes to him and make him lustful towards you! The more effective you seduce him in the party scene the more likely he’ll be obsessed with you and the more he’ll think of that memory afterward!

7. Be yourself!

The last key step in making your Sagittarius man obsessed with you is that you must try to show your truest most authentic self to him.

Captivate him with your dreams and passion in life! Captivate him with the ideas in your head and the experiences you’ve had before! The more authentic you are the more he’ll feel it and the more he’ll be able to assess you!

This also means you need to be authentic with your vulnerabilities as a person. Share your fear with him and ask him to accompany you to conquer those fears. Whether it’s a fear of heights or whatever you should show him that you are a real person with dreams, fears, and aspirations…

Sagittarius: The Fun Adventurous Lover…. Final Thoughts

Your Sagittarius man is a fun and dynamic person to be with! A fun and adventurous lover he is the one who will make you smile at the end of a long tiring day and give you exhilarating moments to live for! 

Be sure to follow the aforementioned ways to make him obsessed with you and see the magic unfolds between the both of you! Making him completely obsessed with you is a great way to secure your place in his heart and this ensures a positive romantic relationship with him!

If you are looking for more zodiac signs and how to seduce them and make them obsess over you do not worry! For more information about the zodiac signs click the links down below!



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