How To Get A Leo Man Obsessed With You?

Do you want to attract and make a Leo man obsessed with you? Worry no more because we’re gonna exactly tell you how to make a Leo man obsessed with you! We will also talk about your Leo man and how he gets obsessed with someone and what traits make him crazy over a woman…

The Leo man is the fifth sign of the zodiac wheel represented by the fierce and proud Lion!

Powerful, magnetic, courageous, and persistent, these men are born from July 23 up to August 22. This means they are under the rulership of Leo and the Sun, the Sun being their planetary ruler, this means they embody the Helio traits.

Powerful in their own right and extremely capable of leading and planning, making them great leaders, Leo men know what they want and they get it with ease. Loyal to their friends, family, and lovers. They are great and regal people to be with. Although sometimes their arrogance can get in the way.

In love and relationship, a Leo man can get sink deep into love pretty easily, being known for having a big heart, he is a loving and generous partner, often wanting to showoff his partner more often and give his partner every good thing he can grab, material gifts are often a known love language of Leos, one of the generous signs out there.

In love and obsession, the fixed modality of Leo can make him deeply infatuated with someone for long periods. A Leo man is incredibly attracted to an attractive woman who is sensual and knows how to work her day with her body. 

With all of that in mind let’s tackle more on your Leo and his obsession tendencies, we’ll explain to you more how a Leo man develops an obsession so you can take advantage of it! We’ll also tackle the things he looks for in a woman…

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Leo Men and Obsession Tendencies

Leo men get attracted so easily with physical looks and sensual touch, a sexy gaze is also another way to make him fall in love with you so easily!

Being a confident man who trusts his prowess he fails to realize that most of the time he follows his heart and not his mind. This can make him rush his decisions just to get the woman he wants.

A Leo man then develops obsession as soon as he gets a taste of attention from the woman he eyeing, it may not be apparent or he might not show that he is crushing deeply but he is inside his head and he is planning all the details just to make the girl fall in love with him.

This is the kind of power a Leo man has, he may be overlooked for being proud or confident but your Leo man is the most stable fire sign out of the three (Aries and Sagittarius) this makes him incredibly successful in pursuing out his dates with ease!

The Leo man is obsessed with a woman who is deeply attractive and magnetic, a woman who has sexy looks and a sexy personality. A woman who knows how to make her way with people using her confidence and power.

This is because a Leo man often finds a woman attractive when she has similar traits to him.

Like a mirror, a Leo man often finds a woman who is a reflection of himself, this means that a woman who exhibits a strong and confident personality fits the bill for him! Remember that your Leo man is a fixed fire sign, this is an incredibly powerful combination that his energy can be overbearing and overpowering.

Just like how the Sun shines light and burns, The Leo man will confidently choose a woman who can be his other half.

A Leo man gets infatuated with someone who is considered attractive by many, popular, and sociable a woman who knows how to have fun but at the same time is serious about building a successful life.

How to Get Your Leo Men to Obsess Over You? (7 ways to do it!)

1. Exude magnetism and charisma

The first step in attracting your Leo man and making sure he has his eyes on you is that you need to exude magnetism and charisma! To be a highly magnetic and irresistible woman takes time and process to master but one must be able to embody herself and accept her for who she truly is.

Embodying yourself and gaining confidence is the building block to having magnetic energy!

Follow your passions and build a life for yourself, and try to work more on your physical and inner beauty. By exuding magnetism and charisma you are attracting admirers from all sorts of directions this means your Leo man will also have his eyes on you.

2. Play hard to get!

When you’ve already gotten close to your Leo man and have a great time with him either through text or real-time conversation, you need to have a day off withdrawing your time, energy, and attention from him. You are doing this in order to have him miss your presence and attention.

This way he will plan ways to get your attention and talk more to you, whether or not you like it the time both of you are away from each other is important as it creates mystery and attraction which is all part of the seduction process.

Although it is important to play hard to get you mustn’t ghost him as it will just make it seem like you’re not interested in him and in return he might lose interest in you too!

3. Introduce yourself as the pretty, popular, cheery one

The third step to make sure your Leo man is obsessing over you is that you brand yourself as the pretty, popular, and cheery one. You can do this by excelling at social scenes, and parties and by having the company of other cool and pretty friends.

Wear a bold dress! Know some moves at the club! Be bold but at the same time look regal, the more astonishing and distinguished you are from the other girls at the club the more he’ll pay attention to you!

You need to show him that you have your life together and that you are a carefree person who likes to play hard, show him a good time when he needs it the more he sees you as a popular pretty girl who is loved by many the more he’ll crush and obsess over you!

4. Be straightforward!

Another trait that you should have is that you must be able to embody a strong woman persona! You must be confident when speaking and you must not be afraid when to speak up! By being straightforward you are showing him that he can be your other half whenever it is needed!

Be bold! Be confident and show him you will not back down from any arguments or discussions! Not to him not to anyone! 

5. Go on trips and adventures

The next step in attracting your Leo man is that you must randomly or casually invite him to jam-packed action adventures, take note because this is incredibly important! You must not make it look like you are deeply into inviting him to date as much as possible make it as casual as it is!

Beautiful yet exciting places are a good way to go instead of going to a restaurant, the travel can be outside of the city in a beautiful place such as a lake or a mountain, a beach with a beautiful sunset would also be nice. The key here is to build exciting and memorable memories with him!

6. Live the life you desire!

The best way to truly attract people into your life is by creating a life you solely desire for yourself!

Living a successful life shows that you know your place in this world and that you are a powerful creator! When you embody the life people want you are showing your Leo man that you can be a great partner in love and life…

Work on your career! Beautify your home or apartment! Travel somewhere once in a while!

Have a good relationship with your officemates and your friends! Work out and practice gratitude every day! By showing him this he will work extra hard just to be with you because then he will realize that you need no man to be happy! You alone are happy and you are the prize!

7. Confident and sexy body language…

Positive and confident body language will always make you 100% as attractive as you are now. Alongside that, you can also appear sexy by finding the right type of clothes that will suit you, a classy yet sexy look that exposes some of your body will be incredibly attractive to your Leo man! 

Play up your best features! Do you have striking cheekbones like Angelina Jolie? Play it up by contouring and highlighting your cheeks more! Do you have striking blue eyes? Make it pop by applying certain eyeshadows!

The trick here is to know more about what makes you feel beautiful…play it up and surely you’ll be unrecognizable once you step out of your comfort zone!

Also, remember to find the right fragrance that suits you! There are different types of scents floral, watery, citrus, dry woods, and musty woods but remember that floral or fruity fragrances work best in attracting your Leo man!

Leo: The proud and magnetic Lover…. Final Thoughts

Your Leo man is one of the most passionate and loving men you’ll ever meet, if he becomes obsessed and deeply infatuated with you be prepared! he‘s not gonna stop pursuing you 24/7 and you will have one of the best yet craziest moments with him!

Often an idealist and romantic in love and relationships, his level of desire and infatuation can surpass even that of a Scorpio, truly a magnanimous sign to be with! If the relationship is full of attraction and infatuation surely the relationship will be a long-lasting and fruitful one!

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