How To Get A Capricorn Woman Obsessed With You?

Are you wondering how to make a Capricorn woman fall over you? Worry no more because in this article we are going to tell you exactly how to make a Capricorn woman obsessed with you! We will also give you an insight into how a Capricorn woman’s obsessive tendencies work!

Let’s get started!

Capricorn dates from December 22 to January 19 and is the 10th zodiac sign in the zodiac wheel. Capricorn is the Latin term for “Goat-Horned” which is exactly what the sign represents, a mythical Goat with a fishtail.

This sign rules power, success, achievements, career undertakings, reputations, and the power of time and karma.

These incredibly practical, grounded, and hard-working women are born to have a hard life and be successful later on in their life. Being ruled by Saturn – heavy, malefic energy which rules time and karma.

It teaches us one thing, you reap what you sow and this is why Capricorn women rarely go unnoticed in life. 

They’re not lucky to be born or did not come from a well-off family.

Everything they have and every success they achieve is out of pure dedication and hard work. This makes Capricorn women stoic by nature, unlike other women in the zodiac who are hopeless romantics a Capricorn woman’s mindset is rooted in realism.

Yes, she desires to love and be loved but this is not the only reason why she exists. She exists to prove her worth and seeks to be recognized for the hard work they put into. She is the perfect example of an all-work, no-play person who plays their cards right.

Powerful in her own right, a Capricorn woman’s success and power are limitless! She is underrated but she plays the game well. She is a dedicated individual and her work shows it all. In love and relationships, she can be a bit pragmatic, often desiring a long-term relationship rather than a fling.

In love and obsession, she can be quite obsessive towards someone without leaning into emotions that much, to her she can perfectly control her desire to be with the person she’s obsessing over to the point that it is hidden from the world see.

Her level of repressing her emotions is astounding to the point that it can be detrimental to her well-being.

Now that we’ve had a head start for your Capricorn woman let’s talk more about her Obsessive tendencies in the next part!

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Capricorn Women and Obsession Tendencies

Your Capricorn woman is the Queen of hiding her emotions! She relishes the fact that people don’t seem to know what she feels or thinks daily! This makes it worse because it can be incredibly hard to pinpoint how a Capricorn woman reacts and acts when she has obsessive tendencies with someone!

More often, your Capricorn woman will have a hard time falling in love with someone! This is the harsh reality that most people seem not to realize. Capricorn women are known for having impeccable high standards and their inability to fall in love easily can make them intimidating by nature.

She rarely falls in love or gets obsessed with someone but when she does it is usually because she has seen some admirable traits in the man she’s crushing over.

A Capricorn woman is usually attracted to a strong and confident man who is independent, successful, and has a passion or career that he’s deeply dedicated to.

This man is usually stern, commanding, and powerful in his own right but doesn’t brag about it nor is arrogant about his success or achievements. He is usually the kind of guy who is deeply introverted, doesn’t say anything unless spoken to yet is thoughtful of his words and is amazingly intelligent.

Usually, a Capricorn woman does not pay much attention to looks, to her the shallowness of beauty is absurd and she knows that a person’s worth is found within her personality and attitude. She believes that looks fade and that looks are not a solution to every problem.

She is deeply attracted to a man who is great at doing his shared skill set and is passionate about things in life. She is deeply attracted to a man who knows what it is like to be a traditional man – hard-working, grounded, and can provide for his future wife and kids.

Remember that your Capricorn woman dates and looks for a long-term relationship, she will not waste her time on a dude who treats her badly.

Your Capricorn woman is also attracted to a gentleman, the kind of man who would open doors for women and the elderly, a man who is helpful towards others, especially the helpless, and a man who is great at making others feel comfortable and protected.

This is usually a problem that many modern men have lacking the attributes of being a Gentleman.

Your Capricorn woman’s obsessive tendencies can be slow-burning but they will surely be there, she will not show it to the man she’s deeply in love with but her lust and desire will be in her heart and mind. The obsessive tendencies can be mild to severe and her obsession tendencies can even last for a year.

Being a cardinal earth sign ruled by Saturn, Capricorn women are known for having long periods of crushes. This is important information to know when trying to make your Capricorn woman obsessed with you because you have to realize that it takes time and patience to get close to your Capricorn woman…

Now that we’ve talked about your Capricorn woman’s obsessive tendencies let’s tackle the powerful ways you can seduce her and make her obsessed with you!

How to Get Your Capricorn Woman to obsess over you? (7 ways to do it!)

1. Draw her with your “I’m serious” looks

Walk confidently and walk with power, draw her with looks that say “I’m serious and I’m not the one to be messed around with”. A professional yet posh look is a good way to impress her however you do not need to change your overall style!

Simply opting for darker clothes that are well fitting and are of quality material are surely going to impress a Capricorn woman. This is incredibly important especially if you’re near her, one must be able to inspire people and make you be seen as established and powerful.

Remember that the right well-fitted outfit will make her look over you with desire.

2. Lead with your head, not your heart

Capricorn women tend to think critically and their dating decisions prove it otherwise, unlike other zodiac signs who are more impulsive and live with romance in their hearts, a Capricorn woman thinks with her mind and not her heart.

As such it is important to be slow and steady when approaching. Try not to be spontaneous when trying to converse with her instead initiate a conversation where you approach her calmly and confidently. Choose your words right and think about topics in which she can have her mind stimulated.

3. Be Classy

Dress appropriately and dress according to the occasion, when opting for clothes try to wear more sophisticated clothes which means clothes that have a more professional undertone. Be classy when dealing with people and know when and when not to speak.

Confidence is calm, ego is loud. Whenever possible it is best to hold your posture and body language to the front and try not to overshare much. The more mysterious and stern you appear to be the more attractive you are to your Capricorn woman!

4. Get it straight to the point when flirting with her

Your Capricorn woman doesn’t like a flirtatious man who will offer him cheesy pick-up lines or banter. When flirting with her get straight to the point and have a real conversation with her, be a good listener, and ask questions that provocatively give her a hint on how insightful you are.

When she’s done conversing with you she’ll be thinking about you long after you parted ways, she might even initiate conversation the next time you see each other. The key here is to be manly and as relaxed as possible. 

5. Be her optimistic confidant

Your Capricorn woman is known for her deep pessimism, not being the most optimistic out of all zodiac signs she can sometimes be an overthinker and try to set out different worst-case scenarios whenever her plan doesn’t go out right. This is when you sweep in and try to comfort her as much as possible.

Cheer her up or try to offer help whenever she needs it, she might try to refuse it but the point here is to make sure she has a friend she can count on whenever times get rough. You may also offer her practical advice or solutions.

The more of a friend you can be to her the more she’ll be rethinking her relationship with you.

6. Ambition and success go in along the way…

It is good to showcase your successes every once in a while. Whether it’s on social media or by sharing it with your friends and acquaintances. By showing her that you are as independent and successful as her the more she’ll be obsessed with you.

Show how good you have it in life while sharing the hard experiences you have to go through. By showing her how ambitious you can be the more she’ll be impressed with you. Remember the more she’s impressed with a man’s career, hobbies, or passion the more likely she’ll get infatuated.

7. Take it slowly

Seduction is a long road for your Capricorn woman, she might be infatuated with you already but she won’t easily give in to her emotions. That’s why it is incredibly important that you take it slow with your Capricorn woman, be patient and let her show her signs of infatuation towards you without forcing it.

In the meantime, match the energy she gives you, offer her simple yet sweet gestures, and give her your time and attention so she realizes that you are a good match for her. Alongside that, you can ask her out on the usual dates.

When she agrees try to be as gentlemanly as possible and treat her like the refined lady she is.

You can also try to seduce her by having good body language and by showing off your masculinity, you can invite her to your sports game or try incorporating a good workout routine to be bigger. The key point here is dedication, without it you’ll never win your Capricorn woman’s heart.

Capricorn: The Grounded and Pragmatic Lover…. Final Thoughts

Your Capricorn woman is a deep sensible and pragmatic lover, her obsession tendencies are deeply rooted in her desire to love someone in a long-term relationship.

Your Capricorn woman despises flings and short-term romance so she becomes obsessed and infatuated with someone who she finds to be a potential long-term partner.

In love and relationship, she can be a romantic lover behind closed doors who likes to please her partner, she can be subordinate or dominant depending on what her partner wishes to be. She is also incredibly loyal and stable! She is a true traditional woman!

It is important to follow the steps carefully to make sure that your Capricorn woman feels safe around you and that there is room for her to feel infatuated and obsessed with you! When done properly you’ll be sure that you’ll have your Capricorn woman’s heart in the palm of your hands!

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