How To Get A Capricorn Man Obsessed With You?

 In this article, we are going to talk about your Capricorn man and his obsessive tendencies! Alongside that, we will give you an inside as to how he gets obsessed with someone and what he does when he’s infatuated.

We will also give you essential ways how to make a Capricorn man obsessed with you!

Let’s get started!

The Capricorn Man is the 10th sign of the zodiac wheel, represented by the Sea Goat. This man is a man of character and reputation.

Known to be highly ambitious, strategic, intelligent, practical, and grounded traits that are coveted by many The Capricorn Man is incredibly successful in his life because of the traits which distinguish him from other men.

Your Capricorn Man has a desire to be on top and stay on top. Whether it’s making more money than the average person or is known for their passion or work The Capricorn man knows how to work hard and achieve things that seem impossible to other people.

Because of this, he can be quite an all-work, no-play type of person.

Due to that he can be mildly awkward or might seem uninterested in his love life or the possibility of romantic flings. Nevertheless, The Capricorn man is a stable, traditional, and caring partner who shows his love and affection through practicality and realism.

His obsessive tendencies come from being unable truly hide or repress his feelings of lust and desire. His infatuation will be hidden under the facade of his cold stares or unfeeling voice. Whatever happens, he will not show any sentimentalities.

His response will be cold and dry but deep inside he is deeply infatuated with the person.

Now that we’ve talked a little bit about your Capricorn man for starters let’s dig deep into his psyche and look closer at how his obsession tendencies work and what are the things that make him insanely obsessed with the person!

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Capricorn Men and Obsession Tendencies

Your Capricorn man does not fall in love that easily! At first, it can be a simple appreciation or some sort of admiration for the woman but he will never see it as an infatuation. The slow-burning sensation of infatuation will begin once he unknowingly tries to get to know more about the person.

Either by stalking the person or by simply observing the person he is admiring from a close distance.

The infatuation will start slow but it will be steady. He’ll become more aware of who that person is and will try to get to know the person in various ways. In this stage, he is still in denial that he is feeling something for someone.

Although deep in his psyche it is his subconscious telling him to love and look for someone to be with.

The infatuation will grow like a cancer cell fully accelerating and developing. This infatuation will turn into a crush that he will become obsessed about! He will think about the object of his desire 24/7 and he’ll have tendencies of being unable to sleep or eat because he is overthinking about the person.

He will also try to make a move but in a subtle manner. He’ll try to appear more in that person’s life and try to help the person.

He will offer practical solutions and advice and will be extra kind to the person. By then, everyone will seem to see that your Capricorn man is a little bit “kind” to the person which is unusual for the cold and aloof Capricorn man.

The Capricorn man is attracted to natural beauty, the one who doesn’t put on too much makeup or ornaments and is subtle in her way of dressing. Classy yet simple. The Capricorn man is also attracted to a dedicated, independent woman with her skill set and ambition.

He is deeply attracted to a woman he can see as a long-term partner this means a woman who is also stable in life and knows how to properly handle things. Overall, A Capricorn man is attracted to a woman who exudes natural beauty and confidence without going loud or bold.

A woman who has high standards for herself and others and a woman who is career-oriented and has plans for the future.

How to Get Your Capricorn Man to Obsess Over You? (7 ways to do it!)

1. Show off your Intelligence and Wit

 Your Capricorn man is ruled by Saturn and is a cardinal earth sign, these heavy energies are what make your Capricorn man grounded and realistic but this does not entirely mean that your Capricorn man is dull. In contrast, he can be extremely funny when he uses dry sarcasm or humor.

The icebreaker can be you showing off your intelligence and wit to him, this can be either a form of a casual conversation or a random conversation whenever you’re close to him. Remember that a Capricorn man assesses all conversations and will deem you worthy of talking if you can hold a conversation well.

Be knowledgeable about the daily events of the world and try to read more books than usual. The more smart stuff you have to talk about the more things you can talk to him.

2. Dry sense of humor or sarcasm works for him

As mentioned before it is often a misconception that your Capricorn man doesn’t enjoy humor all too well.

Use sarcastic jokes whenever you’re trying to make a light-hearted conversation with him. For example, if you see him having trouble at work or just about anything goes up to him and say “I waited for 30 minutes in line just so I can help you”

You can also try using dry jokes when trying to converse with him. The more you talk to him in a witty manner the more you’ll likely be memorable to him. You can use jokes like “If I had a dollar for every time I thought of you, I would start thinking about you.”

They are very similar, but dry humor jokes are always delivered in a serious and deadpan way, while sarcastic jokes are said in a sarcastic tone. Always remember to use these things interchangeably to have a good start-up conversation with your Capricorn man.

3. Be Classy

Dress appropriately and dress according to the occasion, when opting for clothes try to wear more sophisticated clothes which means clothes that have a more professional undertone and less skin. Earthy tones and greens as well as beige can be attractive colors for you to attract your Capricorn man.

When opting for makeup try to appeal to a more natural look rather than the cakey makeup look. It is also important to know the rules of a sophisticated woman and be sure to have good posture and tone of voice when talking to people.

Show good social skills and feminine grace. The more sophisticated and classy you look the more attractive you’ll be to your Capricorn man, when trying to seduce him, smile and have strong eye contact with him! Do these to make him obsessed with you!

4. Show you’re independent and successful in your own right

Your Capricorn man is deeply infatuated with the idea of power and success as such he’ll do anything just to get it. The same thing that you should also aspire to! A Capricorn man has eyes on the back of his head and he can observe all people in his surroundings simultaneously.

You can try to share with him your experiences, especially the hard ones on how you were able to achieve such feats. It is important not to be braggy or loud about it, instead, try to be more subtle and focus more on sharing the things that made you successful instead of bragging about how successful you are.

It is always good to show off your passion and your career even if he’s not looking, the more successful and independent you are in your own life the more attractive your Capricorn man sees you! 

5. Work out and emphasize your health!

Health and wellness lead to beauty! We can’t deny the power an hourglass body shape holds, It is incredibly important to work out and get in shape!

Looks may not be that important for your Capricorn man but it signals discipline and dedication on your part and these traits are incredibly attractive for your Capricorn man!

Eat healthy and whole foods! Plan on your workouts and be sure to have a beauty regimen that takes care of your skin well! Do not be afraid to show more self-love by taking care of your appearance! Trust us! The more you pay attention to your body the more people will pay attention to you!

6. Be the one who can understand him

The old-school, committed, and grounded approach of a Capricorn man can be deemed weird or unusual by modern society, this goes to say that Capricorns are not meant for everyone, some signs may try to fit into what is ideal but a Capricorn man will stay true to himself.

Try to show him that you truly understand his dedication and his industrious way of putting things, be respectful, and genuinely compliment him for the passion he has in his professional path. If there’s a way to help him in a manner that will be fun for both of you. 

The more you get closer to your Capricorn man the more he’ll be into you and the more he’ll secretly be infatuated with you.

7. Seduce and flirt…

Seducing and flirting with your Capricorn man isn’t the best easy task you can have as this man certainly has a unique taste. Playful banter or easy flirting doesn’t suit him. It is always best to approach him in a discreet yet powerful manner to truly seduce him.

Because a Capricorn man’s ruling planet is Saturn they must be in a dominant role in the relationship, try to play on it by being a submissive and feminine woman whenever you’re interacting with him. 

When both of you are in a deep conversation try to include the topic of sex into it and see how he’ll react. Tell him how much you like to try BDSM or a sexual relationship where there are rules, regulations, and boundaries. You can also tell him that you enjoy power play and that you enjoy being dominated.

Remember to keep eye contact steady and your voice feminine as you try to break the barriers on him. The more sultry and sexual you appear to be the more likely he’ll give in! This will make sure that you are sealing the deal and making sure your Capricorn man gets obsessed with you!

Capricorn: The Worldly Lover…. Final Thoughts

 The Capricorn man exudes authoritarian vibes, after all the planet which rules the sign and the house in which the sign is are mostly aspected on the ideas of success, advancements, recognition, professional success, and power.

No wonder your Capricorn man gives oozing “Daddy” vibes…

Confident, mature, stable, and practical your Capricorn man also looks for love whether he shows it or not, his emotional dryness can be a problem as it can make him unapproachable, however, a certain type of woman can break the barriers and truly make him in love and obsessed!

Be sure to do the aforementioned ways to seduce him and you’ll surely have your Capricorn man’s lust and desire over you! If you are looking for more zodiac signs and how to seduce them and make them obsess over you do not worry! For more information about the zodiac signs click the links down below!



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