How To Get A Cancer Woman Obsessed With You?

In this article, we are going to show you how to make a Cancer woman obsessed with you with the most powerful tips that you can do whenever you are interacting with her or you’re close to her! Alongside that, we will also tackle how your Cancer woman’s obsession tendencies come from!

Let’s get started!

The Cancer woman is the fourth sign of the zodiac wheel represented by the ocean crab, deeply loving, intuitive and nurturing, women born from June 22 up to July 22 are born under the rulership of Cancer. These delicate yet tenacious individuals are ruled by the Moon the closest celestial next to earth!

Being a moonchild isn’t easy, for once Cancer women are incredibly emotional and psychic, they can pick up the energy of the room and this can affect their well-being, along that the moon phases can heavily affect their moods which is why Cancer women are sometimes known for having moody and cranky periods…

Nevertheless, one of the most loving zodiac signs out there is a Cancer woman’s heart and soul go to protect and nurture, it is her duty to make sacrifices for her loved ones and family because she does it out of love. In a relationship, she can be incredibly passionate and romantic with her partner!

Infatuation and obsession tendencies aren’t a rare thing for a Cancer woman to her it’s almost as if it happens daily! Your Cancer woman can easily fall in love and this is due to her child-like perspective on the world. Her crushes can go from light and carefree to borderline obsession and paranoia.

With all of that in mind let’s tackle more on your Cancer woman and her obsession tendencies, we’ll explain to you how a Cancer woman develops an obsession so you can take advantage of it!

We’ll also tackle the things she looks for in a woman that makes her completely in lust with the person she is obsessed with!

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Cancer Women and Obsession Tendencies

Cancer women get obsessed with someone who can give them emotional validation, safety, and security, it is one of the most plausible reasons why a Cancer woman has so many light crushes but has only one single man who she’s been obsessing over for years.

This guy can be a close friend, an office mate, or someone she knows.

Whatever that guy might be the Cancer woman will always value that man highly because that guy feels like a haven for her. She can trust her, she can talk to her and she can feel comfortable around the guy’s space.

Alongside that, their attachment style in love makes it easy for them to date someone around their circle.

Your Cancer woman isn’t really about going to parties and meeting strangers. She likes attachment and familiarity, this means that she will be likely to go fawn over you if you’ve already built a connection or friendship. This is the reality of making a Cancer woman obsessed with you.

You must also show good traits that your Cancerian woman likes such as being devoted to your own family, having a good relationship with your parents, especially your mother, having a good career that denotes financial security as well as having confidence which signifies masculine dominance.

How to Get Your Cancer Woman to obsess over you? (7 ways to do it!)

1. Be a good reliable friend

Just like what’s said in the previous section, you must improve or somehow make an emotional connection with her and you can’t do that if you’re all about flirting with her. You must show her that you can be someone she can trust and rely on…

This is why the first step in making your Cancer woman obsessed with you is by being a good reliable friend, start by initiating small casual talks that can build deep lasting ones. Offer a helping hand whenever she needs it, and accompany her whenever you see she feels lonely.

Remember that more close you get to her the more chances of her seeing you as a guy who can be more than just a friend!

2. Treat her like a Gentleman would…

When you’ve already gotten close to her and you’ve noticed she’s put off her boundaries aside and that she’s opening up more to you the next step is to make her feel close to you by acting like a knight in shining armor! Show off your gentleman skills whenever she’s around!

Open the doors for her, treat her with nice and genuine compliments, and offer her some good advice whenever she has a problem she has to solve.

You can even ask her out this time but not on a date instead ask her out for some coffee or lunch, the more casual it is the more she’ll love it because there will be no pressure as to what the both of you are at the moment.

3. Introduce her to your friends or family members

The third step to get close to her and make her feel infatuated whenever you’re around is that you should show him that you are a family man. No matter how attractive, athletic, or successful you are if she knows that you are cold and unfeeling to your family she will never deem you to be worthy of her love.

Cancer is the sign that rules home, motherhood, family, and attachments, this is incredibly hard to grasp but a Cancer woman can see past the looks and see a person for what he truly is. It could be a gut feeling, a vibe, or a sudden swift of emotion, whatever it may be you can never lie to a Cancer woman.

With that said, you need to reconnect with your family and have a good relationship with them, as for friends your circle of friends mustn’t be rude or toxic to her because it can be a huge turn-off if it is the case.

4. Appear to be strong, confident, and courageous

Be a manly man! Your Cancer woman is an incredibly feminine woman who likes doing the traditional gender roles, it might be outdated and sexist for some but to her being a woman and part of womanhood is encapsulating the motherly traits.

This means that you should be the opposites in terms of energy.

Play sports or hit the gym, anything men related is a good thing to start you should also try to work on your confidence and self-esteem, and try to appear more confident by having good body posture and a commanding voice. The more masculine you are the more feminine she’s gonna be to you.

5. Take her out

Take note as this is very important! When you ask her out for a date and she agrees to come to the date. The location and scenery must be something heartwarming and special!

Don’t just take her on a fancy date where you’ll pay the bill instead build a date yourself! The more she sees that you are putting effort into it the more she’ll be attracted to you!

The date can be at your house or a cozy romantic place outside the city, it could even be down by the beach or a beautiful lake with scenery, wherever it might be the more special the date is the more memorable it is gonna be for her the more she’ll get attracted towards you!

6. Show her you’re doing good in life!

Live a happy, successful, independent life! This is a great embodying trait that a man should have because whenever you have your life intact more people are going to be able to see you in a good light.

This is especially true for your Cancer woman, if she sees that a man has no future, doesn’t care about his health, parties hard, and has no career she will never even be attracted to the man at all.

You can show her you’re doing good in life by inviting her to your special occasions, it can be your art exhibit or your football match, whatever you are doing in life you must show her that you are doing it well and that you are enjoying it.

This way she’ll grow more to see you as the man you truly are and this means more infatuation!

7. Win the approval of her mother!

Your Cancer woman loves her family deeply and this means she’s heavy on her family affairs with that said when you’re given the chance to meet her mother or any of her family members close to her you must make a move to win their approval.

Offer gifts and treats, warm gestures, and compliments when you deal with them, and be as genuine as possible.

Be sweet, kind, and thoughtful, and offer genuine conversations whenever you’re around them. The more her family likes you the more she’ll do things for the both of you to seal the deal and get into a relationship!

Cancer: The emotional Lover…. Final Thoughts

Your Cancer woman is one of the most emotional women you’ll ever meet, ruled by the sweet and nurturing moon, her love is truly deep and special. She is understanding with a golden heart that you should treasure. Her obsession tendencies often come from her romantic daydreaming and ideas.

Although naive about the grand illusions of love, desire, and infatuation your Cancer woman is a pure-hearted soul who seeks to love and understand and create a family of her own where she can pour out her heart and soul. If done successfully the relationship will be a long-lasting and fruitful one!

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