How To Get A Cancer Man Obsessed With You?

Do you want a Cancer man to fall hard for you and get obsessed with you? Worry no more because in this article we are going to tell you the best way to make your Cancer man obsessed with you! Not only that we will tell you how his obsession tendencies play out in his mind!

Let’s get started!

The Cancer sign is the fourth of the zodiac wheel, in Western Astrology the sign of Cancer the Crab marks the summer season in the northern hemisphere and the season lasts from June 22 up to July 22. Cancer men born under the sign of the crab are incredibly loving, nurturing, delicate, soft-hearted, and intuitive.

He knows a woman’s instinct because he has one himself! Being born under an incredibly feminine water sign, the instinct of a Cancer man is to nurture and protect. Like a mother/parent who would do anything for her loved ones, a Cancer man is just like that, especially in his relationship.

In a romantic relationship specifically in dating and obsession tendencies, your Cancer Man is incredibly obsessive! Being a cardinal water sign his emotions runs deep and once he gets a crush or obsession with someone it can be hard for him to let go!

Get ready if you’ve made him obsessed with you because there’s no turning back!

With all of that in mind let’s tackle more on your Cancer man and his obsession tendencies, what makes him tick and what he looks for in a woman that makes him completely in lust with the person he is obsessed with!

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Cancer Men and Obsession Tendencies

Cancer men get their obsession tendencies from their borderline bipolar personality.

Although all Cancer men are different having Cancer as their sun sign makes them easily attached to things and people. The symbol of cancer deals with nostalgia, the past, memories, and attachments so it’s easy to say that Cancer men can quickly get infatuated with the person of their choosing!

Cancer men’s obsession tends to arise when a woman expresses her light feminine gracefully and cheerfully.

This is more apparent when a woman’s personality is more motherly and parental making her appear more soft, warm, delicate, and loving these can be incredibly attractive traits that your Cancer man is looking for in a woman.

Your Cancer man is attracted to a woman with soft beauty, a motherly woman who is fond of taking care of children and animals, the kind of woman who doesn’t put much emphasis on physical beauty but rather focuses on the inner one. The good-natured and humble ones instead of the wild and bold ones.

Aside from that, your Cancer man can be extremely infatuated with someone who shows her traditional feminine duties such as cooking a nice meal, serving him, or showing him a good relationship with friends and family.

A Motherly figure can be incredibly attractive to her which is why some Cancer men are being accused of having borderline mommy issues…

Your Cancer man is also incredibly romantic and idealist when it comes to love and relationship, as much as he loves being taken care of he doesn’t shy away from being the one who takes care of the person he is into. He is incredibly loving and his tenacity makes him a great long-term partner in life!

How to Get Your Cancer Man to obsess over you? (7 ways to do it!)

1. Show genuine care and concern for his well-being

The first step in attracting your Cancer man is showing him your motherly skills as a woman! To him, it is incredibly attractive for a woman to show genuine care and interest in him and his well-being you can do this by simply going out to make the first move and make sure his needs are met!

Is he having trouble with his work? Help him! Is he trying to find something he lost at his desk? Volunteer to help him find it!

These little gestures prove that you are kind and that you are capable of supporting him this can make him notice you and surely in days and weeks to come the more you show genuine care to him the more he’ll be romantically interested in you!

2. Have good cooking skills!

The next step on the list! Show off by showing your good cooking skills! This one is pretty self-explanatory, remember that Cancer rules the home, and the ruling body part of Cancer is the stomach and you know what they say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

Casually give him baked treats that you make or even give him home-cooked meals, savory and sweet meals are the types of food he will surely love! Surely he will love the meals you will be made for him.

These are the things that he will truly appreciate and not only that he will also see you as wife material. Remember that your Cancer man loves sweets so it is good to utilize this to make sure he notices you during the attraction process.

3. Show him your good relationship with your family/mother

The third key step on the list! Be sure to show him your good relationship with your family and especially your mother, remember that your Cancer man no matter how much easy it is for him to get infatuated prefers to have a long-term partnership rather than flings.

As such it will be incredibly attractive for him to see that you are on good terms with your family, you can do this by casually opening up to him and telling wonderful sweet memories of you and your family.

You can also try to show him your family pictures and the things that you and your family do around the holidays.

Whatever it might be shown to him you are in a good relationship with your family and surely it will be an added attractive point to you! Not only he will see you as a good person he will also see you as a perfect specimen for a long-term relationship!

4. Soft aesthetics appeal to him

When working on your appearance do not try to be all-out by going the seductive route, wearing bold and sultry looks doesn’t appeal to your Cancer man, instead, he prefers a woman who knows how to dress traditionally and professionally.

Wear light and flowy dresses that accentuate your soft and feminine side, beige, white, and neutral tones are incredibly attractive colors for a Cancer man, makeup should be done but not too heavily. Aside from that having a feminine demure should be incorporated at all times.

When done properly you’ll surely get a compliment or two from your Cancer man who is deep inside crushing over you! Surely he will appreciate your beauty and might even go for a first move next time you see him!

5. Don’t be afraid to be emotional with him

When you get close enough to him, you must turn those random casual conversations and small talks into deep ones. You must show depth to your Cancer man because only then he will realize that you truly are a match for him. 

Do not be afraid to show your vulnerabilities such as your hard experiences in life, your insecurities, and the things that make you sad. Be real and raw when expressing what you truly feel and let it flow through. 

Only in vulnerability, you can truly connect with your Cancer man so it is incredibly important that you show him that you have real and raw emotions. When done properly he will grow closer to you and the infatuation will last long.

6. Show off your romantic side

Invite him to a cozy dinner at your place! Randomly give him sweet notes or messages on his phone or maybe even compliment him. When you show your romantic side you are attracting his aura onto you…

Offer a lending hand when he needs it whenever you’re around him you must make him feel like genuine love and kindness is in the room. Show him that by expressing your romantic side to him! It is incredibly important for you to show him that love is still in this world…

Go with what your instinct says and express love to him in a way that makes you feel at ease. Whatever your love language might be surely any forms and expressions of it will be appreciated by your Cancer man. This in turn will make him incredibly lustful and in love with you!

7. Win the approval of his mother!

Last but not least! When given the chance to meet his mother offer your best shot and make yourself presentable as possible! Remember that your Cancer man is deeply tied to his family, home, and his mother. By gaining the approval of his mother you are gaining his approval.

You can do this by being kind, sweet, genuine, and friendly and by making the first move in connecting with her through deep conversation. Remember that the more her mother likes you the more she will encourage her son to pursue you! It is a win-win situation!

Cancer: The sweets and delights Lover…. Final Thoughts

Your Cancer man is one of the most loving if not the most loving person you’ll ever meet! He is kind-hearted, understanding, empathetic, and incredibly wonderful to be around because of his patience and tenacity! Not only he is boyfriend material he is also husband material!

His obsession tendencies stem from his idealist ideas about romance and relationships as well as his ability to fall easily into a person who shows him genuine interest and affection. Be sure to follow all the steps to make him fall hard for you like no other! 

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