How To Attract A Sagittarius Woman

How to attract a Sagittarius woman?

Sagittarius is the highlighted part of the Zodiac wheel where the fire element has a mutable nature, which basically shows that a person is now free from the usual, material life, and strives for something beyond the known frontiers of mere existence.

The spark of spirit imagined in Aries, materialized in Taurus, spread in Gemini, rooted in Cancer, exploded with joy in Leo, accomplished through realistic actions in Virgo, united with others in Libra, died and transformed in Scorpio, is now being reborn in Sagittarius.

A Sagittarius woman is noble, and calm, but curious and adventurous at the same time. And to attract this woman, you must show your brilliant mind, your incredible sense of humor, and also your irresistible body.

She wants the whole package, but your ability to speak as someone educated and funny will make her heart tick.

With this, we’ve just scratched the surface…

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Is a Sagittarius woman truly unfaithful?

The Sagittarius woman is a very passionate being. However, her “passion” will almost always be directed toward some group of sciences or expertise type of education. And if her partner can keep the pace along her path, then she will be faithful. If their interests differ, her love will last shorter.    

In life, a Sagittarius woman can expect many dangers and surprises, from which she will always skillfully escape because she is endowed with success and honor, wealth, and happiness.

She is always restless, hypnotically chasing inspiration and new knowledge. She always wants new adventures, to experience everything, to taste everything, and to achieve both the possible and the impossible before she calms down in her mature age.

She is always inspired by travel and research, and her home is full of various exotic details, but her large and very quality library also contains several selected books on oriental or unusual techniques in sex.

This is because Sagittarius woman loves to explore everything, and she is the least one among all women of the Zodiac circle to be ashamed of her body.

Regarding her faithfulness, we can notice interesting two situations happening in her chart. First of all, her natural area of partnership is placed in the sign of Gemini, which is the epitome of multiplying. Therefore, she will love to gain different “experiences” at least at one point in her life.

Secondly, the ruler of her partnership area is the planet, Mercury. Since Mercury is never far apart from her natal Sun in Sagittarius, this position can be anywhere from Scorpio, Sagittarius, all the way to Capricorn.

If her natal Mercury is placed in Scorpio, then she will surely have that secretive tone around her love relationships. And she will show a lot of knowledge and abilities around her intimate performances.

Also, she will love to be with someone who appears mysterious or dark. In the case her Mercury is positioned in Sagittarius, she will seek an equal partner, and she will be very honest about where her feelings are heading to.

Therefore, her partner has to be educated, to love sports and open spaces, as the symbol of freedom.

In the case her natal Mercury is in the sign of Capricorn, she will also be totally honest, but in this situation, she will relate her love life with financial support, and this is exactly why she will look for older partners, successful and affluent, yet knowledgeable and influential in society.

What are the main traits of a Sagittarius woman?

Above all, the Sagittarius woman is tolerant, and her broad visions, and at the same time practicality, are united by wit, which allows her to live well and enjoy every ambiance, adapting to all circumstances. Her enthusiasm in life, and pretty good nature, make her a pleasant and fun partner.

When she decides to show commitment to a partner, she is a very pleasant teammate. She understands everything and monitors her partner’s activities, constantly helping. She does not impose her advice but waits to be asked. But, when someone really asks for advice, each of her words is worth its weight in gold.

She is an equal partner in sports, and she loves all outdoor activities. Also, her passion is antiques, and she often becomes an expert collector. She is always fast and capable, and she likes public discussions, and socializing because she is active and dynamic.

A Sagittarius woman is usually tall, often athletically built, beautiful, dressed with taste, not jealous, and knows how to forgive even cheating.

Her emotions are healthy and fair, and in sex, she loves a stimulating and even adventurous approach to intimacy.

How to pursue a Sagittarius woman?

A Sagittarius woman will fall for intellectual conversation or unusual ideas each time. As an attraction, emotional and sexual begins in the mind of a person, she will be that perfect example of a person who will click instantly with someone who can keep her thoughts agile and challenged.  

Sagittarius woman is always beautiful, fast, and spiritual, with a lot of passion for life in general. And she chooses partners who are exceptional intellectuals, although not too deep in their thoughts.

She is a great master of her desires, she does not like haste, debauchery, clutter, disruption of things, and order in the universe.

By the way, this woman is a fire burning under the ashes, as her mutable fire element colors her character. The experienced touch of her partner is never foreign to her. She likes to try everything, and she is not ashamed of anything.

Because of all this, the Sagittarius woman is very sexy, looking for unusual and almost adventurous stimuli during intimacy. And she responds to them enthusiastically, and very refinedly, even so much that she always inspires his partner to be better and better.

How to attract the younger Sagittarius woman

If you want to attract a younger Sagittarius girl, playing intellectual “Peter Pan” will gain you the best results. She will be attracted to those who are young at heart or appear young, running around, knowing everything about everything or everyone, and with the obligatory humor and a good mood.

In a Sagittarius girl’s natal chart, the best partner for her is shown through the sign of Gemini. This sign is ruled by the communicative and a bit scattered Mercury.

In this sense, she will be strongly attracted to all those thinner-looking, talkative people who are always in some hurry but functioning at the fastest pace.

Therefore, you should be present at many events of her interest, and you can “accidentally” bump into her because she loves spontaneous encounters.

And from that point on, you will do your best if you provoke her in a way so that she can confront you in a conversation and start laughing about this intellectual “problem” after a while.

After, you can try to drive or take her to various places, talk joyously till you drop dead, and until she falls in love, of course.

How to attract a mature Sagittarius woman

To attract a mature Sagittarius woman, you could become the king/queen of your industry or environment, or you could also be a genuine hero, no matter if your deeds are big or small, she will notice and admire you, and from that admiration, the feeling of attraction will be born soon enough.

It’s not so common for Sagittarius women to get divorced, at least as not as common as it is the case with the male members of this sign, but in many circumstances, you can find free and available mature Sagittarius women.

In this phase of her life, she had enough of talking and a “sales” approach to life and she is seeking a change.

Simultaneously, the new areas of her chart will become way more active, and those are the area of talents and romantic love seen through Aries, and the area of higher education and exploration, seen through the sign of Leo.

Therefore, a Sagittarius woman will suddenly start to pay attention to all those big and small heroes in her environment, no matter are those people are firefighters, police officers, army officers, belong to urgent medical staff, or simply make it through their life by helping all those in need, as quickly as possible.

You could be working on your “Make my neighborhood green” project and she will still be strongly attracted to your zest to make things better, for sure. It’s not about what you do, but what kind of energy radiates from you.

And if you can astonish her through your actions, not words so much, then her heart will be yours in no time.

Also, she will fall for an individual who has the traits of a royal figure, like kindness and innate nobleness. If you are a leading figure in any industry, or better still, in academic circles, but you are humble, yet knowledgeable, righteous, yet joyous, she will fall for you instantly.

OK. Now that we’ve covered the details about how to attract a Sagittarius woman…

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