How does a Capricorn Man Express Love?

In this article, we are going to show you how a Capricorn man expresses his romantic and sexual feelings to his partner. And, at the same time, we will give you tips on how to get your Capricorn man to express his love more openly to you!

The Capricorn man expresses his love by being a traditional lover, he will take you on dates, treat you with a nice gift, treat you like a lady, and respect you and your boundaries, he might not be as emotionally intense or expressive, but he makes sure that you are living comfortably and deeply love.

The Capricorn man is the 10th sign of the zodiac sign, he is represented by the Sea-Goat. He is ruled by Saturn with very heavy and fatherly energy. He will live by his traditions, and this shows in his personality and his actions toward love and relationship. He is affluent and he deeply acknowledges it but instead of bragging, he becomes silent. He is grounded and realistic, his work goals are admirable.

The Capricorn man or the Sea-Goat, is archetypally represented by The Tower card in tarot. Your Capricorn man is not here for fun, he is down to serious business. He is extremely driven and persistent to reach his goals. He is strategic and calculated in his moves. He does not let distractions hinder him, he can lead and his power is silent and slow. In short, he is powerful!

With that said, the sign of Capricorn is heavily interested in status, career, material wealth, and building reputation. A prominence of this heavy energy can make the Capricorn man extremely ambitious, he will stop at nothing to get what he wants!

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The Capricorn man expresses his love differently and uniquely which makes him stand out from the other zodiac signs. Now let’s dive deep into the psychology of how a Capricorn man expresses his romantic and sexual feelings to his significant partner….

Let’s jump right in!

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How does A Capricorn Man express his feelings?

The Capricorn man deeply expresses his love for his partner by doing whatever is necessary to make her feel loved and admired. This man is driven and persistent so his level of persistence in showing you how much he loves you will be deeply stable and the same all the time.

It can be the daily flowers or the daily surprises, whatever it may be his level of persistence and dedication will be of utmost best when he is in love with you. You will also be certain that your Capricorn man will not miss a single important date in your relationship!

He is strategic and calculated so he probably has a calendar planner of what to do during the day, that is how dedicated your Capricorn man is to you! He doesn’t forget and is always on time! This man deeply values his word of honor, that’s why when he says something you’ll be sure that it will happen!

Your Capricorn man will love you in a way that will be felt by your heart. Those small things that matter, the precision is always there and if you’re good at reading between the lines, you will surely appreciate your Capricorn man’s dedication!

Your Capricorn man will also love you in the most practical of ways. He might be a gentleman and do those little things like open the door for you, assist you when you’re having trouble walking in heels. He will also be manly and traditional. He might take you out on a date and have it as a treat, he will also help you if you’re experiencing any problems…

Emotionally your Capricorn man can be dry or unemotional, so he bases his love on logic. He will think of ways to make sure you are loved, and because of this he might pay more attention to giving you physical intimacy and gifts. When he does this, it is great to show positive expression of emotion and show appreciation

In a romantic relationship, he comes across as serious and strict, nevertheless, he is romantic by heart and he will be faithful throughout the relationship. He has aspirations of making the relationship more financially equipped as much as possible, and he will also introduce you to his family and he will treat you like one. He will treat you with utmost care and priority.

In lovemaking, he’s not afraid to be the boss. Being a boss is what he naturally does! So he’s probably into dominating you and making sure you are deeply wanted and loved during the process!

He treats you with utmost care and priority, in lovemaking, he’s not afraid to be the boss. Being a boss is what he naturally does! So he’s probably into dominating you and making sure you are deeply wanted and loved during the process!

Overall, your Capricorn man’s love style will be a combination of acts of service and quality time. He might only occasionally be physically intimate, the solution to fix this is to let him be at his utmost vulnerable state to you. Only in that way will he be deeply expressive of his love. To sum up, he may not be the most overly romantic, but he is truly a wonderful partner who is financially successful!

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How to get your Capricorn man to express his love to you!

Show off classic beauty…

Showing off classic beauty involves showing less flashy dress up and more neutral, monochromatic, and more subtle beauty pieces. Also dress up in a way that you will not seek unwanted attention from other people. Instead try embodying an old Hollywood or old money type of aesthetic.

You can also show off classic beauty by being refined in your manners. Try being polite and show well manners especially when there are situations where both of you need to show off your social graces. A confident body posture is also a must! Fearful or closed-off body language turns other people off including him…

Appreciate what he’s done for you

Do not show him that you’re just there for the money or do not give him any reasons to think that you are only using him for a free meal.  Be appreciative of whatever he gives you and the things he does for you because it is how he shows love. From time to time, be a good partner and reciprocate back any of the material gifts he brought for you.

By doing this you are removing any suspicion from his mind and you are letting your Capricorn man know that you truly love him and you want him to be a part of your life. In this way you are making sure that he will fully express his love for you more!

Be a reliable partner

When dating a Capricorn man, try to be as honest and dependable as possible. For a Capricorn man all of the material things, beauty, and shallowness do not matter if the woman she truly loves cannot be trusted completely.

With that said, be truthful about your situation or if you have any upcoming events. Do not hide away from your past relationship as it will just make him jealous. Alongside that, try to support his goals and dreams in the future!

Make him a priority

Give it all your best in making sure he feels extremely loved, taken care of, and appreciated. You can only do that by making him your priority. Do this by giving more time and attention to him and the relationship, do not be afraid to show physical intimacy. Try to be as warm and lovely as possible.

You can also invite her for a more romantic dinner date at your place where you can cook his favorite meal, attention to detail is a must! By doing this you’ll surely have your Capricorn man fawning over you in no time!

Be passionate when it’s just the two of you

It is deeply understandable why your Capricorn man dislikes showing intimacy in the public. It throws off the people’s perception of him being stoic and a professional, but deep inside, he truly craves a romantic and intimate get together between the both of you.

When it’s the right time and right place, try to tune in to your inner passion and seduction. Be flirtatious and playfully touch him in his erogenous zones, express to him how you truly feel about him, and drive him crazy by telling him how much you crave in!

By doing this you are surely making him fall harder for you!

Allow yourself to open up and be vulnerable

Be open in allowing him to see who you are as a person. Try opening up about your insecurities, your trauma, and your hardships. This sharing of heavy and traumatic things can get him to open up on his own traumatic experiences. With that, you both are building a mental and emotional connection to each other!

Keep the relationship low-key

Privacy is power! To him, he wants to keep the privacy in the relationship because it gives him a tremendous power to focus more on what matters and keep the relationship away from onlookers. Let him know you understand that and mutually agree to keep the relationship low-key but try not to keep it secret.

Let the relationship be known to the important people around you while still keeping it private. How the relationship has been going and what are the plans you both, by doing these you are surely making your Capricorn man fall harder for you!

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How a Capricorn Man shows love (& how to receive love from his!), final thoughts…

The Capricorn man shows love through practicality, and he will show it through his endeavors with you. He may not be the most spontaneous, most wildly adventurous, or the go-with-the-flow type, but he will show you his love in the way he was loved by his parents. It may be stoic, but it will surely melt you heart no matter how it is.

Always remember to apply some of the things mentioned before to encourage him to express his love to you.  This will further strengthen the relationship you have with your Capricorn man. Always remember that this is a surefire way to keep the relationship healthy and strong…

Remember that this applies to men with the sun in Capricorn or who have plenty of heavy Capricorn placements on their birth chart. If you want to know more about your Capricorn man’s full birth chart, you should determine his exact birth date and birth time as well as the location of his birth.

There can be plenty of different aspects that can tweak or amplify the Capricorn traits of your Capricorn man. For example, your Capricorn man who has a Leo moon and Aries Mars. it can tweak his overall personality and make her more impulsive, thrill-seeking, adventurous and optimistic, rather than the usual Capricorn traits of being grounded and serious.

Another example could be your Capricorn man’s birth chart showing planetary stellium which means his Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars or any of his inner planets are under the same sign of Capricorn. This amplifies the Capricorn energy, giving his the stereotypical nature and traits of a Capricorn  — ambitious, successful, intelligent and powerful.

The only way to truly find out his full personality is by finding out his birth chart, specifically looking for his Mars and Venus signs which will determine how he expresses love and pleasure and how he would like to be loved by his partner…



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