7 Effective Ways To Seduce A Gemini Man

So, you want to seduce the fun and smart Gemini man? It can be a little hard to do this when you are a little shy in conversations. However, this does not mean that you do not have hope because you do! To know how to effectively seduce a Gemini man, here are some ways in this article!

To seduce your Gemini man, you need to be a good conversationalist. You need to be open to trying a variety of things and reveal yourself slowly, be fun and quirky. Do not be a threat to his freedom and be a little bit unavailable. Stay up to date with social events and trends, so you have something to talk about.

It seems fairly easy, don’t they? Well, there is a lot more to learn about your Gemini man, including how he is in bed. If you want to know more, then you should continue reading!

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How A Gemini Man Is In Bed

In a nutshell, lovemaking with a Gemini man is exciting, and this is because Gemini people are very exciting people. You would not get bored with them. In general, a Gemini man is sexually stimulated and aroused by intelligence and the mind.

He might even like it if you are a know-it-all. He is interested in someone who has a wide variety of interests because he loves variety. He does not like to keep things routine, so he wants someone who is unique.

That is why most Gemini are attracted to Aquarian people.

Your Gemini man rules the arms and the shoulders. So, you can expect to have your hands held every now and then. There will be a lot of palms touching when you are making love, and he also enjoys having his hands touched and caressed.

This is like one of their love languages. You will also notice how he likes kissing your hands to express his love or admiration.

Gemini people, in general, are all about communication, and before making love, they love talking dirty first as foreplay. If you know how to talk dirty without people cringing, then, you have definitely an advantage.

When with a Gemini man, expect to have a lot of dirty talk from him – sexting. He likes hearing what you want to do with him when you are away from each other. This builds up the sexual energy between the two of you, and he also wants to hear these words in a very sexy way.

Because he is very big in communication, there is also an emphasis on the mouth in your Gemini man.

So, giving and receiving head is very important to him. In fact, it is more exciting to him than the regular type of making love. He also enjoys giving more than receiving.

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7 Effective Ways To Seduce A Gemini Man

Be a good conversationalist

A Gemini man is an intellectual sign, and so turning him on means getting into a really good and smart conversation with him. To seduce him, you need to engage his mind. Stimulate his mental capabilities and challenge him a little bit.

You need to be able to appeal to his mind. If he is your co-worker, you can send him an e-mail asking for help on a certain issue.

Aside from mental conversation, your Gemini man also likes humor and wit. You need to have tons of funny stories you can pull out anytime. If you can converse with him on this level, then you will definitely seduce him.

In short, you need to be able to be smart and witty when you are talking to him. Intelligence is sexy for a Gemini man.

Be open to trying a variety of things

A Gemini man is known for his exciting nature. Unlike people who have Taurus placements, this man does not like following a schedule or a certain pattern. He likes to try out a variety of things every time.

So, you need to be open to trying out things that might be out of your comfort zone. Make him feel that you are down to do that for him and with him.

He does not like to get bored and to seduce him, make sure that he gets the idea that you are not a woman or man of patterns. In bed, you can expect to have a lot of positions to try out.

Send him a signal that you are open to trying out kinks that he may have and just whole different unique experiences. Do not ever be afraid to try new things because to him variety is the spice of life.

Slowly reveal yourself

Although Gemini men are a little bit talkative and easy to open up about themselves, he also likes a little bit of mystery. Again, he is a sign of intellect, and he likes someone to figure out, like a puzzle.

You can take advantage of this by revealing yourself at a slow pace.  Show yourself without revealing too much.

When you first talk to him, you do not need to necessarily get personal right away. Be a mystery that will make him wonder because he likes that.

Make him want some more by not putting all your cards on the table at once. Leave a little bit of mystery to get home and wonder about you even more.

Let him enjoy his freedom

Because of how excited and friendly your Gemini man gets in crowds, there is no way that you can tie him down and let him stay at home on Friday nights.

He needs to socialize to live and have witty conversations with other people other than you. There is no need to waste effort trying to make him stay because that will not work.

To seduce your Gemini man, you need to make him feel that you are not a threat to his freedom and that you acknowledge how he needs it to make the relationship healthy and happy.

Let him spread his wings and discover things on his own and away from you. There are things he ought to try in this world, and the last thing he needs is someone to stop him.

Be a little bit unavailable

Your Gemini man somewhat shares this same characteristic with an Aries man because they both like the chase. Again, they both like excitement and variety in life. Your Gemini man is really the type to enjoy these kinds of games.

In order to seduce a Gemini man, you need to learn how to play the push-and-pull or back-and-forth game between the two of you. Do not be available all the time and let him chase you a little bit. If he texts you because he wants to meet up, take some time to reply and make him wait a little bit.

Be updated

Because how your Gemini man enjoys things that intellectually stimulate him, you need to immerse yourself in social events and trends or memes all over the internet. In this way, you will be able to exchange conversations comfortably with your Gemini man.

He tends to be a little gossipy, so, prepare yourself with your stories. With these being said, you will be able to seduce your Gemini man.

Be fun and quirky

Your Gemini man being a free spirit, you need to be the same to seduce him. There is no need to hide your quirky side because your Gemini man will appreciate your fun side. Just like your Gemini man, you should take life a little less seriously.

Show him that you are willing to try new and fun things with and for him. Do not be afraid to think outside the box with your date ideas because he likes it when you get creative with how you want your day to go.

This also applies to how you need to be in the bedroom. Let him know that there are deep strings attached when he does not intend to have some with you. Keep it light, fun, and sexy all at the same time!

7 effective ways to seduce a Gemini man, final thoughts…

To seduce a Gemini man:

  • Be a good conversationalist
  • Be open to trying a variety of things
  • Slowly reveal yourself
  • Let him enjoy his freedom
  • Be a little bit unavailable
  • Be updated
  • Be fun and quirky



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