7 Effective Tips To Flirt With A Gemini Man

7 Effective Tips To Flirt With A Gemini Man

A little talkative and always have something to say – this is one trait that stands out from a Gemini man. You admire his intelligence, and you just could not get enough of him. If you want him for yourself, here are some tips that you can definitely use to flirt with a Gemini man.

To effectively flirt with a Gemini man, give him space from time to time. Show different personalities so he does not get bored. Be very tactful and stay sharp to keep the conversations going. Be updated with current events and appreciate what he is interested in. Do not be afraid to be edgy and show authenticity.

Ok, this might sound simple enough… But, we’ve just scratched the surface…

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That said, let’s first take a look at his flirting style… then, we can review the ways to flirt with him!

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Understanding the Flirting Style of a Gemini Man

7 Effective Tips To Flirt With A Gemini Man

Geminis are ruled by the planet Mercury, so you can expect that your Gemini man is very good at communication. He is represented by the twins.

He wants to know everything about you, and in return, he wants you to know everything about them. When he is flirting, it can be a little bit overwhelming. It is like you are overloaded with information. He gets so excited, and it can be very cute because he can act like a little child.

Your Gemini man is going to ask a lot of questions and will enjoy a lot of conversations with you. He likes to have genuine face-to-face and back-and-forth conversations with someone because he needs to get a feel of the person he is talking to. He appreciates reciprocity.

He flirts by letting you in on secrets. These can be their secrets or other people’s secrets. He makes you feel comfortable that divulging secrets is easy for you because he is an open book. When he does this, he is definitely flirting with you.

Remember when I said that he appreciates reciprocity? This is what I’m talking about.

He also likes to show off his intelligence when he is flirting with you. He is a little show-off with his knowledge and expertise. He is smart and always thinks ahead. Again, this is because he is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communications.

He is going to let you know all that he knows. This is one of his biggest ways of flirting.

He also uses a lot of body language when flirting. Notice how he is going to be lifting up his shirt just to show his abs. He also loves to have a lot of fun and loves to laugh. In conclusion, a Gemini man flirts in a lot of different forms.

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7 Effective Tips To Flirt With A Gemini Man

Give him space from time to time

7 Effective Tips To Flirt With A Gemini Man

If you are flirting with a Gemini man, let him know that you are okay with keeping your individuality. You need to be able to make him know that you are not going to force him to do anything. Allow him to come to you.

Flirt by not doing anything, but you know, give him little hints every now and then. But remember to not do it too much all the time!

If you keep coming to him and being clingy, he is going to be annoyed the heck out of you! Give him his freedom because he needs it.

You should be able to teach him new things because he likes it when he gets mentally stimulated because (yes, you guessed it!) he values communication. So, instead of annoying him by trying to be with him all the time, talk about your hobby and if he is into you, he is going to be interested to learn about it too!

Show different personalities

Your Gemini man, as I have said, gets bored a little too easily. In order to not let this happen, you need to be able to become 10 different people. And when I say 10 different people, I mean have 10 different personalities to show.

When you are flirting with him, make sure that you show up as a different person every time.

However, this does not mean that you need to pretend to be someone else all the time. You just need to show him a different angle of you all the time. You have to be an open book. However, do not say too much every time.

Say just about enough because you need to save this information for next time. He values communication that he is getting out of you.

Be very tactful

Again, he gets bored all the time, so you need to always have something up your sleeves to keep him interested. You have to master how to manipulate him that will definitely benefit you and will not harm him. You need to have a lot of things to say but remain tactful so that you won’t hurt him.

Also, when you are going on a date, you should arrive just on time – not too early and not too late. Because if you keep him waiting for you for too long, he is going to be bored and move on with another man or girl.

Stay sharp

7 Effective Tips To Flirt With A Gemini Man

To your Gemini man, boredom is like death because he cannot stand it. He has a hard time settling in a relationship because he is very social. It’s either his partner gets jealous very easily or he just got bored of his partner.

And so, flirt by letting him know that you are ahead of him and that you are prepared for his personality.

Meeting your Gemini man is like meeting a whole different man every time. And so, he is constantly changing. He does not like doing a concrete daily routine that he religiously follows, and so, he expects you to be the same. This is all because he likes the feeling of excitement.

Be updated with current events

Again, your Gemini man likes to talk! He likes to talk about almost anything, especially current events. If he is into the Hollywood scene, make sure that you are updated with the latest gossip about the different celebrities.

He can also talk about other things – from world peace to the current news of the different NBA teams.

So, to flirt with a Gemini man, you need to have a wild knowledge of almost everything. You need to be a wild reader, so you won’t run out of things to talk about with your Gemini man. Again, you need to be able to have a lot in the bag.

Appreciate what he’s interested in

Your Gemini man wants to feel that you care about his ideas and his intelligence.

And so, it is only fitting that you show him that you are interested in everything he says. Flirt by complimenting how he is very knowledgeable about the subject he is talking about. Compliment him by saying that you think he is very eloquent and skilled!

Be edgy

7 Effective Tips To Flirt With A Gemini Man

Unlike the Taurus man, your Gemini man does not mind if you are being a little weird and standing out from the crowd.

He does not mind if you have a little wild streak. Remember when I told you that he values authenticity from the person he is interested in? And so, you can take advantage of that by flirting with your true self.

He does not like it when you are a little bit needy. And so, he likes it when you do not seek validation from him and that you are truly being yourself all the time. Make him feel that he needs you rather than you need him.

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Effective tips for flirting with a Gemini man, final thoughts…

The effective tips to flirt with a Gemini man are:

  • Give him space from time to time
  • Show different personalities
  • Be very tactful
  • Stay sharp
  • Be updated with current events
  • Appreciate what he is interested in
  • Be edgy

Happy flirting!



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