Does A Scorpio Woman Cheat?

Are you scared that your beloved Scorpio woman might be cheating on you? Do not worry…In this article, we’re going to tell does a Scorpio woman cheats, if so why would a Scorpio woman cheat, and what are some signs to look out for…

Yes, a Scorpio woman can cheat on you mainly because she’s inclined on her shadow side, the low vibrational energy of a Scorpio is the one that stings, destroys, manipulates and lies, longing for a relationship with a toxic Scorpio woman is bound to fail, her cheating problem can be due to her intense wild sexual energy.

The Scorpio woman is the intense and driven woman of the zodiac, highly magnetic and forceful, with a tinge of dark energy residing in her that makes her incredibly intimidating and powerful to some, her magnetic aura repels or attracts, and her intensity is most notable in terms of showing emotions.

In terms of love, especially to the ones she’s genuinely committed to, she is wildly intense in showing her love and emotions,  she will be quite protective to the point of being possessive and obsessive, her emotions will be intense, and she will be passionate and sexually-charged.

This Scorpio woman is considered one of the most sexually charged signs of the zodiac, due to having a fixed modality and being ruled by Mars and Pluto – highly heavy planets that deal with sex and dark aspects of life.

There can be several ways why your Scorpio woman would be unfaithful and cheat on you, with that said let’s tackle the psychology of why would your Scorpio woman cheat in a committed relationship and how can you spot if she’s betraying you behind your back!

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Let’s dig deep!

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Are Scorpio women More Likely to Cheat?

This can be complicated, this will always depend on the Scorpio woman herself, a healed and love-inclined Scorpio woman is loyal and deeply faithful to the point of eternity to her partner, she understands that transcendence only comes from love and forgiveness, however, a dark Scorpio woman is stingy and is survival-instinct driven, she lies, manipulates and destroys.

The mystery surrounding a Scorpio woman is astonishing, you will never know what she thinks or feels, it is a great mystery tuning into her life story as she might never tell you her struggles or past experiences before, she’s secretive for a good reason.

Being born in the sign of Scorpion is heavily karmic, she could have been an abuser and abused in many lifetimes, there could be lives where she lived as a powerful and influential woman and at certain lifetimes powerless, weak, and heavily scorned, this gives her enough knowledge in this lifetime, to either change for the better or the worst.

Cheating is another relationship dynamic that deals with insecurities and trauma, a relationship bond that is heavily confided between power and control, a Scorpio woman who wants to transcend her soul and life experiences will be open to Love and forgiveness, and because of that, she will genuinely feel more connection to her partner, making her incredibly faithful.

On the other hand, a cheating Scorpio woman cheats because she’s been on the two sides of the same coin – being an abuser and an abused, and therefore she feels she wants to be more of the abuser because she feels she has power and control over the relationship dynamic, not knowing she is only hurting herself more and others.

If you are struggling with a relationship with a Scorpio woman it is best to not brush it off and talk out your feelings to her, if you’re feeling she might be sneaky and is doing it behind your back, trust your gut, your intuition tells you something logic doesn’t know and go with the flow.

With all of that in mind, the Scorpio woman will have an easier and more harmonious relationship with someone who has water placements (Pisces, Cancer) and Earth placements (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn).

Special mention to Aries, both signs are ruled by Mars, therefore their passion and sexual compatibility are off the roof! Remember that the relationships formed with these placements are passionate and truly exhilarating, promising a good and fruitful relationship!

Why Do Scorpio Women Cheat?

The Scorpio woman simply cheats because she wants to take on the role of the abuser, she wants to have all the power and control in the relationship, she’s self-sabotaging and self-destructive, all the way more vile and selfish to others, and she feels her survival and pleasure must be put at utmost importance.

The Scorpio woman is born under a sign of heavy energy, it can be seen as dark and menacing to others, but this important access is often a burden to her, a woman born under this sign will deal with a lot of emotional baggage.

Unless she has mastered how to control her inner demons, she will live off his life as a parasite, damaging everything and everyone she touches, metaphorically, it is what she does in her relationship that causes her downfall.

A toxic Scorpio woman is to look out for, she lies and cheats for fun in her sadistic ways, she’s incredibly dangerous because she assumes to take the role of an abuser and you will never know it, her sting can be poisonous and you will never know when it hits.

Her powerful energy can be used for evil purposes, alongside that because she is ruled by Mars, she will have an incredibly high sex drive and sexual aura, her wild energy cannot be tamed, and because of her high sex drive, she might indeed succumb to her intense need for sex that she will look for partners to satisfy it.

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How to Find out if your Scorpio woman is Cheating on you?

These are some of the signs to look out for when you feel that your Scorpio woman is cheating on you, here are some of the signs that your Scorpio woman is cheating on you or is planning on replacing you.

Do not test if she’s cheating on you, the best thing to know if she’s cheating on you is to test her loyalty, the first thing to do is to test how open she is to you, does she lets you lend her phone to you? Is she more open in telling you her emotions and traumas? Is she more open to telling you her schedule? Being open is one of the most crucial things that determine how faithful your Scorpio woman is to you.

If all of the answers to the said questions above are no, then you need to be worried, she is probably hiding something from you if she’s keeping the extra mile in making sure you don’t know anything about her.

Another sign to look out for is her stinginess, a loving Scorpio woman who is truly in love with her man will feel feminine and comfortable in her man, however, a Scorpio woman who mocks you, mocks your masculinity, and engages in harmful bullying just to hurt you is a sign that she does not love you and is probably looking for someone else.

It is also important to take note that a toxic and shadow-inclined Scorpio woman is an instigator of wild hookups and cheating flings if you feel bored or sexless because you haven’t had a good intimate time with her, she may be declining sex for you for someone else.

It is a good indicator that your Scorpio woman is cheating on you if the two of you already lack emotional and passionate intimacy in the bed, she might still be attached to the relationship but she feels loveless and is open to going for the side flings that are present in the shadows.

Overall, if the relationship feels draining and one-sided, if it lacks love and sexual energy and the signs said are present, it could be highly indicative of her cheating on you and you need to move on, remember to stay away from the toxic woman as it will only destroy you in the end!

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Final Verdict: To keep or not to keep a Scorpio woman’s cheating heart? 

The best word of advice: Do not go for it! Love it or hate it! A tempting Scorpio woman is hard to resist and she might give you the best time for a while, her cheating on you is a grave sin that is committed against you!

Do not fall for it! Instead, try to cut off your energy to her and detach yourself from her, do not talk to her or listen to her explanations, try to live and move on, heal yourself and as much as possible try to live your life to the fullest, have fun with life and see the beauty of it without her.

Be passionate and also be open to meeting new romantic experiences, go with the flow of love and light, this is much best rather than being vengeful and repressing your emotions…

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