Best Career Jobs For Leo Moon!

Leo Moon natives are bright, outspoken, confident, and generous individuals keen for leadership and managerial roles where they can assert their dominance and power. Their bright and sunny disposition allows them to do theatre, dance, visual arts, and other creative endeavors! 

Leo moon natives have a bossy nature that naturally draws them to be leaders, especially in team projects!

These individuals are fun-loving which inclines them to careers or jobs that build affluence and reputation over time. Because of that acting, modeling, politics, PR head, and executive can be professions that suit you!

Leo Moon natives are fierce and domineering! These feisty individuals know that climbing the top of the ladder requires willpower and persistence. Leo moon individuals are known for their regal appearance and body language which commands respect and authority. They are powerful and they know it deeply! 

Leo Moon natives are at the top of the game regardless of where they work or what their occupation is! These individuals have strong and regal personalities and they put their hearts and minds at the table. If you are a Leo moon you exude charisma, confidence, and power all at once!

You’re a powerhouse and everyone in the room knows it!

Leo Moon natives are also lucky and blessed. Although the moon in Leo is not an exalted placement like the Taurus moon or Cancer moon, the energy of Leo feels comfortable with the Moon.

This makes Leo Moon natives bold, brave, bright, and open to spiritual energies that can make them affluent, wealthy, and powerful!

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Leo Moon, Career, Job Opportunities, and Working

Leo moon natives naturally excel at professions where they are independent and have the power to command people. Leo Moon natives flourish in a workspace where they know they’re the boss and people follow orders from them.

Having a Leo moon can make it difficult for you to take orders and this leads to problems at work. 

Leo or the Lion is the fixed fire sign of the zodiac. When you think about it, this sign is the most controlled and disciplined out of the three (Leo and Sagittarius).

To Leo Moon, natives deeply know that hard work, persistence, and the ability to show your skills in the public eye can effectively nourish your career and asset. Leo Moon natives are naturally assertive and confident!

What others lack in rigidity is what a Leo moon truly owns and possesses. Because of this over time, many Leo Moon natives can assume positions of power or accumulate great wealth through financial assets. These natives are not entirely materialistic but can overspend to look affluent.

Many Leo Moon individuals are ambitious and energetic. They have their own opinions, ideas, and morals that they like to incorporate into their work or career. Leo moon natives are decisive which makes them self-assured inside and outside of their workspace. 

Leo Moon natives are the picture of ego, pride, and honor. To Leo Moon natives they carefully curate their reputation and they take pride in their career achievements. Their assertiveness knows no bounds anyone who crosses them automatically makes them furious and disengaged. 

Leo Moon natives can work well on jobs that undoubtedly represent superiority and power. This means that authoritative positions work well for these natives as it gives them a sense of responsibility and a way to show off their leadership capabilities.

At best, your magnanimous attitude at work also shows in your love and family life! You tend to be generous to the people you like and you tend to give the same level of praise people give to you!

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Leo Moon Key Professional Traits:

  • Leader
  • Assertive
  • Powerful
  • Strong-Minded
  • Decisive
  • Persuasive
  • Strategic
  • Competitive
  • Optimistic
  • Energetic
  • Good sense of humor
  • Dramatic and proud
  • Creative and ambitious 

Leo Moon as a Coworker

If you have your Moon in Leo then you are someone who speaks loud and powerfully at work. You are assertive and confident and this can be a little intimidating sometimes, especially to your quiet and reserved coworkers.

Regardless of your regal appearance, you can be quite sunny and chatty and this surprises most of your coworkers!

Alongside that, you tend to look polished and gorgeous all the time which attracts plenty of admirers!

If you have your moon in Leo then there are probably 3 or more people in your work that like you! Be careful as you can be the center of drama and unnecessary gossip and scandals so it is best to remain your personal life hidden.

If you are a Leo moon you also tend to be decisive but instead of being logical, you use your heart to guide you in whatever challenge you are facing. You tend to be direct and upfront which can rub some people in the wrong way.

As a Leo Moon native you need to practice humility especially if you’re working below the manager or your senior. 

As an employee, you tend to be reasonable and punctual, you are also adventurous which makes you a risk-taker. As an employee, you might feel irritated if your boss or someone higher than you asks for any assistance or favor but you do your job with finesse.

Love and romance can only come to you at work if you find your coworker sexually attractive and charismatic. Both Leo Man and Leo Woman express their love or admiration differently but both love in extremes. These individuals are romantic at heart and it deeply shows in their actions.

Best Career for Leo Moon

Acting, Modeling, Singing, or a career that puts you in to spotlight!

Leo Moon natives are bright and confident! They’re also extremely gorgeous and this enables them to climb up the ladder of fame industry! Careers such as acting, singing, modeling, and other theatre creative endeavors will suit well for people with this placement! 

Many Leo Moon individuals love the spotlight and they can effectively utilize this talent to make a lot of money! They can become incredibly popular by pursuing these jobs as it is in their nature to perform and outshine!

To strengthen your popularity and creditworthiness put yourself out there and be sure to engage in activities where you can embark on your journey from there.

For example, if you are trying on modeling then it is good to create a portfolio that captures your natural beauty then you can try submitting it to modeling agencies. If you are eager enough and financially capable you can move to hotspots where many casting directors and companies are located.

Many celebrities have Leo Moon and other prominent Leo placements which is no surprise for the Astrology community. Leo Moon individuals have that “it” factor and it shines bright which makes other people admire them profusely.

If you’re planning on pursuing these careers you should develop tough skin as these industries can be harsh and ultra-competitive.

Remember that there are no shortcuts to success including this one. Getting recognized and profiting from these types of careers can take some time but for a Leo Moon native like you these jobs will surely be worthwhile and fun!


Leo Moon individuals have strong and domineering personalities thanks to their huge amount of self-assurance and ambition. These traits can make them viable candidates to become leaders assuming powerful roles in the Government and society.

Alongside that when Leo Moon natives pursue politics they are cultivating their leadership and people skills which positively affects their life!

Many Leo Moon natives are charismatic and have pleasing personalities that can suit well in the public eye. Whether they want to admit it or not many Leo Moon individuals crave being the center of attention and exerting their power over someone. This makes politics another career idea worth considering.  

Event Manager

Leo Moon natives are extremely extroverted and can feel the most alive when there are jam-packed social meetings and adventures. This makes the world of glamorous, fun, and exciting parties another strong match for many Leo Moon natives who are looking for a profitable career!

Being an event manager, you can be as bossy and decisive as you want, and not only that you are bringing your classy taste to the table of people who want to have a good time. Being an event manager allows you to tap into your creative skills!

Your enthusiasm, creativity, and regalness can bring excitement to any occasion you’re organizing too! However, you may even be bossy even to your clients! You may want to tone it down and avoid overriding the ideas your clients want to present to you.

Remember to keep your clients happy by giving them the party or even that they want. 

PR Executive, Celebrity Stylist, or Assistant

Leo Moon natives know the latest in trends and they know how to work on these things.

Leo Moon natives are naturally crafty and creative which shows in their ability to know what appeals to the masses. These individuals are also cunning and can be incredibly strategic which makes jobs such as being a PR executive, celebrity stylist, or assistant suitable.

These natives love being on the run, meeting new people, and experiencing the glitz and glamor of life. There’s nothing more fun than being in a career that can offer you those types of experiences.

Alongside that, their extroverted personality and ability to have taste are effectively useful whether it’s a client, company, or organization that they’re handling.

If you want to pursue any of these jobs you should have a handful amount of experience as a social media specialist, public relations specialist, or other relevant fields such as communications.

You should also try to infiltrate the industry you want to work in through several freelance works. Remember to stay patient and build your portfolio in the process.

Fashion Designer

Last but not least! Many Leo moon natives are known to properly express themselves through fashion which is not surprising as Leo moon natives can be some of the bold dressers out there!

Many Leo Moon natives have an eye for fashion aesthetics and this can make them feel drawn toward the fashion or creative industries.

Being a fashion designer is a common career path for Leo Moon natives.

They know how to look good and what to wear that flatters them. They’re also aware of how clothes can greatly influence other people’s perception of you which makes them knowledgeable on which designs are appealing to the masses.

Leo moon natives are imaginative, detail-oriented, skillful, and have an eye for aesthetic detail these make them excel in jobs related to the fashion world as it allows them to showcase their natural born creativity.

Leo Moon: Job and Career Options Final Thoughts

Leo Moon natives naturally excel at jobs that demand high creativity and passion. These natives become successful later on in life because of their ability to keep their eyes on the prize. They are also persistent and can stay optimistic for long periods without complaining.

These individuals shine the brightest and their light is inspiring to everyone!

Many Leo Moon natives are strong, generous, reliable, confident, determined, and exude natural leadership skills. These people are great coworkers to be with and they are great individuals that have many talents. These people also exude natural charm and beauty which they can use to their advantage.

Leo moon natives are the lucky ones of the zodiac, they have the power, looks, and talent that is well suited to a wide range of careers.

Of course, if you have Leo Moon yourself we’re not telling you what jobs you should do. You’re decisive enough on your own to know what you want in this lifetime!

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