5 Ways A Gemini Woman Handles Divorce

A Gemini woman can be quite unpredictable, so it may be confusing when it comes to figuring out how she handles a breakup. If you want to know how a Gemini woman handles divorce, you have come to the right place.

A Gemini woman handles divorce by acting tough while also becoming indifferent, especially towards you. She will also start exploring new places and even flirt around as a way to distract herself from the pain. A Gemini woman will also become silent because it’s her way of dealing with her own emotions.

Read further to know what a Gemini woman needs in a relationship and two ways how to break up with her!

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What A Gemini Woman Needs In A Relationship

Being intellectually stimulated is the one thing that matters most to a Gemini woman when she is flirting. More valuable than physical attractiveness or anything else is a good discussion. She actively searches for her soul mate as well, but she doesn’t want to come across as needy or emotional.

The Gemini woman only expresses her actual feelings and personality when she falls in love with the right person.

A Gemini woman desires to experience emotional fulfillment, physical synchronicity with her spouse, and intellectual stimulation. When she is in love and spending time with a man who completely knows her and motivates her inner self, she will only be at her best and behave naturally.

A Gemini woman desires to live a free and independent life while yet having fun in a secure relationship.

Gemini Woman As A Wife

The Gemini woman will be in her most magnificent days as soon as she marries and starts a family. This woman is loyal and frequently prioritizes her husband before herself. She will be an excellent wife and mother to her husband and kids, and they will all love her.

A Gemini woman would never compromise her marriage and the happiness of her children for a romantic affair despite having a lot of common sense and frequently relying on her senses.

A Gemini woman needs to talk to her husband as often as she can; therefore, their marriage tends to be focused on communication, and don’t mind talking about everything. She is vivacious and engaging, and her husband will never get tired of laughing, thanks to her.

A Gemini woman should be kept interested and alive by engaging in a range of exciting activities with her husband because she is quite obsessed with variety.

When A Gemini Woman Is Done With You

Whether you want to admit it or not, the fact is that a Gemini woman is no longer focusing only on you. She couldn’t give a damn about what you’re saying, as you can see by the way she looks at you. You no longer hold the position in a Gemini woman’s life that you once did and are now her second choice.

A Gemini woman could care less about your troubles and how you feel because she doesn’t really care about you anymore. Even if you two are still together, it appears that this sign was able to successfully erase you from her memory.

Despite being physically present in your life, a Gemini woman treats you like a complete stranger.

2 Ways To Break Up With A Gemini Woman

Be direct

The typical preference of a Gemini woman is to be directly dumped because she hates conflict.

In fact, this sign has a reputation for ghosting or for breaking up over the phone. She won’t likely decide to end things on her own, and she’s more likely to make an effort to get you to leave so she won’t have to talk about her feelings.

A Gemini woman will do whatever to keep from talking about her feelings. She would prefer to keep herself occupied until the emotions pass, and she doesn’t require a long conversation about your relationship.

A Gemini woman wouldn’t even need to talk things out if she had her way. She simply wants to proceed to the next phase of her life after you tell her that your relationship is done.

Give her space

She will act normal because a Gemini woman has trouble expressing her feelings. Although she could give the impression that she doesn’t care, the opposite is actually true. Although her heart is breaking, she is hesitant to express how she is feeling.

She’s probably not going to let you see her cry, but she’s in pain. Allow a Gemini woman the space she needs to deal with her emotions and let them out in her own way.

A Gemini woman may appear to be cheerful and laughing, but that’s just how she handles things.

She’ll also need to date around a distraction as she processes her feelings around the end of your relationship. It doesn’t imply that she is completely over you or that your relationship wasn’t worth her whole commitment.

A Gemini woman most likely was, but she wants to focus on someone else to distract her from the pain.

5 Ways A Gemini Woman Handles Divorce

She acts tough

You shouldn’t count on a Gemini woman to be vulnerable and dig deep.

Instead, she will make an effort to appear normal even after a divorce when she is deeply hurt and missing you. Again, you might conclude from this that she never genuinely cared about you, but this is an incorrect assumption to make. Regardless of the circumstance, a Gemini woman simply avoids emotion.

A Gemini woman will never be vulnerable because it’s not her style. Don’t take her laid-back attitude as evidence that she was never truly invested in your marriage. Even though she appears to be having fun and laughing with friends, there is a good chance that she is actually hurting and missing you.

A Gemini woman merely attempts to conceal her unhappiness from both you and herself.

She becomes indifferent

A Gemini woman can act indifferent or invest less emotion in the relationship depending on whether you go on other dates or not. She might also begin to display uncertainty or dissatisfaction with the flow of your marriage.

At the same time, she may assert that he wants to resolve the issue to maintain his good looks after she’s done with you.

Even though she still claims to love you and communicate with you, if you pay close attention, you’ll see that she has changed her mind. This condition of indecision can last in a Gemini woman for weeks, months, or even years.

She may be afraid of committing to ending a relationship in the same way that she is afraid of committing to starting one. This sign might linger in the pre-divorce stage for a long time.

She flirts around

A Gemini woman frequently engages in short-lived, shallow relationships as a form of rebound.

Additionally, a sign that she is probably missing you more often is when she flirts with other men. This is due to the fact that occasionally all she actually required was a break in order to reignite the passion and come back to chase you.

She’ll evaluate how his new love interest differs from you in every aspect as she mentally contrasts the two of you. Because things aren’t the same, while a Gemini woman is fast to move on, it also means she’ll be quick to miss you.

She may attempt to be friends with benefits or alternate between dating as she becomes more at ease with her feelings.

She becomes silent

A Gemini woman will not display her sadness. She might just remain silent if she can’t act like she isn’t hurt. It’s crucial to realize how odd it is for this sign to be speechless. If she is quiet, either she is avoiding talking about deeper feelings, or she is taking a break from communicating until she is ready.

A Gemini woman may become quiet when she is upset with you, but these deeper emotions rarely linger for very long. No matter how upset or angry she is, she will often calm down and then make an effort to get in touch with you again.

A Gemini woman is either trying to conceal her deeper upset feelings or is attempting to distance herself from the relationship in order to determine what she truly wants.

She’ll start traveling

After a breakup, a Gemini woman may decide to take time to travel to celebrate her newfound independence. You should know that this sign is a symbol of communication and travel. A Gemini woman might post on social media that she’s off for a road trip or cross-country journey.

A Gemini woman does this to mend her broken heart and divert her attention from the pain of losing you. Traveling offers her the chance to start his mind over, which is something she needs after the divorce. A Gemini woman will soon be thinking of you and curious about how your life is going, so let her be the one to initiate contact with you.

5 ways a Gemini woman handles divorce, final thoughts…

  • She acts tough
  • She becomes indifferent
  • She flirts around
  • She becomes silent
  • She’ll start traveling



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