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5 Signs A Cancer Man Is Using You

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A Cancer man is known to be very romantic, and to be honest; it is very easy to tell whether he is serious about you or not. If you are here wondering whether he really likes you or not because it seems like he only contacts you when he needs something, you have come to the right place.

A Cancer man is using you if he seems distant when he is with you. He tries to give every bit of attention to the person he likes. He also does not make plans with you. He ignores you and only contacts you when he needs something. He doesn’t introduce you to his friends and family, and he doesn’t put you first.

If you want to know more about these signs, I have provided details below. I also included signs when he is done with you, his weaknesses in a relationship, and how to keep him interested. So, keep reading!

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Signs A Cancer Man Is Done With You

He stops caring

Among all the men in the Zodiac, the Cancer man is probably the sweetest and most caring person you will ever encounter. It is very easy for you to identify whether a Cancer man loves you or not because he is the type to do what it takes to make you feel loved and cared for.

You can also tell immediately whether he is starting to lose feelings.

When a Cancer man is done with you, he will no longer be interested in trying to pick up on you. Once he is fed up with you, all of these romantic gestures that he’s been doing will no longer show. He will not even try to tell you that he loves you.

This is one of the easiest and most obvious signs that a Cancer man is done with you.

He does not open up

Before you started dating, it might have been hard for your Cancer man to open up to you. But once he did, he completely opened up. He did this because he trusted you. He sees a future with you. This means that he wants to share his life with you.

A sign that a Cancer man is no longer interested in continuing dating is that he stops sharing details of his life with you. He no longer wants to share how his day went or even his whereabouts. He will also start not to care about yours too.

He may give you excuses like he’s busy or has a family meeting, but in reality, he does not want to be with you anymore.

5 Signs A Cancer Man Is Using You

He is distant

A Cancer man is known to be very affectionate and caring when in love. It is very unlikely for him to be distant and cold when he is with someone that he is interested in. When he gets cold in a relationship, it is either you have hurt him, or he is thinking about something very important to him.

You will know when a Cancer man is only using you if he acts like he does not care at all after you have given him what he wants. He is usually grateful and appreciative, and if he isn’t, take it as a sign and leave.

He does not make plans

This man is the type of person to want to be around the person he loves all the time. He wants to see that person every now and then. He is romantic like that. He is going the type of guy who plans cute little dates with the person he loves. He likes going on a beach date this week and a museum date the next.

If a Cancer man contacts you when he is in need of something, then he is definitely just using you. He may be in need of your money, emotional support, or even sexual needs.

He also likes to daydream about building a future with the person he loves, and that is a topic that will usually be talked about throughout the relationship. And if this is not happening, you know what that means.

He ignores you

With what we know about how a Cancer man is when in love, we can expect him to be very consistent when it comes to giving you attention. This is very evident when you are texting. when he is interested, you are going to be getting non-empty and fast replies from him.

However, if he has no feelings for you and stays just to use you for something, he is going to ignore you most of the time. It is very unlikely for a Cancer man to not respond to text messages from the person he loves. Again, he may just contact you whether he is in need of something from you.

He doesn’t introduce you to his friends and family

A Cancer man is a family man. He is the type of person who values people in his life so much. One indicator that a Cancer man is serious about a partner is that he will introduce that person to his family. He will also introduce her to his friends.

It may either be through social media or at gatherings and parties.

He does this early on in the relationship because this is one way how he expresses his love. Now, if he is only using you, he will not even mention you to his friends and family. And when you open up this topic, he is going to dodge it and ignore you.

This means that he does not value you as much as you want to be valued.

He doesn’t put you first

Being with a Cancer man is like being in a romantic movie because he is a hopeless romantic. He is the type to really go in when it comes to expressing his love. He is always going to prioritize you and what you feel. He is going to think of his actions constantly.

It is very rare for a Cancer man to prioritize people he does not value. So, if you feel like a Cancer man is not that into you, it is most probably true. You can tell if he is doe not prioritize you and even considers you his last resort.

A Cancer Man’s Weaknesses In A Relationship

At this point, we all know how a Cancer man is when in love. He is all in and is going to do whatever it takes to make you feel loved and appreciated. However, the downside to this is that he can get a little bit crazy when he is not getting enough attention.

He may constantly be on an emotional rollercoaster. If you are not replying to his text messages, he can get paranoid.

Another weakness that a Cancer man possesses in a relationship is that he can get possessive really quickly. If you are extroverted and like to meet people, then having a Cancer man as a partner may not be for you. He can get jealous of the people you get in contact with.

How To Keep A Cancer Man Interested

To be honest, it is very easy to keep a Cancer man interested in you. I mentioned that a Cancer man is a family man, and you can get the advantage of this.

To keep him interested, get to know his friends and family. If he tells you a story about them, keep asking questions. Show him that you are interested in getting to know the people that he values. He is looking for someone who fits in his social world, after all.

You can get him even more interested by introducing him to your friends and family too.

You can invite him to a family dinner or a party with your friends. He is going to be touched when you do this because he believes that you can get to know a person more when you get to meet the closest people in the life of that person.

5 signs a Cancer man is using you, final thoughts…

If a Cancer man is using you:

  • He is distant
  • He does not make plans
  • He ignores you
  • He doesn’t introduce you to his friends and family
  • He doesn’t put you first