Why is your Sagittarius Woman Jealous?

In this article, we’re going to talk about your Sagittarius woman and her jealousy issues! We’ll also talk about how jealous she can be and what are the most obvious signs that she is jealous! Alongside that, we’ll also tackle how you can effectively deal with her without ruining the relationship!

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The Sagittarius woman is the 9th sign of the zodiac wheel, represented by the archer, ruled by expansive Jupiter, and is a chaotic and fiery fire sign with a mutable modality meaning she is adaptable and flexible but also indecisive and changeable!

Because of these unique aspects, we get a Sagittarius woman who is a deeply spirited and outgoing person!

In a relationship, she can be romantic and idealist and it shows how much she spends time with her partner, often she dislikes the pursuit of materialism and she would just have a good time with you in a faraway land where both of you can splendidly talk about life.

She loves the idea of traveling and as such can be a hippie of sorts!

However, whenever she gets jealous her fiery temperament becomes a problem and she starts acting bratty and spiteful! Because of these negative aspects let’s tackle more on how jealous you Sagittarius woman is and what can you do about it!

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How Jealous Can Your Sagittarius Woman Be?

Jealousy level: 6.5-6.7/10

Always remember that her first sign of jealousy is a relatively good sign that he is deeply interested and genuinely in love with you! She can be out there having fun with other people or she could be breaking other man’s hearts but here she is devoted to your relationship!

It is always a pretty good sign that indicates that she is truly in love with you! However, do not play with it! Remember that your Sagittarius woman is truly ruthless when it comes to dating and she likes flings so there must be something about you that made her stay in the relationship!

Because of that, her jealousy will be a pretty good sign that she is genuinely interested in keeping the relationship!

Usually, her jealousy will not be as apparent as the other signs who are temperamental and express the full range of rage or emotions when jealous. Instead, she’ll use plenty of tactics to deflect the fact that she is “feeling something”.

She might turn petty, self-destructive, and mean to the point that her whole personality changes just because of the seething rage inside of her. She’ll also definitely be more spiteful to the person she is jealous of and she’ll be gossipy about it!

She will often use words as her weapon to make sure that she stays on top of the game!

Signs Your Sagittarius Woman Jealous! (7 ways to look out for!)

1. She will do strenuous activities to keep her off

The first and foremost sign that your Sagittarius woman is jealous is that she will keep her mind off from wandering by being physically active, whether it’s a physical activity or sport such as going to the gym, hiking, swimming, or other physical activities that can burn off that calorie!

She’ll do it just to stop her mind from being erratic!

2. She’ll post it on social media

The second sign that your Sagittarius woman is jealous is that she will turn petty and mean especially on her social media, she may express her frustration through shared posts and might even subtly make fun of the person she’s jealous of!

If she posts something and you realize that it’s the person then take a step back and talk to her directly!

3. She tells her friends about it

As a part of his coping mechanism, she will want to interact more often with her close friends and rant to them about the things she’s feeling about! More often she’ll talk bad about the person and that friend group of hers will often make fun of that person!

4. She bad-mouths the person

The 4th sign that your Sagittarius woman is jealous is that she will badmouth the person she is jealous of this is because accompanied by her jealousy is her dislike of the person she solemnly hates.

She will be slandering lies just to make sure that a person’s reputation is ruined on top of that she’ll also bad mouth that person in front of you so it is a sign that she is jealous!

5. She’ll entertain other guys just to make you jealous!

The next sign that she is jealous is that she’ll entertain other guys just to make you jealous! Often these are the men that are trying to get with her before and now she’s using them to evoke feelings of jealousy in you!

If you notice this petty and toxic trait coming up then it is best to talk her out of it instead of fighting with her!

6. She’ll message that person

The sixth sign that your Sagittarius woman is jealous is that she will message the person on social media telling that person to back off from the relationship, whether it’s a real or imagined threat it can be awkward, humiliating, and terrifying between both parties because social media wars can be online and widespread!

If you notice a fight breaking up between your Sagittarius woman and that person then she is probably jealous!

7. She will directly tell you about it

The most brutally honest sign will not be afraid to show what she truly feels at the moment, being blunt and incredibly sharp-tongued your Sagittarius woman will tell who she is jealous of and what started the jealousy!

Whether it is real or imagined you must be open and understanding in letting her express her feelings towards you instead of being dismissive about it!

How to stop your Sagittarius Woman from being Jealous!

To stop your Sagittarius woman from being jealous you must show her that you are doing everything to cut off your connection with that person! Do everything in your power to remove that person from your life while reassuring her that you truly love her!

Send her sweet messages! Be an idealistic partner and try to work out your romance with her!

Be a communicative person who knows how to reassure and make love to her partner! Show to her that her jealousy is imagined and that you have been faithful and devoted to her all along and that there is no need for hate or rage because you are there with her!

Alongside that, you must also show her that you are sorry and that you are willing to do anything to appease them and make sure that she feels safe and secure in the relationship. From then on you can work your way by being romantic to her all the time!

Surprise her with spontaneous activities such as painting, singing karaoke, or doing something fun outside like going to that new bar in town or walking by the seaside! Whatever it is make your nights and days with her wild, spontaneous, and fun!

Surely she will appreciate it and it will mitigate the jealousy which has affected her so deeply!

Sagittarius Woman and Jealousy: Final Thoughts

The Sagittarius woman is a deeply adventurous partner who enjoys living life as much as possible with that said she expects her partner to do the same and she will do it just for the sake of living the life motto!

Whether you like it or not you must understand that her jealousy is an emotion that stems from her wanting the relationship to be strong.

Do the things aforementioned above and you’ll surely cure your Sagittarius woman’s heart in no time and not only that you’ll secure a fun, loving, and fruitful relationship with her!

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