Where does a Leo Man like to be touched?

Do you wish to know how to truly pleasure your Leo man through touching? Do you want to make him happy and do you want to know his pleasure spots? Do you wish to know where his erogenous zones lie?

Do you wanna know how to touch it? Should you massage it or caress it? What should your body language be while doing it? 

Worry no more because in this article we are going to talk about how to make your Leo man happy by knowing where to touch, caress, and massage him! We will show you where his pleasure spots lie.

Alongside that, we will give you tons of information about where his ruling part is and what should be done about it! This will surely make your Leo man happy, relaxed, pleasured, and comfortable in and out of the bedroom!

Let’s jump right in!

Your Leo man in Astrology rules the body parts that correlate strength, generosity, and emotion. Just like how big-hearted and generous your Leo man is Leo rules the heart, the spine, specifically the spinal column and the back.

This majestic and fierce zodiac sign leads a powerful life where he creatively expresses his imagination and ideals so it is no surprise that he rules the heart. When massaging his upper back, lower back, and back shoulders alongside his back neck should be deeply and thoroughly massaged.

Leo men are the generous, warm-hearted, magnanimous, strong, creative, luxury-loving, sunny, and ambitious men of the zodiac! Leo is a fixed fire sign and is the fifth sign of the zodiac wheel represented by the fearsome Lion!

Leos are the regal sign of the zodiac! There is something fiery and royal about them that makes them incredibly attractive and charismatic! Leo season starts from July 23 to about August 22.

If your boyfriend, husband, or significant other is born anywhere under those dates then your man is a certified Leo! Leos are incredibly spirited individuals and love creatively expressing themselves! They will not shy away from the side of the room!

They will be leaders of the room and they will lead with grace and power! Their leadership speaks volumes about their attitude! They are highly extroverted and just like the Sun they seek to be recognized and release their “flame”

Leo men are incredibly gifted in acting, arts, and other creative endeavors! Leos are ruled by the Sun and are the most magnanimous sign by nature! Their bright aura seeks to inspire others which in turn creates admiration for them!

Whether they like it or not Leo men seek attention and are a great fuel for them to pursue their dreams. They are comfortable being the center of the spotlight and will not back down from any opportunities that give them the edge to speak up and express their creative selves.

Leos are incredibly gifted! Often with looks and personality! Being magnificent leaders they also exhibit courageous and powerful personalities! Because of this they can be sometimes dominating to the point that they can start being obstinate about things.

They are fixed sign after all and in general, fixed signs (Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio) tend to be inflexible and resists change. 

Nevertheless, they are fiercely proud and confident and have a knack for theatrics! Because of this, you would notice that most known musicians and famous actors are Leos!

Most of them even have notable Leo placements in their Moon, Mercury, Mars, Rising, or Midheaven! This just proves how significantly accurate Astrology is which is a study often misunderstood and treated lowly by others!

In romantic relationships, Leo men tend to be touchy and affectionate, especially in the comforts of his bedroom. He loves the idea of showing off his partner to his friend, family, or acquaintances. He will not be the kind of guy who keeps things private!

He will make it known to the world that the two of you are in a happy relationship! He can also be generous and incredibly protective of his partner and can get possessive and jealous if someone tries to flirt with his partner.

We have just scratched the surface of what makes the personality of your Leo man! Now that we have delved into your Leo man’s psyche let’s delve deep into how and where does your Leo man like to be touched?

Where does he like to be touched when he wants to feel relaxed and where does he want to be touched during foreplay?

Let’s find out!

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Where does a Leo Man want to be touched during foreplay?

Your Leo man rules the heart, spine, spinal column, and back! With that said, the back is the only tangible body part that you can truly touch, caress, and massage!

You have to remember that these pleasure spots of his are also the body parts that are almost susceptible to tightness and tension because pain and pleasure are two things that are correlated. Your Leo man may be the most emotional and touchy fire sign out of the three!

Being an affectionate and romantic lover at heart your Leo man seeks to create raw and visceral experiences with you and touching and caressing can be a significant way to form a bond with him!

Physical touch which includes gentle to fast touching caressing and fondling can be a good way to explore his body! Alongside that touching him anywhere in his body can be a great way to signal attraction!

You touch him it is pleasurable as long as there is intent and passion in the way you touch him. Your Leo man loves the idea that your body worships him! 

With that said even if his pleasure spots are in the back areas which also includes the back shoulders and the back neck, you can still utilize your touching by touching him all over his body and see what happens. Alongside that, you can also do heavy flirting by complimenting how big or muscular he is.

You can touch his arm and say how big his arm is or you can touch his jawline and compliment how sharp his jawline is. Complimenting whatever feels genuine and right at the moment.

Also when touching and caressing him you can overpower him by being the powerful seductress at that certain moment in time! Wear black or red to influence more power and assertion over him and as much as possible pay attention to his gazing eyes.

Maintain deep eye contact and smile a lot! Your Leo man gets gratification every time he sees that what you’re looking at in his body satisfies you!

Alongside that do not forget his pleasure spots! His entire back can be touched, caressed, and especially massaged! You can do heavy deep pressure massage. Emphasize massaging the stiff areas that you encounter.

Soft and tender muscles can be massaged thoroughly but put more time and effort into massaging the areas where the stiffness resides. This helps more in alleviating pain and stress. 

When massaging his back use your hands to push down firmly through his skin and glide it back and forth. Remember to also be careful whenever you touch the spine area as this can be an incredibly delicate part of the body.

As much as possible try to avoid this area while emphasizing more the muscles of his back.

Overall your Leo man is easy to please as he likes to be touched anywhere this indicates that you truly are attracted to him! However, you can put more emphasis on massaging his upper and lower back to help him alleviate stress and make him relaxed and comfortable.

Remember that a combination of touching and complimenting works magic on him!

Quick Overview: Leo Man’s Erogenous zones!

1. Massage his back

His lower and upper back are the most erogenous zone of his body and to truly please him you must emphasize this body part to make sure that he gets utmost relaxation. To do this let him or ask him to lie down on his back. Make sure your hands are clean and dry. 

Put a little bit of massage oil preferably lavender, frankincense, or geranium. This not only works his touch senses but he can also smell the soothing and pleasing aromas of the oil which works wonders to alter his brain chemistry. Making him comfortable and relaxed.

Work your way on putting gentle rubs that includes putting gentle pressure through the use of your hands. Sink it in deep into his skin and work your way towards the upper back.

You can also use your knuckles to create sensations through his back. Gently put oil in his back and use your knuckles softly to glide it throughout his back area.

Remember that whenever you offer to give him back massages you are showing him, love, through the form of physical touch. It is affectionate, relaxing, passionate, and highly arousing to your Leo man. Surely he will love it and will be thankful to you afterward!

2. Play and touch his hair

Fun fact: Your Leo man has great voluminous hair! Just like how a Lion mane looks your Leo man is incredibly gifted with soft and luscious hair and whatever his texture might be your Leo man puts great emphasis on making his hair look great!

This means that touching and playing with your Leo man’s hair is a great way to tease him and get him into the action!

Touch his hair playfully or gently, playfully stroke it, and ask him questions. You can even talk to him while doing it. If you are going for the relaxation route you can use a comb and scented oil to gently comb his hair for utmost relaxation to your Leo man!

Combing his hair whether his hair is short or long is a good way to be intimate with him without making things overtly sexual, it is relaxing and comforting and instantly creates an emotional bond with your Leo man.

Remember that playing and touching his hair is a good way to make things relaxing for both of you. This also gets him into a vulnerable position so it is good that you incorporate this touching whenever you have the time.

3. Massage scalp and forehead

Your Leo man easily takes leadership jobs to the next level and this can be extremely tiring and stressful to him. Whether it’s at work or home you always know that your Leo man is stressed whenever he becomes irritated.

With that said asking him to let you massage his head, particularly his scalp and forehead can be particularly good areas to touch and massage to help him alleviate stress.

Massaging this area gently will help him calm his nerves and at the same time will slightly arouse him. Remember that any kind of massage can create immense sensations that can be uncontrollable. So he might get aroused down there in the process but that does mean he means it.

Sometimes our bodies take a different route from our minds.

4. Touch the areas where he feels his masculine energy resides

Your Leo is probably into bodybuilding or some sort of sport that makes him athletic and bigger. Nevertheless touching the areas where you feel genuinely attracted is a great way to make sure he feels loved and admired and at the same time intensely pleased as you touch and caress his body part.

It can be his chest, his arms, or his abdominal muscles. Whatever it may be touching it with passion will surely get him aroused! This is especially helpful in building foreplay!

5. Massage his shoulders

Massaging your Leo man’s shoulders is also essential in making him relaxed! His muscled shoulders are interconnected to his back muscles which means that his shoulders are also an extension of his pleasure spot.

To massage, his shoulders gently use the palm of your hands and put circular motions that give enough amount of pressure into these areas. Not only your Leo man will feel pleased and relaxed but he will also be insanely aroused afterward!

Touching a Leo Man…Final Thoughts

Your Leo Man is powerful and courageous a true exemplary fire sign he is ruled by the Sun and can be regal and magnanimous in his own right. This means your Leo man can be an exceptionally great partner because he is generous and unafraid to express his emotions and feelings.

Remember that touching a Leo man is easy as long as you do it with intent and passion.

Your Leo man loves the idea of pampering so your offering to massage him is a great way to truly show how much you appreciate and love him. Alongside that touching and fondling him in the said areas can be a good foreplay starter.

Always remember to compliment his body while touching or massaging him for maximum pleasure! 

Overall, the most sensitive areas of your Leo man that you can utilize to make him feel relaxed and aroused are:

  • His back 
  • His hair 
  • His scalp and forehead
  • His shoulders

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