Where does a Gemini Woman like to be touched?

Are you in a relationship or a “situationship” with your Gemini woman and you wish to know where her pleasure spots lie? Do you want to excite your Gemini woman with flirtatious and pleasurable touches? Are you in the mood for something else and do you want to turn her on too?

Worry not because in this article we are going to tell you exactly where a Gemini woman likes to be touched! Alongside that we will give you fervent tips and tricks on how to do it effectively to make her pleasured, relaxed, and free from stress and anxiety!

So sit back relax and listen carefully to the information we’re about to give to you!

Let’s jump right in!

Your Gemini woman deeply loves being touched on her hands, arms and fingers. She can usually be ticklish or tolerant of touching but she is usually sensitive in these areas.

Ruled by Mercury and is a mutable air sign your Gemini woman likes to be touched in these areas accompanied by playful teasing and flirting.

Remember that Gemini rules communication so it is best to talk to him while doing the touching and caressing part. Gemini women thrive in fun social interactions so touching them while flirting with them is a must.

Gemini women are the intelligent, extroverted, fun-loving, spontaneous, chatty women of the zodiac born in the summer season from May 21 up to June 21. Like Gemini men, Gemini women also embody the energy and traits of the sign of the Twins.

Heavy on the social scenes your Gemini woman is certainly well-known amongst her peers and can be known to be extremely smart and charismatic. 

Gemini women are chatty to the point that they can be gossipy or flaky. Extremely extroverted individuals. On the plus side, their extreme spontaneity and intelligence can be a valuable tools for them to step up in their lives!

A lot of people from all walks of life can learn something from a Gemini and this is where their power resides! By sharing knowledge and information around them!

Gemini women are friendly and extroverted, and some of the most vibrant people you’ll ever meet! They are understanding and non-judgemental! However, on the flip side, the twins also have that “duality”.

They can be sometimes shallow and manipulative. Being ruled by Mercury and being the first air sign on the list makes your Gemini woman quite flighty and flirtatious in a relationship which makes them seem quite non-committal in relationships.

We have barely scratched the surface of who truly is your Gemini woman and how to turn her on by touching! Nevertheless, We already have given you beginner knowledge on who your Gemini woman is! In the next section, we’ll discuss more particularly the pleasure spots of your Gemini woman! 

We will discuss more on how to turn on your Gemini woman by touching! Where does she like to be touched and what kind of touch you should do to turn her on and make her feel relaxed and pleasured?

Let’s find out! 

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Where does a Gemini Woman want to be touched during foreplay?

Gemini rules the lungs, arms, hands, and fingertips. With that said the arms and the hands are the only tangible parts that you can truly touch and massage. In terms of massaging and caressing your Gemini woman loves being touched in these areas.

Fondling her arms through her hands and fingertips back and forth can be a good way to make her feel relaxed and aroused at the same time.

Your Gemini woman is also quite detached and flighty, unlike other signs who are quite delicate and emotional when it comes to romantic relationships. Your Gemini woman would need more amount of fondling and flirting to be turned on.

Gemini likes dirty talking and teasing more than any other sign because the actual communication you put into the foreplay is more fun and exciting than the actual deed.

With that said it is incredibly important that while massaging, caressing, or fondling her arms, hands, fingertips, or any part of her body that you wish to touch you must try as much as possible to talk dirty to her as this is a necessary component to truly turn her on and make her comfortable in the bedroom.

Work on teasing her, playfully using words to make her into action, and showcase your inner seductive voice.

Talking while touching your Gemini woman is incredibly important not to dull or bore her with the touching. This is because your Gemini woman can either be ticklish or can quite have the tolerance so ask her where it feels nice to be touched so you can know where her pleasure spots lie.

Alongside the dirty talking, the heavy whisps of air you breath while you touch your Gemini woman can be a good tool to utilize to turn her on if you are trying to initiate intimate contact with her!

When caressing or touching her hand ask your Gemini lady if the pressure is too painful or if it’s the right amount of pressure. Ask her whether she likes it or not. Remember that building rapport is essential to effectively turn her on and make her relaxed during the process.

Also do not forget the fingertips! The fingers of a Gemini woman are particularly sensitive so touching them and massaging them helps her alleviate stress and anxiety.

Being the most quick-witted sign can also have a flip side as overthinking can be the main problem of a Gemini woman. Applying pressure on her fingertips can negate the negative consequences of stress brought by overthinking and anxiety.

Smile, and look into her eyes while you continuously apply a gentle amount of pressure on her! If you’re feeling a little bit wild or naughty you can go all the way wild and flirtatious by even licking or putting them in your mouth for foreplay.

This is a signal that you are sexually aroused and this in turn makes your Gemini woman aroused also! 

This will give ecstasy and a certain high dose of dopamine to your Gemini woman because it surpasses her expectations! It is not a dull experience but rather an interesting one!

Once you’ve done this she will be encouraged to explore her body and your body too which can lead to more meaningful and passionate sex.

When it comes to massages for relaxation and overall health you have to remember that Gemini is quick, agile, and chaotic. This means random and sometimes sporadic massages can be a good way to turn her on.

You can try using your knuckles or fingertips to put a gentle amount of pressure to stimulate the blood flow in the muscles of her arms which are usually stiff and tight.

You can also do a smooth yet deep and penetrating massage where you put hard pressure on her muscles for a long period and alleviate stress and anxiety.

Emphasize her hands, especially the palm of her hands, and her arms, especially her lower arms and triceps. These parts of her body are the parts where she feels pleasurable and relaxed.

When doing these massages you should also put your healing energy toward her. To do this you must breathe deeply and envision a white light coming from your hands supplanting the dark and stagnant energy that her stiff muscles have.

This makes the massage more healing, soothing and relaxing. Surely your Gemini woman will intuitively feel this powerful healing energy!

Do this healing massage when you aim to alleviate stress or you want to ease the pain she is feeling. Particularly these pleasurable areas can also be the main source of pain and stiffness when stressed.

If you are going more for the relaxation slash physical intimacy route without the sex, then massaging, stroking, and caressing his arms up to his neck and then down to his hands is essential.

Do it with ease and a smile while doing it remember when touching him it is still essential to build intense contact so eye gaze, plenty of communication, and lots of deep heavy breathing and sighs are a must to truly make this a pleasurable experience for him!

Overall touching a Gemini woman is easy! Touch her on her sensitive erogenous areas (arms, hands, neck) while using a gentle amount of pressure or the amount of pressure that she wishes to remember to always ask her and communicate with her when touching her as this helps with the process!

Quick Overview: Gemini Woman’s Erogenous zones!

1. Massage her arms and shoulders

Lift her arm, start by warming her arms up by hand rubbing the skin of her arms gently. Then gently stroke with your hand the muscles that are connected and deeply embedded in the skin of the arms.

You can use a scented oil for this as it will help reduce friction between your skin and her arm’s skin which can be uncomfortable.

You can use lavender oil if it’s a soothing or relaxing massage or caressing. This is extremely relaxing for your Gemini woman! Remember to put gentle pressure on the stiff areas which you might encounter when you’re massaging her arms and shoulders.

2. Massage her hands

Massage her hands with a wide variety of motions that move and gently put pressure on this part of her body! Start by lightly fondling her hands, then move all the way to deep and heavy finger motions. Glide and use your energy to put pressure on all parts of her hands.

This will surely make your Gemini woman feel relaxed and pleasured.

Whenever you are touching and caressing your Gemini woman’s hands, be sure to include feelings on your part. Smile and ask her if she likes what you’re doing and ask for some interaction. You can even talk to her while doing the massage!

It will be a double win for her as not only her pleasure spot is stimulated in her mind but also is because you are carefully talking to her!

Always make sure you make her feel your passion and love for her through the way you work with your fingertips. As much as possible try to avoid relentless strokes and be gentle when massaging or caressing her.

3. Massage her fingers

The next pleasure spot you can explore in your Gemini woman’s body is her fingers which are directly connected to the whole hands up to the arms. When massaging her fingers you can use your knuckles or just your fingers to make her feel relaxed and at ease!

You can sensually massage and put pressure on your Gemini woman’s fingers along and put circular massages along the palm of her hands. You can do this massage whenever she’s done with the day at work or she’s stressed.

You can also try to do healing massages on her hands by envisioning a white light coming from your hands and transferring into hers. This will help alleviate pain if she feels pain in that area.

Hand massages are a great way to help your Gemini woman alleviate stress and improve the joints and tendons in her fingers. At the same time whenever you are massaging her fingers you are showing her how truly affectionate and loving you are towards her which she will surely appreciate!

4. Caress and touch her arms to the fingertips

Whenever you’re in the mood to do romance with her you can gently caress and fond her through her arms up to her fingertips which can be relaxing and arousing to your Gemini woman at the same time!

Gently fondling her through these areas will help her stimulate her senses and get her blood flowing which means more possible chances of her getting aroused and acting upon it! 

When caressing and touching her arms to her fingertips you have the opportunity to playfully tease her by smiling, maintaining seductive eye contact, or being impulsive and acting out of your urge by kissing her to initiate the lovemaking.

This is incredibly hot and sensual for your Gemini woman who will surely enjoy it without hesitation!

5. Touch and massage her wrist

Last but not least! Do not forget to emphasize this part of her arms where you can stimulate the most blood pressure too! When you touch and massage her wrist put circular motions on her wrist then use your fingertips to put gentle pressure on this part of her arms.

When you put a gentle amount of pressure on both of her wrists you stimulate blood flow in these areas which gives enough comfort and relaxation in her mind. 

Remember that whenever you touch and massage her wrists you must put just enough amount of pressure on these areas as these areas are sensitive to touch.

Let your hands do the magic when you touch and massage this essential arm area and watch her grow more pleasured, relaxed, and at ease with the situation!

Touching a Gemini Woman…Final Thoughts

Your Gemini woman is playful, sociable, intelligent, cunning, lively, independent, inquisitive, affectionate, and charismatic but can become extremely dull and bored in committed relationships so it is best to turn the mood on by being as mentally stimulating as this helps her become her best self. 

When touching your Gemini woman you must be playful and touch her in a teasing-like manner. Build rapport by exercising the full amount of control while touching her. Touching her in those pleasure spots will give her an ample amount of time to feel relaxed and stable in the bedroom. 

To summarize you must touch her in areas such as:

  • Her hands (Deep massage)
  • Her arms and shoulders (gentle stroking to massaging)
  • Her fingers (massage)
  • Her wrists (massage)

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