Where does a Gemini Man like to be touched?

Do you want to excite your Gemini man with simple playful yet suggestive touches? Do you want to please him and make him calm and relaxed and into a state of well-being?

Do you want to excite him with sexual touches so you both can have a good time in the bedroom or are you just looking for ways to be a more fun and dynamic lover to your Gemini man? Do you wish to know where a Gemini man’s pleasure spots lie?

Worry no more because in this article we are going to tell you exactly where does a Gemini man like to be touched! We will tell you exactly what to massage and touch on these certain body parts that are extremely pleasurable to her!

You’ll be sure to make your Taurus woman overall satisfied, relaxed, and more in tune with you!

Let’s jump right in!

Your Gemini man is a fickle and sporadic lover. He likes to be touched only in areas he will like because his body is usually ticklish and airy. Ruled by the fastest planet and is an air sign.

A Gemini man’s body is usually deprived of any sensitive touches so it is quite known that physical affection can take quite some time for this individual. His sensitive pleasure spots are the muscles in his arms to his hands and fingertips both of which are the ruling body part of Gemini.

Gemini men are the fun, chaotic, extroverted, party-loving, intelligent, and extremely quick-witted men of the zodiac who are born between May 21 to June 21 throughout the year.

Like most people would believe Leo is not the only zodiac sign who’s got an “it” factor or some sort of star quality! Gemini men got them too and this makes them incredibly popular and well-liked in their social circles!

Gemini men are friendly, extroverted, and have some sort of light vibrance in them. They’re fun to be around and are extremely intelligent! Almost as if you can learn new things from them because of how spontaneous their mind is.

Being ruled by Mercury and being the first air sign on the list makes your Gemini man quite flighty and flirtatious in a relationship.

Your Gemini man is quite connected to the element of air so sharing his thoughts and feelings within the web of the social scenes is incredibly nurturing to him. He learns valuable information from other people and in turn, this web of information he gathers can be used to further advance his social standing in life.

Apart from having good social skills and charisma, your Gemini man is quite fond of social media and he can share his daily experiences online.

We have barely scratched the surface of who truly is your Gemini man and how to turn him on by touching! Nevertheless, We already have given you beginner knowledge on who your Gemini man is! In the next section, we’ll discuss more particularly the pleasure spots of your Gemini man! 

We will discuss more on how to turn on your Gemini man by touching! Where does he like to be touched and what kind of touch you should do to turn him on and make him feel relaxed and pleasured?

Let’s find out! 

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Where does a Gemini Man want to be touched during foreplay?

Your Gemini man is a flighty lover quite detached and cold physical affection isn’t enough to make him stay pleasured in bed. You must acquire good voice skills while touching him to make sure that he sees you as an adventurous and passionate lover.

You must incorporate heavy touching with plenty of voice-overs that immensely tease him in the process.

Talking while touching him is incredibly important not to dull or bore him with the touching. This is because your Gemini man can either be ticklish or can quite have the tolerance to touching so touching or caressing him can be quite a challenge but worry not as we’ll tackle more on this later.

Your Gemini man is ruled by the sign of the twins. Gemini’s ruling body parts are lungs, shoulders, arms, and hands the most fidgety and fast of all body parts this correlates to your Gemini man’s fast and agile mannerisms and personality.

With that in mind, his arms and hands are the only parts of his body that you can truly touch and massage.

Ruled by Mercury, your Gemini man likes an all-around massage that is quick, rapid, and deep penetrating but he can also like smooth and gentle massages. This all depends on the mood he is in so it is effective that you communicate with him well in this process.

Your Gemini man likes to be touched almost anywhere but he’s sensitive most to his hands, arms especially his forearms and triceps. This part of his body is where he feels the most pleasure when touched.

If you are seducing him be sure to remember to touch and caress this body part for maximum experience.

The good news is this is also where his pleasure spots lie! The arms and the hands are the only tangible parts that you can touch and caress to turn him on.

Deep diving into Spiritual Astrology Gemini rules the lungs because the main course is the breath and the breath gives life to the whole body and enables us to communicate and speak our minds. This is essential information as deep sighs and heavy breathing can also be utilized to turn him on.

Alongside the dirty talking, the heavy whisps of air you breath while you touch him can be a good tool to utilize to turn him on if you are trying to initiate intimate contact with him.

When caressing or touching his hand asking him whether he likes it and building rapport is essential to effectively turn him on and make him relaxed during the process.

The fingers of a Gemini man are particularly sensitive so touching them and massaging them is especially pleasurable you can go all the way wild and flirtatious by even licking or putting them in your mouth for foreplay.

This will give ecstasy and a certain high dose of dopamine to your Gemini man because it is a spontaneous, wild, and adventurous way to explore his own body! Remember this when you are trying to seduce him into the bedroom!

If you are going more for the relaxation slash physical intimate route without the sex then massaging, stroking, and caressing his arms up to his neck and then down to his hands is essential.

Do it with ease and a smile while doing it remember when touching him it is still essential to building intense contact so eye gaze, plenty of communication, and lots of deep heavy breathing and sighs are a must to truly make this a pleasurable experience for him!

Quick Overview: Gemini Man’s Erogenous zones!

1. Touch his arms

The most erogenous zone in his body is his arms! The arms have comprised muscles that are pleasurable to spot! Whenever you are in the mood and you are trying to seduce him it is best to get intimate with him by slowly touching his arms then flirting by smiling and asking him teasing questions.

Caressing his arms with your fingertips or with your whole hands while building strong eye contact is an intimate and passionate experience for both of you! Surely by doing this you will cause him great sensations in these areas of touching that he will surely love!

2. Touch and caress his hands

Whenever you’re in the mood to make love to him you can start the initiating by trying to touch and caress his hands to his chest and arms, you can do this back and forth while smiling heavily to indicate a signal of attraction to him!

When touching and caressing his hands be sure to just lightly stroke his hand while giving him gentle sighs.

Whenever you are touching and caressing his hands be sure to include feelings on your part. Always make sure you make him feel your passion and love for him through the way you work with your fingertips.

As much as possible try to avoid relentless strokes be gentle and try to include feelings in your part. 

3. Massage his fingers

Using your knuckles or just your fingers you can sensually massage and put pressure on his five fingers along with the palm of his hands. Whenever he feels stressed or bored you can do this to him to create instant relaxation and peace of mind.

Alongside that, you can try to put heavy acupressure on his fingertips which can be deeply relaxing to your Gemini man.

Hand massages are a great way to help him alleviate stress and improve the joints in his fingers. At the same time whenever you are massaging his fingers you must show him how much you truly love pleasing him.

4. Massage his arms 

Gently rubbing your thumb over her lips is a surefire way to turn her on and make her feel the most unimaginable of things! When touching her lips you can grab the opportunity to playfully tease her by smiling or either by kissing her gently or hard.

Remember to do this while maintaining deep eye contact! Her lips are a sensitive and delicate part that most people do not realize to be a viable pleasure spot.

When you touch this part it is an act of playfully teasing her and being flirtatious with her. All the more making the relationship better and the sex more passionate.

5. Massage his shoulders

His shoulder has muscles and tendons that are slightly connected to both of his arms which can be both pleasurable and painful at the same time. With that said when you are trying to pleasure him and make him relaxed, you can gently massage this part of his body while applying little to no pressure.

Slightly massage the upper chest which is connected to the scapula. This will give him immense pleasure and at the same time relaxation.

Touching a Gemini Man…Final Thoughts

Your Gemini man is fun, flexible, clever, playful, intellectually astounding, and curious but can sometimes be nosy, unreliable, and get bored easily which can pose problems to the fluctuating happiness and passion in the relationship.

Your Gemini man has his personality tied to the third house of astrology which involves communication, social circles, and other people. This means that communication is truly the key to making him happy in this relationship.

Even touching and caressing him building rapport and talking to him and asking him where it feels good to be touched is an incredibly important factor to make sure that he truly feels immense pleasure in this body area.

When touching, caressing, or massaging him you must play well and embody a mischievous mistress who flirts playfully and chaotically induces pleasure and romance just by tapping into his senses.

Remember that touching and caressing him is a good way to turn him on and excite him in the bedroom. For the most part, it is essential to know that your Gemini likes the foreplay more than the actual lovemaking in the bedroom so it is best to truly immerse yourself in the foreplay part!

Dress up in a wild and naughty way and set the tone of the day by arranging your room!

If you’re not trying to seduce him and you just want him to feel relaxed and at ease from stress and anxiety then work carefully on giving a deep massage that ranges from light to heavy depending on how he feels like it.

Always ask him how it goes and let him rate your touching and massaging so you can be better at it.

Alongside that you must also know the difference between slight touching, caressing, and massaging as these things can be highly similar yet quite different from each other. To sum up, your Gemini man likes to be touched in areas such as:

  • His arms (light touching, massage)
  • His hands 
  • His fingers
  • His shoulders

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